Chabad of Maple Bringing Judaism to life!

JLI Adult-Ed Plan for continued growth .

Tefillin Club Holiday Awareness Women Circle Daycare Shabbat Services Teen Club Hebrew School Shabbaton Holiday Events Torah Classes JLI Adult-Ed Mommy & Me Current programming Proposed programming .

The Chai Club Ch a i Cl u b JD C Cl u b Ch a i Cl u b Ensuring continued growth at Chabad of Maple .

The Chai Club Goal: Means: Raise $1.800 per month Small monthly donations Steady Convenient Growth .

800 .080 Cha i Cl u b JDC Cl ub Cha i Cl ub $36 Cha i Cl u b JDC Chai Cl ub $54 $90 $360 $540 $900 Goal: $1.The Chai Club Yearly $432 Yearly $648 Yearly 10 Cha i Cl u b JDC Cl ub Chai Cl ub 10 10 $1.

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