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Schlumberger Public

Petrel 2008.1

Targeted delivery March 31, 2008

Schlumberger Public

Petrel 2008.1 Geophysics
NEW Geobody interpretation Synthetics
– Load synthetic trace (indexed in TVD or TWT) from ASCII or SEGY file

Further enhancements
– – – – – – – – – Autotracker improvements Vintage handling – improved consistency Attributes – improved workflow support, input parameters from existing New slice renderer (inlines/xlines/tslices only) – improved quality and performance Seismic cache - prefetch ZGY/SEGY volume data from disk Annotate horizons / faults – interpretation window Vertical polygon display in Interpretation Window (Show block boundaries on seismic) Workflow support – many new seismic operations Fault surface display – New triangulation algorithm

Schlumberger Public

Petrel 2008.1 Geobody Interpretation Schlumberger Public .

1 Interactive Autotracker Instant undo and track mode Graphical interface to define vertical dip constraints Stops at top and bottom constrain horizons Symmetrical and non-symmetrical wavelet tracking Schlumberger Public .Petrel 2008.

Petrel 2008.1 Additional Autotracker Enhancements Schlumberger Public Re-organised tabs Dip control Ability to constrain tracking with upper/lower horizons – plus offset Support for asymmetric wavelet .

arbitrary) Significantly improves speed and accuracy of manual fault interpretation Use Context Menu to activate faults directly on the 3D View Schlumberger Public .Petrel 2008.1 Improved Fault Triangulation New triangulation algorithm Interpret faults on any plane (slice.

Petrel 2008.1 Seismic Cache Load your seismic into memory (Seismic cache) – Enhancing seismic display responsiveness Pre-fetch operation is multi-threaded and asynchronous Decide which level of details to load – New slice renderer can be set to show user-specified level of detail Schlumberger Public SEGY/ZGY support Can be used in conjunction with Virtual Cropped Volumes Option has similar behavior to Petrel 2005 ‘Load Into Memory’ 8 .

1 Annotation of Horizons/Faults Schlumberger Public .Petrel 2008.

Petrel 2008.Polygon and Grid line display Schlumberger Public .1 Interpretation Window .

1 Geology & Modeling Property modeling – kriging performance on large datasets / multithreaded Volumetric calculation performance gains Channel modeling – – – – – – levee object addition improved ghost curve stereonet display of orientations broader filter support 3D usability Virtual reality Schlumberger Public Well Section Fracture modeling Selection tool updates 3D Context Menu UWI support improvements Mapping – well symbol control for sub-folders .Petrel 2008.

model size and number of processors Case selection now in report tab Schlumberger Public .1 Volume Calculation Multi threaded – typically 250% .Petrel 2008.500% faster – function of machine.

Petrel 2008.1 Adaptive Channel Modeling Inclusion of levees Honor N/G distributions Schlumberger Public Channels can correlate across layers .

1 Context Menu in 3D/2D window Schlumberger Public RMB on object gives context menu Object is selected in tree Same menu as on tree Visibility & Activation from menu Also available on plot windows .Petrel 2008.

1 Reservoir Engineering • • Sector modeling Completions – Equipment – Hydraulic fractures Development strategies Local gridding Compositional Variables in user keywords Schlumberger Public • • • • .Petrel 2008.

1 Sector Modeling Extract a sector model and flow or pressure boundary conditions from the full field model. Add a local grid.Petrel 2008. insert an infill well and quickly simulate the sector model Schlumberger Public .

properties of 95/8” casing – Use in many/all wells – Changes to equipment properties ripple through to all wells that use it Casing & Tubing Strings – Allow properties of casing and tubing to vary with depth Schlumberger Public .g.Petrel 2008.1 Completions Equipment – Globally defined • e.

Petrel 2008.1 Hydraulic Fractures • Fractures are defined by length. height. permeability and orientation Simulated by modifying well PI and transmissibility of surrounding cells No need for LGR .quicker full field simulation Schlumberger Public • • .

ECLIPSE NWM • • Fracture on producing lateral Modeled by Petrel and by unstructured LGR from NWM Constant production rate Schlumberger Public • .Petrel vs.Petrel 2008.1 Hydraulic Fractures .

1 Hydraulic Fractures . ECLIPSE NWM • • Near identical BHP 6 times faster from Petrel (same speed as no fracture) Schlumberger Public .Petrel vs.Petrel 2008.

GOR. OGR) Support for time steps < 1 day Well efficiency factor in both history and prediction Well model option rule Valves automatically expanded in tabular rules Filter to B9 Schlumberger Public .1 Development Strategies • • • • • • Filtering of Development Strategy tree Historical quantities automatically calculated: – Field – Ratios (water cut.Petrel 2008.

Petrel 2008.1 Gradual local grids • Gradually coarsening of local grids around wells Linear or logarithmic increase in cell size away from the well Schlumberger Public • .

1 Compositional fluids Import matched equation of state Define the samples’ compositions Plot samples’ phase envelopes Include EOS in simulation Schlumberger Public .Petrel 2008.

g.Petrel 2008.1 Variables in user keywords • Variables in user keywords allows Petrel uncertainty to apply to all ECLIPSE data..\.\RockTab$loop.inc’ / Define variable value in workflow loop: Schlumberger Public • • . • INCLUDE • ‘. e. including that not yet in user interface Insert Petrel workflow in a user keyword..

Change focus on current server without needing to log in again. InSite. Filtering organization and field in InterACT connections. Optionally specify start index for data loading. Support for connections via proxy. Send logs from Petrel back to real-time server (certified for InterAct only). More control: Schlumberger Public Improved user interface: Write to server: – . More feedback when no matching data is found.Real-Time Data Link for Petrel New real-time sources: – – – – – – RigLink.

4 and V3.9.1 Data Management Reference project workflows – Well matching OpenSpirit – V 2.Petrel 2008.1 support – 2D interpretation write back Schlumberger Public .

1 Reference project workflows Improved Usability – Can open Petrel 2005 projects as read-only source of data – Guides the user to the reference project in use – Opens automatically when only one reference project is in use Units and coordinates aware – Allows movement of most data items only when units and coordinates match – Allows movement of some data items (templates) when coordinates don’t match – Allows movement of some data items (windows. workflows) when units & coordinates don’t match Schlumberger Public .Petrel 2008.

advanced workflows Reference Project Tool now allows wells to pair up using natural match criteria – Match by well name. surface location.Petrel 2008.1 Reference projects . UWI. – Allows dependent data to be merged in destination project – Can match manually Schlumberger Public . etc.

1 are not reversible 2D interpretation write back Many performance enhancements .4 links to be upgraded with no loss of data or linkage to data stores (such as GeoFrame) Schlumberger Public – Upgrades to version 3.1 OpenSpirit Versions and 3.1 supported – Support includes data Key re-linking • Allows existing projects with OpenSpirit 2.Petrel 2008.

1 .Schlumberger Public Petrel 2008.

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