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Romney Has Staked Out Early, Aggressive Position On Confronting Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions While
Seeming To Rule Out Option Of Military Action

Romney Accused Sen. Hillary Clinton Of “Timidity” For Suggesting Diplomatic Engagement With Iran.

“[W]e do have interest in making sure that they do not develop additional nuclear technology and, in my view,
that’s where Sen. Clinton has gone off the right track. She’s suggesting engaging with Iran. That’s a timidity that’s
not right. This is a time to tighten our sanctions, economic, because they’re having an impact, and to increase our
diplomatic isolation of Iran.” (ABC’s “This Week,” 2/16/07)

Romney: “[N]egotiation And Engaging With The Iranians At This Point Is Not The Way To Go And
Neither Is Invading Them.”
(ABC’s “This Week,” 2/16/07)

Romney Said U.S. Military Action Against Iran Is “Not Going To Happen.” “I think the president has
whatever authority is necessary to protect this country and protect our troops. I think [the] Iranian military has
been involved in the conflict in Iraq. Iranians have supported the attack on our soldiers. But I don’t think for a
minute that this president is intent on attacking Iran. That’s not where we’re aiming. That’s not going to happen.
We have no interest in going into Iran.” (ABC’s “This Week,” 2/16/07)

Romney Wants To Punish President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad With Diplomatic Sanctions, Genocide

Romney Backs Tough Diplomatic And Economic Sanctions On Iranian Government. “Iran is not acting
like a very civilized member of the world society. Iran’s sins go well beyond taking these hostages. They go to a
nuclear program which has far more reaching implications for the world and it’s time for us to truly tighten down
the screws economically on Iran, to put in place diplomatic sanctions which make it very clear to all the people in
Iran, that they’re a rogue state, that they are a pariah and then to work with local or surrounding moderate Islamic
states to get them to get on our side to also pressure Iran.” (Fox News’ “The Big Story,” 4/3/07)

Romney: “The World Needs To Come Together Here And Treat These Folks Just As Bad Or Even
Worse Than We Treated The South Africans During The Days Of Apartheid.”
(Fox News’ “The Big Story,”

Romney Supports Indicting Ahmadinejad Under Genocide Convention. “[F]rom a diplomatic standpoint, I
think we ought to indict him under the genocide convention … This is a person who, the world should understand,
and the people of Iran should understand, is not someone who should be leading a country and I think that’s
something that we’re beginning to make progress in doing.” (Fox News’ “The Big Story,” 4/3/07)

As Governor, Romney Refused To Provide State Security For Former Iranian President During Visit To


In September 2006, Romney Refused To Offer State Police Protection To Harvard Guest Speaker And
Former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami, Calling Him A “Terrorist.”
“Governor Mitt Romney declared
yesterday he would not allow any state resources to be used to protect a former Iranian president during his visit
to the Boston area this weekend, and he sharply criticized Harvard University for inviting Mohammed Khatami to
speak on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. ‘There are people in this state who have
suffered from terrorism, and taking even a dollar of their money to support a terrorist is unacceptable,’ Romney
[said].” (Farah Stockman and Scott Helman, “Romney Bars State Security For Iranian’s Harvard Visit,” The Boston Globe, 9/6/06)

Romney Called Harvard’s Invitation To Khatami “A Disgrace” To The Memory Of Terrorism Victims.

“[A]fter Romney issued a statement yesterday outlining his position in which he called Harvard’s invitation ‘a
disgrace to the memory of all Americans who have lost their lives at the hands of extremists’ the Boston
Police Department said it would step in. ‘We were asked by the State Department to assist in protecting a
guest of the United States, and the Police Department plans to oblige,’ spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll said.”

(Farah Stockman and Scott Helman, “Romney Bars State Security For Iranian’s Harvard Visit,” The Boston Globe, 9/6/06)

Romney’s Condemnation Of Khatami Met Resistance From Human Rights Groups And Academics, Who
Contradicted Some Of His Assertions.
“Leading human rights groups and academics yesterday disputed
aspects of Governor Mitt Romney’s high-profile accusation that Iran’s former president, Mohammed Khatami, was
responsible for ‘the torture and murder’ of democracy activists and student protesters. The groups said Khatami
was a moderate among Iranian leaders who worked largely in vain to expand political freedoms in Iran … The
violent crackdowns on democracy protesters during Khatami’s time as president 1997 to 2005 were believed to
have been initiated by rivals of the president and approved by Iran’s ruling clerics, they said.” (Farah Stockman,
“Romney’s Accusation On Khatami Disputed,” The Boston Globe, 9/9/06)

