Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)
Total Fixed Fee plus Total Available Award Fee $94,274,050 Total Fixed Fee plus Total Award Fee Earned $83,725,677 % 89%

The National Nuclear Security Administration evaluated Los Alamos National Security, LLC’s (LANS) performance for fiscal year 2011 and awarded LANS 89 percent of the available award fee plus an additional year to the term of the LANS contract to manage and operate Los Alamos National Laboratory. That extension increases the contract term through September 30, 2017. By comparison, the award fee for FY10 was 88 percent, 90 percent for FY09, 88 percent for FY08, and 81percent for FY07.
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NNSA cited FY2011 as a very good performance year for LANS building on past successes and delivering on multiple fronts. NNSA gave its highest marks for LANS performance in core mission areas including: Science, Technology and Engineering, and National Security Objectives. It also highlighted significant performance in Operations, including outstanding response to the Las Conchas fire, implementation of seismic safety upgrades to the Plutonium Facility, achieving a record number of TRU Waste Shipments to WIPP, improved Security Program performance, and improvements in the Readiness program.

NNSA officials indicated the effectiveness of the LANS Contractor Assurance System needs to be further matured and additional opportunities to enhance performance and cost effectiveness across the institution must be pursued. Additionally, sustaining Project Management delivery performance, Criticality Safety, Safety Basis for Area G, and addressing aging infrastructure, and configuration management issues are areas of concern.

Many accomplishments throughout the Laboratory contributed to this rating, including an effective leadership transition to a new Laboratory Director, Dr. Charles McMillan, contributions to the NNSA Stockpile Stewardship and Non-Proliferation missions, completion of environmental cleanup activities utilizing American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding, key scientific discoveries, progress in achieving site sustainability goals, and executing over $185M more in programmatic work as compared to FY10, and over $2.6B in total budget authority while working through seven continuing resolutions.

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