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Visual PLC

It features the industry’s first built-in access window and includes an AC power supply model and operator interface panel.User-Friendly Design Ultra Small Size High Speed Scan Time of 140 µs Designed with the user in mind. Complete Product Line AC/DC. the Visual KV is a high-speed compact unit. Transistor (NPN/PNP)/Relay 12 base units/8 expansion units ACCESS WINDOW Built-in Access Window Up to 1 ft away for installation flexibility Operator Interface External Display Expansion Units 16 to 152 I/O’s .

User Message Function With a simple ladder program. Error Message Function Error codes are immediately displayed on the LCD. the PLC had to be connected to a handheld programmer in order to determine the error code. while the PLC is operating. a flashing LED display message (No. Access Window Allows Information to be Conveniently Available When checking or changing some device values the PLC does not need to be connected to either a PC or handheld programmer. When you need to stop the PLC and check the program without connecting to a PC or handheld programmer.Built-in Operator Interface PLC & For Design Engineers No PC or Handheld Programmer Required to Monitor Operation or Make Minor Changes The Visual KV CPU features a built-in display (Access Window) that allows the PLC’s data to be checked upon start-up and during modification or changeover. With a conventional PLC. such as a timer. When making precise on-line adjustments to internal devices. indicating a user error code. 3 . Other Functions Key Lock Function The Visual KV features a key lock function to prevent accidental changes to the settings.0 to 255) can appeal.

Wide character display Bold characters can be used to improve visibility in dark places or from a distance. the operator panel displays comments generated by a ladder program. The Operator Panel Provides Features of a Full Scale Display Direct access mode To improve operability.& User Friendly Operator Panel for Factory Staff Ladder Comment Display-Allows you to easily check. easy-to-see display. A modular cable completes the connection. Displays operational instruction messages. In addition to having the same functions as the Visual KV PLC’s Access Window. Description of customizable switches A description can be displayed above the four customizable switches to indicate their functions. the KV-D30 has a mode to quickly reflect a change in setting when the UP/DOWN key is pressed. 4 . change or detect abnormalities. Built-In Operator Convenience Functions Beep function The KV-D30 features a beep function to provide audio cues to workers. Display customization Workers can choose from various display options to create a customized. This easy to use display features a variety of functions.

5 DIMENSIONS SPECIFICATIONS SYSTEM/ VARIATION FUNCTIONS OUTLINE Compact Design Unit: mm inch .7 µs. but allows the entire system including the distribution panel and the control box to be downsized.2/3rd the size of conventional AC type PLCs The new AC version 40 I/O KV is 2/3rd the size of conventional PLCs.33 " 70 6" 7 2. that is used for display functions. 110 4. Processing time Minimum scan time IN to OUT time (500-step basic instructions) KV-16T KV-16DT KV-16T KV-16DT The processing time is decreased by 50% compared to that of our conventional product. Displays the error code. IN to OUT time KV-16T (500-step application/ arithmetic instructions) KV-16DT Industry First Design The PLC has a 2-color backlit LCD (5 digits x 3). Fast Processing Speed The minimum scan time is 140 µs and the minimum instruction execution time is 0. The slender design not only saves mounting space. Typical Applications Displays the current and preset values of the counter or timer. Serves as a handheld programmer when changing the preset value.

