TRUFFLE BRAINSTORM Salted Carmel Truffle Dark Chocolate Coating Carmel Stripped Kosh Kosh Salt Sprinkle Nutty

Delight White Chocolate Coating/Macadamia nut in middle Half Macadamia Nuts Half Pecans Peanut Butter and Jelly Milk Chocolate Coating Dipped in Peanuts Stripped with warm jelly (strawberry/raspberry) Spumoni White Chocolate Coating Dried Cherry in middle/almond extract Dipped in pistachios Dark chocolate swirl Spiced Hot Chocolate Chocolate Center with hint of nutmeg Dark Chocolate Coating Three white chocolate dots on top with cinnamon sprinkle Triple Chocolate White Chocolate Center Milk Chocolate Coating Cocoa powder/dark chocolate stripe

SHOPPING LIST - Heavy Cream - Bittersweet chocolate - Dark Chocolate - White Chocolate - Milk Chocolate - Cocoa powder - Grand Marnier/stoli raspberry/frangelico .shooter size would cover it - Kosher Salt - Light Corn Syrup (clear) - Lemons, just a few - Macadamia Nuts - Pecans - Pistachios

shooter size would cover it .00 $5.Dried Cherries: Sunsweet 5 oz .79 $3.25oz nut topping .89 $1.Heavy Cream: 1 Quart . .99 $0.Bittersweet chocolate: (approx) .25 oz .69 $56.49 $2.Milk Chocolate: (approx) .99 $1.25 ounce .Pecans: 2.Cocoa powder: .69 $5.Grand Marnier/stoli raspberry/frangelico .99 $2.Light Corn Syrup (clear): 16 oz plastic bottle .Peanuts: 2.99 $3.White Chocolate: (approx) .39 $2.Pistachios: 6 oz .33 $2.00 $5.00 $3.Almonds: 2.Dark Chocolate: (approx) .25 oz .Pumpkin pie spice: Total $6.Macadamia Nuts: 2.- Peanuts Almonds Dried Cherrie Pumpkin pie spice Projected Cost .89 $4.23 .Lemons: buy 4 .Kosher Salt: Kroger 3lb.00 $5.

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