Kern County 138 IFORNIA CAL 14 IFORNIA CAL Los Angeles County Ca lifo rni aA qu 138 ed uc t IFORNIA CAL INTERSTATE 5 138 IFORNIA CAL 18 138 IFORNIA CAL IFORNIA CAL 126 IFORNIA CAL Santa Clarita IFORNIA CAL 14 IFORNIA CAL Lo nty ou sC ty ele un ng Co sA ra ntu Ve 126 IFORNIA CAL 2 Chatsworth 27 101 US IFORNIA CAL 405 101 US INTERSTATE 210 Sun Valley INTERSTATE INTERSTATE Warner Center 170 Sherman Oaks IFORNIA CAL 5 IFORNIA CAL North Hollywood 2 Woodland Hills Calabasas Encino 134 101 US INTERSTATE IFORNIA CAL 39 Pasadena South Pasadena Los Angeles IFORNIA CAL 210 INTERSTATE 5 23 Malibu IFORNIA CAL IFORNIA CAL 27 IFORNIA CAL Hollywood IFORNIA CAL 210 El Monte INTERSTATE 2 Beverly Hills 10 Monterey Park Montbello INTERSTATE 10 71 60 57 90 IFORNIA CAL IFORNIA CAL IFORNIA CAL IFORNIA CAL INTERSTATE 1 10 Santa Monica IFORNIA CAL INTERSTATE Culver City 605 Whittier INTERSTATE P 1 90 Inglewood IFORNIA CAL a 110 IFORNIA CAL Huntington Park ci fi c 42 105 INTERSTATE IFORNIA CAL 710 Downey INTERSTATE Santa Fe Springs INTERSTATE 72 IFORNIA CAL 405 Gardena INTERSTATE Compton Paramount IFORNIA CAL 5 La Mirada 91 IFORNIA CAL Cerritos O Torrance Carson 19 Lakewood 605 INTERSTATE c 107 213 IFORNIA CAL IFORNIA CAL IFORNIA CAL 405 INTERSTATE 39 IFORNIA CAL IFORNIA CAL 1 Rancho Palos Verdes 110 Terminal Island IFORNIA CAL 47 IFORNIA CAL Long Beach 1 405 INTERSTATE San Pedro 12 n 6 0 12 APPROXIMATE SCALE IN MILES SOURCE: Impact Sciences. Inc. – December 2007 FIGURE Regional Location Map 995-001•07/09 Los Ang ele San s C Ber oun nar ty din o C oun t Granada Hills 30 IFORNIA CAL 66 US 60 IFORNIA CAL 1 y 118 IFORNIA CAL 118 IFORNIA CAL Porter Ranch Mission Hills Project Site 2 IFORNIA CAL e a n .

250 nd m St t 4th ar St St APPROXIMATE SCALE IN MILES Wit me nd Av e Ma in St St ore Ter Lake Sh St n t An aS yr e nk Bu Col lege St Bo st on Bartlett St Alp ine Br un ain M St St oS t Ave Alhambra Vi gn es Au St gu sta t St het S Bauc es at St w gh Hi 1 ay 01 Ces ar E Cha vez Ave 2 Project Vicinity Map 995-001•07/09 . Inc.Le mo yn e da le G lo ve rP l Du ane Ew in St St gS t Gl en St Av on St ed al e Ve sta nti ne Mc Pl La ke Sh ore lA ve llum Co Lobde ll Du an eS Cli t ffo rd St Br an de nS t Aa ro n St LIFORNIA CA t Av e Ew in Fa rg o Ba xte Av e St rS t gS Do na lds on Ch St am pla in T er Ce rr o Fw y St ta Vis Go rd o Av on Pa rk rk Pa Dr St s rr i Do Pl Te r R er w iv do ea M le da e Av le va e Av INTERSTATE St ho Ec La ke Sh ore kS t Alle san Alv dro ara St do St Lib er Ac ad em Elysia n Fa i rb an ks La Pl vet aT er Lem oyn Po rtia Su St the rla Qu nd inte St ro St St Blvd Sunset Elysian Park ton Bo yls Lo ga n Sta diu Park Rd St eS t Sa rg en t Gra fton St Sc ott Av e Sta diu Mo ha w Park D r yD rto Mo m ve nA ty S t Wa y Be rk e ley Av Ma e ybe rr y St Sc ott Av e Glendale Blvd Av on St 2 rk Pa e Av Av on St Av alo n 5 Sh or rdo Go Dr C ry st al Va le Bl ak e St 5 Av e I-5 Riv ers ide Dr o Cy Solan Eff ie St cr Lu Av e e Av tia e Project Site r n Dr Academy R d Pl rk Pa m Wa y Solano A ve t tt S ue Bo Sp ru Ro Park Ave t wS or ad Am St Ke nt S t Cli nto nS t Be llev ue Av e Av e Lav e Glendale La gu na gh w ta Ter La ve Eve rett St Ma rvie wA ve Bu rlin Palo A lto S t Un ion Rd Temp le St Cort ez S t Dawson St St Do ug las St re Rd e Ke ar llam w ge C Av arr e Ed oll Av e Bel lev ue Ave Bo sto n ew a Ed g St Innes Ave gto n Av e Fig ue roa Te r l cP ila L Lila c Te r Lookou zR ve ha C i rH ve ll A t Dr Gi n 110 yle Do LIFORNIA CA St ate Rid ge Wa y e Elysian Park Av m iu ad St Dodger Stadium Av e ay 11 0 Yne z Av e ta T er San ta Pa rk St All iso nA ve Mo nta na St Lila cT er ac Lil Pl ce St no Sola Ave on gt in ns Ke Hi Rd Pa tto n St Co lleg ay W sR op sh Bi d eS t St in av e Pl Pl ud Na m El Ea st De St r Be ve rl y Lo ma D ca St dwa y Hill Blv d Co lto n St Co u rt St An ge lina 101 St US Sp ri n g Bix el Yal e po t 10 1 A Ba lpin e rt l S et tS t t d ite Un Lin g St St Wa y St Ne w Tol u sA ve Be au d ry Hill Pl 2nd S t Av e bia Av e Bix el St rS t Co lum em Fr 1s t St roa ue Fig St Ho pe Alame da St ve tA on St Lu ca Ord St Bro a 11 0 SOURCE: Impact Sciences.125 3rd S 0 0.250 0. – April 2009 FIGURE Gr a n M 2 i ra 0.

Impact Sciences. Inc.April 2009 3 Aerial Photograph of Project Vicinity 995-001•07/09 . .2009.Project Site Elysian Park Dodger Stadium n NOT TO SCALE FIGURE SOURCE: Google Earth .

2009. Impact Sciences. Inc.Legend: Project Site n NOT TO SCALE FIGURE SOURCE: Google Earth . – April 2009 4 Aerial Photograph of Project Site 995-001•07/09 .

August 2009 5 Barlow Replacement Hospital and Master Plan Conceptual Site Plan 995-001•08/09 .200 n 100 0 200 APPROXIMATE SCALE IN FEET FIGURE SOURCE: Jensen + Partners .

Scoping Meeting Location Elysian Park Avenue n NOT TO SCALE FIGURE SOURCE: Google Earth .2009. – April 2009 Sta diu ay mW 6 Scoping Meeting Location Map 995-001•08/09 . Inc. Impact Sciences.

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