The Visual KV base unit incorporates 2-channel. etc. even when evaluated as only a 4 interrupt unit. The simple positioning control stepper function can be activated by just inputting the setting values into the specific data memories. 0002 #01000 DW DM1480 Start-up frequency 1 kHz #05000 DW DM1481 Run frequency 5 kHz #03000 DW DM1482 Acceleration/ deceleration period 3 sec #00001 DW DM1485 #34464 2310 DW DM1484 Number of output pulses 100. Speed DM1481 Setting items for the positioning control function (x-axis) Start-up frequency (Hz) : DM1480 Run frequency (Hz) : DM1481 Acceleration/deceleration period (ms) : DM1482 Number of output pulses (high order): DM1485 (low order): DM1484 Operation start relay : 2310 Forced slowdown stop relay : 2308 Emergency stop relay : 2309 The Visual KV incorporates a positioning control function similar to expensive units for application practicality and cost reduction. DM1480 DM1482 Amount of movement Only 1-line of ladder logic is needed to create the positioning control function. 24-bit counter and eliminates the need for an additional high-speed counter. that automatically saves input values to the 4 interrupt inputs during high-speed counting.Practical Functions 2-Channel High Speed Counters Incorporates a 30 kHz.000 The Visual KV base unit can control stepper motors. Channel 1 500 Channel 2 A-phase: 005 (B-phase: 007) 24-bit high-speed counter CTC1 501 4 High Speed Interrupt Inputs Incorporates 4 high-speed interrupt inputs with a maximum speed of 10 µs. CTC3 Direct output Rotary encoder. * 6 . by utilizing the input capture functions. When an interrupt input occurs. This allows direct connection with a rotary encoder and counting input from the encoder. 2 phase high-speed counters and high-speed counter comparators. A-phase: 004 (B-phase: 006) 24-bit high-speed counter CTC0 High-speed counter comparators CTC0. CTC1 High-speed counter comparators CTC2. such as speed measurement and high speed interval counting. Routine scan 000 001 002 003 The Visual KV is unmatched in cost and performance. The Visual KV can be used for various applications. Simple Ramping Control Function Incorporates a single-axis stepper motor control independent of the high-speed counter function that allows a motor up to 50 kHz to be controlled. 2 phase. the routine scanning is suspended and the interrupt inputs are immediately processed with a response time of only 10 µs. The Visual KV is optimal for fast sensor input on high-speed lines.

Just input the frequency (Hz) into the specified data memory using a real number. The measured result is automatically input into the specified data memory. The measured result can be displayed on the Access Window. B. 120˚ 240˚ 360˚ *: A motor driver is required separately. Specified Frequency Pulse Output Function Without complicated programming. The frequency of the gear revolutions can be displayed. To achieve this measurement. pulses with a specified frequency (16 to 50000 Hz) can be output. 7 DIMENSIONS SPECIFICATIONS The Visual KV can be used as a simple stepper motor controller by setting the output frequency on the Access Window. A. Pulses with a measured frequency can be output* by combining the frequency counter function with the specified-frequency pulse output.* SYSTEM/ VARIATION Applications FUNCTIONS OUTLINE . and Z phases Rotary encoder (Incremental type) An operation similar to that of a Cam can be achieved by combining an inexpensive rotary encoder with the Visual KV. in increments of 1 degree. 50 kHz 30 kHz 0 Hz 5 kHz 0 Hz 20 kHz Tension adjustment of hoop material Time adjustment of sheet immersion in a treatment bath Synchronization Control Function A single Visual KV unit enables synchronization control. The relays can then be turned on or off at the specified angles (up to 32 points. The pulses with the specified frequency are then output from the output (501). Complicated multi-step ramp up-and-down control is possible. Speed measurement Synchronization control Cam Switch Function Serves as a simple cam switch.) This Function of the Visual KV can be utilized as an alternative to an expensive Cam switch in order to reduce overall costs. Easily controls motor speed. The preset speed of a motor can be manually changed by simply using the Access Window. This feature is ideal for systems that require frequent setting changes or fine adjustments. as shown to the right. Connect the rotary encoder to the Visual KV and input the desired angles into the specified data memories. simply input the frequency counting period into the specified data memory using a real number in "ms". The function allows multi-step speed control.Frequency Counter Function Measures the rotational frequency of a gear or rotary encoder without complicated programming.