Academics Took Issue With Romney’s Characterization Of Khatami’s Presidency. “In his statement to the
media explaining his decision to revoke State Police protection for Khatami, Romney accused Khatami of acting
in concert with the hard-liners, luring students into protesting only to crack down on their activities. … But
academics across the political spectrum took issue with that account.” (Farah Stockman, “Romney’s Accusation On Khatami
Disputed,” The Boston Globe, 9/9/06)

George Mason University Professor Of Middle East History: “Shaul Bakhash, professor of Middle East
History at George Mason University and a prominent Iran specialist, said Romney’s assertion does not
‘accord with the facts. ‘To say of Khatami that he oversaw the arrest and torture implies that he was directly
complicit. I don’t think anyone believes that’s the case … You might argue that he was not firm enough or that
he did not have enough backbone, but it is hard to argue that he was complicit. … I don’t think the facts really
are in dispute.’” (Farah Stockman, “Romney’s Accusation On Khatami Disputed,” The Boston Globe, 9/9/06)

American Enterprise Institute Scholar And Khatami Critic: “Michael Rubin, a scholar at the conservative
American Enterprise Institute who is a vocal critic of Khatami, also took issue with Romney’s characterization.
‘What is factually correct is to say he turned a blind eye’ to the crackdown, said Rubin, who was in Iran during
the July 1999 crackdown. ‘He didn’t oversee it.’” (Farah Stockman, “Romney’s Accusation On Khatami Disputed,” The
Boston Globe
, 9/9/06)

Middle East Specialist At Congressional Research Service: “‘That is not the view of most Iran experts,’
said Kenneth Katzman, a Middle East specialist at the Congressional Research Service, a research arm of
Congress. ‘I think most experts on Iran would say that Khatami attempted to stop many human rights abuses
but did not prevail politically.’” (Farah Stockman, “Romney’s Accusation On Khatami Disputed,” The Boston Globe, 9/9/06)

Groups Like Human Rights Watch And Amnesty International Also Disputed Romney’s Remarks About
“Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and the New Haven-based Iran Human Rights
Documentation Center three leading groups monitoring human rights abuses in Iran all disputed aspects of
Romney’s depiction of Khatami’s offenses, as did many academic specialists on Iran.” (Farah Stockman, “Romney’s
Accusation On Khatami Disputed,” The Boston Globe, 9/9/06)


After Romney Urged Divestment From Iran, It Was Revealed His Former Firms Had Business Dealings


In February 2007, Romney Urged States – Specifically New York – To Divest Pension Funds From
Holdings Doing Business With Iran.
“During the past two months, Romney has challenged Massachusetts and
other New England states to pull their pension funds from companies doing business in Iran. On Thursday,
Romney expanded his divestment call to New York. He sent a letter to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., a
fellow presidential candidate, urging her to support his effort.” (Glen Johnson, “Company’s Links To Iran Undercut Romney’s
Call For Divestment,” The Associated Press, 2/23/07)

French Oil Company Total SA Has Deep Ties To Iran – In 2002 Bain Capital Purchased Total’s Chemicals
Business, Including Its Office In Tehran

Associated Press Noted New York State Pension System Invests French Oil Conglomerate Total SA. “Dan
Weiller, a spokesman for New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, said Friday that New York’s $150 billion
state pension system has holdings with companies that have dealings with Iran or in that country. Among them is
Total SA, a French oil giant. As of March 2006, the state system had about $166 million worth of Total stock.”

(Glen Johnson, “Company’s Links To Iran Undercut Romney’s Call For Divestment,” The Associated Press, 2/23/07)

Total Has Been Doing Business In Iran Since The 1950s And Recently Resisted U.S. Calls For Isolating
The Regime.
“Total won the South Pars [Iran] contract in 1997 as part of an international consortium, including
Russia’s Gazprom, Malaysia’s Petronas and Iran’s state-owned NIOC. The French group has been in Iran since
the 1950s, though recently it resisted pressure from the US to isolate the Islamic state over its controversial
nuclear enrichment programme. Total gave its 40 per cent stake in the South Pars project back to NIOC in 2004
under the terms of the deal. But it still has rights to a share of production from the gas field, equivalent to 18,000
barrels this year, below 1 per cent of its global production.” (Martin Arnold, “Total Faces Investigation Over Dollars 2bn Iran
Contract,” Financial Times, 12/20/06)