Monitor All Function Timers. For example. you can check all devices at once.Software Simulator "KV Builder" ensures fast. Registration Monitor The KV Builder simultaneously displays multiple timing charts of any devices. easy programming and efficient desktop debugging. Simulate without a PLC Our new Desktop simulator. Ladder program editing Various methods to input instructions Mnemonic input Ultimate operability has been achieved to lighten the load for programmers. “With the mouse” Icon/function key input Instruction palette 8 . Providing a single step execution (forward and reverse) in addition to a regular scan execution function increases debugging efficiency. Ladder Simulator Allows Verification of Diagram Execution By clicking an element in the ladder diagram. For effective debugging. even those that do not appear in the ladder diagram. simulates a program in operation before you connect your PLC Forward / Reverse Single Step Execution Checking the operation process one step at a time can easily identify complex operation problems. conveniently allowing all on/off timing elements to be checked. Quick debugging without a PLC The KV Builder can simulate program execution even without a PLC connected. the simulator quick screen appears allowing the elements to set or reset. to input an OUT instruction Shortcut input “With the key board” “With the function key” “With the key board” You can select your most comfortable input method. counters and data memories can be checked simultaneously in multiple windows.

) Output 9 DIMENSIONS SPECIFICATIONS SYSTEM/ VARIATION DC FUNCTIONS OUTLINE Base Units Fully equipped with Access Windows. mini-beep function. such as positioning control and high-speed counters. 16 types of base unit with various special functions. DC Transistor KV-10DT (P) KV-16DT (P) KV-24DT (P) KV-40DT (P) Expansion Units An expansion unit can be mounted up to 300 mm (11. 3-color display operator interface panel KV-D30 . are available. setting. Input 8 Inputs KV-E8X 16 Inputs KV-E16X 4 inputs/ 4 outputs (Relay) KV-E4XR 8 transistor outputs KV-E8T (P) 16 transistor outputs KV-E16T (P) 4 inputs/ 4 outputs (Transistor) KV-E4XT (P) 8 relay outputs KV-E8R 16 relay outputs KV-E16R Handheld programmer with a memory card slot KV-P3E The handheld programmer can be used to easily transfer and save ladder diagrams. AC Transistor KV-10AT (P) KV-16AT (P) KV-24AT (P) KV-40AT (P) Relay KV-10DR KV-16DR KV-24DR KV-40DR KV BUILDER KV-H1WE2 (Windows®) All functions are integrated including editing. (The M-3 memory card is available separately. monitoring. 3 colors with back light.System Variations I/O I/O I/O 16 inputs / 8 outputs I/O 24 inputs / 16 outputs 6 inputs / 4 outputs 10 inputs / 6 outputs AC Relay KV-10AR KV-16AR KV-24AR KV-40AR Display: 192 x 64 full dot-matrix display. 8 types of I/O expansion unit permit a flexible layout.81") away from an adjacent unit. debugging and specification preparation. reverse/normal display. 4 customizable red LEDs and 4 switches. 24 characters x 4 lines with half-width characters to 6 characters x 2 lines with quadruple width characters. IP65F rated.

KV-10DT(P): Approx. 280 g. 16 Flash ROM.5 A KV-24AT(P)/AR: 0. 280 g Digital trimmer High-speed counter High-speed counter comparator Positioning control function Memory backup Memory switch Program memory Data memory. measured with 500 VDC megohmmeter) No excessive dust or corrosive gases KV-10AR: Approx. Number of I/O points (including 10 to 40 I/O points of basic unit) Internal utility relay Special utility relay Data memory (16 bits) Temporary data memory (16 bits) Stored program method Refresh method Ladder diagram and expanded ladder diagram Basic instruction: 28.4 μs.5 s).7 A 60% 24 VDC (±10%) KV-10AT(P)/AR: 0. KV-10AR/DR: 100 mA max. KV-24AT(P)/DT(P): 100(105) mA max. Timer/counter KV-D30 Operator interface panel: 60 mA max.001-s timer: TMS (0 to 65. KV-16AT(P): Approx.4 A KV-16AT(P)/AR: 0. 0 to 50°C 32 to 122°F. KV-E8T(P): 40 mA max. 210 g. KV-16AT(P)/DT(P): 90(100) mA max. pulse width: 1 μs. KV-24DT(P): Approx. KV-E8R: 70 mA max. KV-40DR: Approx.) Performance specifications DC type KV-10DT(P)/DR KV-16DT(P)/DR KV-24DT(P)/DR KV-40DT(P)/DR 24 VDC (+10%. 24-bit setting is available. 50 kHz max.Specifications General specifications Model Rated voltage AC current consumption Base unit AC power factor Output voltage Output capacity (Including the internal current consumption and current consumption of expansion units. KV-40AR/DR: 180 mA max. KV-16AR: Approx. 180 g. KV-E4XR: 45 mA max. KV-16DR: Approx.6 kΩ 1/2 W KV-xx DTP/ATP (PNP) Internal circuit KV-xx DR/AR C Internal circuit 500 or later R50x 500 or later 500 or later 1. min. 50 ns (by noise simulator) Conforming to EN standard (EN61000-4-2/-3/-4/-6) 150 m/s 2 (15 G). 330 g. working time: 11 ms. KV-40AT(P): Approx.06" max.0 to +158°F 1500 VAC for 1 minute (Between power terminal and I/O terminals. KV-P3E Handheld programmer: 65 mA max. KV-24AT(P): Approx. KV-40xx) 8 (7 for KV-40xx) 10 to 152 points (when expansion units are connected) 2560 points: 1000 to 1915 and 3000 to 17915 160 points: 2000 to 2915 2000 words: DM 0000 to DM1999 32 words: TM00 to TM31 250 in all: 0. double amplitude in X.7 μs min. 190 g. when attached to DIN rail) 50 MΩ min.4 A KV-16AT(P)/AR: 0.1-s timer: TMR (0 to 6553. KV-16xx) 4000 steps (KV-24xx. 330 g. (Between power terminal and I/O terminals. 2 hours respectively (1 G max. Y and Z directions. KV-E16T(P): 60(70) mA max.35 s). Application instruction: 22. AC type KV-10AT(P)/AR KV-16AT(P)/AR KV-24AT(P)/AR KV-40AT(P)/AR 100 to 240 VAC (±10%) KV-10AT(P)/AR: 0. 410 g. 250 g. in X.. Interrupt instruction: 4 140 μs min. KV-24AR: Approx.6 A KV-40AT(P)/AR: 0. counter.3 kΩ 510 Ω C 000 to 007 24 V/5 V switching circuit C Photocoupler insulation Photocoupler insulation KV-xx DT/AT (NPN) Insulated power supply Internal circuit 1. 0. 1. KV-E16X: 35 mA max. KV-40AT(P)/DT(P): 120(130) mA max.6 A KV-40AT(P)/AR: 0. and between external terminals and housing.535 s). CPU and RAM errors 1000 max.. KV-16AR/DR: 120 mA max.: KV-10AR/AT(P)/DR/DT(P) 2 months min. 2000 steps (KV-10xx. Up/down counter: UDC 2 trimmers (set in access window) 2 counters of 30 kHz. 300 g.7 A 40 ms max. KV-E4XT(P): 30 mA max. 350 g.6 A KV-24AT(P)/AR: 0. 240 g. KV-10AT(P)/DT(P): 80(85) mA max. KV-E16R: 110 mA max. rewritable 100000 times or more With the electrical double-layer capacitor at 25°C 77°F Data retained for: 20 days min.01-s timer: TMH (0 to 655. -20%) Arithmetic operation control method I/O control method Programming language Instruction types Minimum scan time Instruction processing time Program capacity Maximum number of expansion units 2 ms max. Y and Z directions. 2 times respectively 10 to 55 Hz. KV-40AR: Approx. 240 g. contact comments can be saved. and between external terminals and housing) 1500 Vp-p min. KV-16DT(P): Approx. KV-40DT(P): Approx.3 kΩ Input 008 or later 008 or later Internal circuit 4. KV-24DR: Approx. 0. KV-10DR: Approx. internal utility relay (Retention devices are set by MEMSW instruction.: Other than the above models Data can be backed up with Flash ROM in all models. KV-10AT(P): Approx. 0 to 45°C 32 to 113°F (KV-P3E) 35 to 85% -20 to +70°C -4. 150 g. 140 g. Allowable instantaneous interruption time Internal current consumption (converted into 24 VDC value) Others Expansion units KV-E8X: 25 mA max. 2-phase high-speed counter (0 to 65535 count) *1 4 comparators (2 for each high-speed counter) Direct output allowed Independent 1 axis. Basic instruction: 0. KV-24AR/DR: 140 mA max. 450 g. Arithmetic instruction: 26.5 mm 0.) Ambient temperature Relative humidity Ambient storage temperature Withstand voltage Noise immunity Shock Vibration Insulation resistance Environmental restrictions Self-diagnosis Number of contact comments *1.6 kΩ 1/2 W C Insulated power supply R50x C 10 . Weight Input/output circuit of base unit Input 000 to 007 Internal circuit 4. UP counter: C. Application instruction: 6.