Total Is Under Investigation For Bribery In Landing 1997 “South Pars” Iranian Gas Project. “A Paris
judge has launched an investigation into allegations that Total, the French oil and gas group, paid bribes to
win a Dollars 2bn gas contract in Iran almost a decade ago. … The latest investigation stems from the
discovery of SFr100m (Dollars 82m) in two Swiss bank accounts, allegedly paid by Total to an Iranian
intermediary to help the French company’s consortium win the South Pars contract.” (Martin Arnold, “Total Faces
Investigation Over Dollars 2bn Iran Contract,” Financial Times, 12/20/06)

Total Describes Itself As “Foremost Oil Company In Partnership With Iran.” “The South Pars gas field is
the Iranian portion of what is probably the largest gas field in the world. The other part of the field, in Qatari
waters, is known as North Field. With the South Pars project, TotalFinaElf has become the foremost oil
company in partnership with Iran and has bolstered its position in the Middle East…” (Total Website, www.total.com,
Accessed 2/23/07)

October 29, 2002: Bain Capital Agreed To Purchase Chemical Subsidiary SigmaKalon From Total SA For
A Rumored €1 Billion.
“French oil giant TotalFina Elf SA agreed Tuesday, Oct. 29, to sell SigmaKalon, Europe’s
second-biggest decorative paint maker, to Boston private equity firm Bain Capital as TotalFina’s chemicals unit
refocuses. Although a price was not disclosed for the deal, a source close to the situation said it was about euro1
billion ($980 million) … Bain beat a number of rivals in a hotly contested auction to acquire SigmaKalon.” (Nicola
Hobday, “TotalFina Sells Paints Unit,” The Daily Deal, 10/30/02)

SigmaKalon Created In 1999 Merger Between Total And Petrofina. “[SigmaKalon] was created in 1999
when Total and Petrofina merged to create TotalFina and combined their respective paint businesses, Kalon
and Sigma Coatings. TotalFina later acquired Elf Aquitaine to create TotalFinaElf, and the merged company’s
chemicals business was named Atofina. The SigmaKalon business includes both decorative and industrial
paints and coatings.” (Bill Schmitt, “Atofina’s Sale of SigmaKalon May Be Close,” Chemical Week, 10/2/02)

“Since March 2003 Bain Capital Is Owner Of SigmaKalon.” (SigmaKalon Website, www.sigmakalon.be, Accessed


SigmaKalon Has An Office In Tehran, According To Its Company Website. “Sigma Paints Iran, General
Office; Shahid Beheshti Ave, Tehran; +98 21 88514873.” (SigmaKalon Website, www.sigmakalon.be, Accessed 2/23/07)

Bain Capital Is Expected To Put SigmaKalon Up For Sale In 2007. “Europe’s second-biggest paint supplier,
SigmaKalon … is expected to be put up for sale next year in a £1.3 billion deal. … Bain Capital bought
SigmaKalon from French oil giant TotalFinaElf for £505 million in 2002. Insiders say it has performed well ahead
of expectations, allowing Bain to refinance the business and look for an exit. Though advisers have not yet been


appointed, it is thought that a trade sale is more likely than a stock market float.” (Lucinda Kemeny, “£1.3bn Tag On Paints
Company,” Daily Mail [London, UK], 12/17/06)

In 2004, Bain & Company’s Italian Branch Inked Consulting Deal With Iran’s State-Run Oil Company

Italian Branch Of Bain & Co. – Firm Where Romney Started As Young Consultant And Served As CEO In
Early ‘90s – Received $2.3 Million Contract From National Iranian Oil Company In 2004.
“Republican Mitt
Romney is urging state pension systems to divest from Iran, yet the presidential contender’s former employer and
the company he started have links to recent Iranian business interests or deals. Romney joined Boston-based
Bain & Co., a management consulting firm, in 1977 and worked there until 1985. … Bain & Co. Italy, described in
company literature as ‘the Italian branch of Bain & Co.,’ received a $2.3 million contract from the National Iranian
Oil Co., in September 2004. Its task was to develop a master plan so NIOC – the state oil company of Iran – could
become one of the world’s top oil companies, according to Iranian and U.S. news accounts of the deal.” (Glen
Johnson, “Company’s Links To Iran Undercut Romney’s Call For Divestment,” The Associated Press, 2/23/07)

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