2 A/point (Inductive load)./10 ms max. 4 A/common 4 A (Resistive load). 4 A/point (Resistive load).4 VDC 24 VDC. 10 ms max.3 kΩ 510 Ω C Y0 or later C1 C2 Insulated power supply C 11 DIMENSIONS Not allowed Approx.4 VDC 24 VDC. 10 ms: 10 ms ±20%. 190 g /Not allowed Approx. 130 g Approx.6 kΩ 1/2 W (R500 to R502) *1.5 A/point/. 2 A (Inductive load). Electrical: 100000 times or more (20 times/min). Mechanical: 20-million times or more 50 μs max. 120 g SPECIFICATIONS 250 VAC/30 VDC.3 A (503 and other) 0. 4 A (Resistive load) SYSTEM/ VARIATION KV-E8X KV-E16X 8 16 4 points/common KV-E8T(P) KV-E16T(P) KV-E8R KV-E16R KV-E4XT(P)/R 4 4 points/common FUNCTIONS OUTLINE Model No. 250 μs max. 50 μs max. 5. 1.3 mA 19 V 2 mA 4. 10 μs: 10 μs ±20% 8 16 NPN (PNP) Transistor COM is connected internally.3 kΩ For both rising (OFF ON) and falling (ON OFF) operations. 130 g Approx. 0.3) A/point 8 16 Relay 4 points/common 26.3 kΩ For both rising (OFF ON) and falling (ON OFF) operations.3 mA 19 V 2 mA 4. of outputs Output common Output type KV-10xT(P) KV-16xT(P) KV-24xT(P) KV-40xT(P) KV-10xR KV-16xR KV-24xR KV-40xR 4 6 8 16 4 6 8 16 1 common Each common terminal is independent. 4 A/common 50 mΩ max. Input/output specifications of expansion unit Input/output External connection method Model Number of inputs Input common Maximum input rating Input voltage Minimum ON voltage Maximum OFF current Input impedance Input time constant (Changed in two steps by special utility relays 2609 to 2612) Input Output Terminal block Input/output 26. Electrical: 100000 times or more (20 times/min).8 V max. / 50 mΩ max. 30 VDC 0. 5./ 0. 130 g Input/output circuit of expansion unit Input X0 or later Output (NPN Transistor) Internal circuit Photocoupler insulation Insulated power supply Internal circuit 0 to 7 Output (PNP Transistor) Internal circuit Output (Relay) Internal circuit C Y0 or later 4. 4 A (Resistive load) Number of outputs Output type Output common Rated load voltage Rated output current ON resistance Leakage current at OFF Residual voltage at ON Rising operation time (OFF ON) Falling operation time (ON OFF) Relay service life Relay replacement Weight 2 A/point (Inductive load).3 mA/5 VDC.4 VDC 24 VDC. 250 VAC/30 VDC.5 (0./10 ms max. 26. 100 g Approx. Mechanical: 20-million times or more 100 μA max. 2 A (Inductive load).Input specifications of base unit Model No. 250 μs max./ 10 ms max. 100 μA max.0 mA 10 ms (Typical) 10 μs when HSP instruction is used Variable in 7 steps from 10 μs to 10 ms while special utility relay 2813 is ON (Set by DM1940) 10 μs (Typical) 30 kHz (24 V ±10%) Output specifications of basic unit Rated load Peak load current 30 VDC 0.2 A (500 to 502) 1 A (Other) 250 VAC/30 VDC 2 A (Inductive load) 4 A (Resistive load) 5A Electrical service life: 100000 times or more (20 times/min) Mechanical service life: 20-million times or more Not allowed Input time constant Interrupt input response High-speed counter input response Relay service life Relay replacement Output frequency Built-in serial resistance 50 kHz (500 to 502) 1.1 A (500 to 502) 0. Approx. 10 ms: 10 ms ±20%. of inputs Input common Maximum input rating Input voltage * 1 KV-10xx KV-16xx KV-24xx KV-40xx 6 24 10 16 COM is connected internally.8 V max. 0. 100 g/Approx. 100 g Approx. Inputs 000 to 007 can be changed to 5 V input. Transistor output (NPN or PNP) Relay output . 5. 10 μs: 10 μs ±20% 4 NPN (PNP) Transistor/Relay 4 points/common 30 VDC/.

94" 24 8-ø5.97" 64 2.90" 110 4.16" 78 3.54" 35.5 0.8 4 0.07" 109 4.87" 70 2.37" 65 2.87" 22 43 1.16" 15.57" 54 2.8 0.54" 35.8 0.39" 111 4.69" 3.89" 66 2.20" (Mounting hole) 35.87" 43 1.16" 22 0.87" 70 2.16" 22 0.8 4 0.4 1.15" 0.Dimensions Unit: mm inch Base Units KV-10DT (P)/DR/AT (P)/AR KV-10DT (P)/DR KV-10AT (P)/AR Mounting bracket OP-35345 4-ø5.8 0.54" 35.16" 24 0.60" 79 3.39" 90 3.87" 70 2.76" KV-16DT (P)/DR/AT (P)/AR KV-16DT (P)/DR KV-16AT (P)/AR Mounting bracket OP-35346 8-ø5.33" 0.37" 80 3.13" 111 4.17" 0.87" 22 43 1.20" (Mounting hole) 90 3.94" 48 1.15" 0.15" 0.16" 40 1.15" 0.69" 3.52" KV-24DT (P)/DR/AT (P)/AR KV-24DT (P)/DR KV-24AT (P)/AR Mounting bracket OP-35347 0.8 4 0.69" 22 0.54" Main unit Mounting hole (2 positions) 99 3.39" 35.39" Main unit Mounting hole (2 positions) 99 3.90" 3.37" 55 2. Common to all AC types.4 1.76" 3.81" 12 .0 ø0.4 1. 20.4 1.15" 4 0.0 ø0.54" 35.0 ø0.5 0.15" 4 0.76" 3.8 0.0 ø0.4 1.11" KV-40DT (P)/DR/AT (P)/AR KV-40DT (P)/DR KV-40AT (P)/AR 90 3.87" 70 2.56" 0.29" * AC power terminal part detail.15" 4 0.4 1.54" Main unit Mounting hole (2 positions) 99 3.20" (Mounting hole) 90 3.76" 3.22" 50 1.54" 35.39" 90 3.15" 4 0.8 4 0.5 22 0.90" 111 4.39" 90 3.20" (Mounting hole) 90 3.37" 99 3.69" 17.4 1.39" Main unit Mounting hole (2 positions) Mounting bracket OP-35348 4-ø5.87" 22 43 1.90" 111 4.39" 90 3.16" 22 0.61" 31 1.15" 0.16" 3.69" 3.54" 35.4 1.

83" SYSTEM/ VARIATION 65 2.60" 4 0.20" (Mounting hole) 90 3.17" 25.5 1. KV-E4XT(P)/R OP-35344 KV-E16X/T(P)/R ø4.3 1.0 ø0.0 0.90" 4 0.33" 37 1.12" 150 5.69" 35 1.8 2.80" 0 +0.46" 170 6.91" (including mounting brackets) 8.38" 45 1.77" 55 2.8 1.39" Main unit Mounting hole (2 positions) 99 4.50" Expansion Units Spacer OP-35343 KV-E8X/T(P)/R.54" 35.16" 42.16" ø4.16" 111 3.0 ø0.94" 130 5.83" 0 72 0 100 3.12" Panel cutout +0.8 122 0 +0.69" Operator Interface Panel KV-D30 Panel thickness 1.Unit: mm inch Expansion Units 4-ø5.4 0.56" FUNCTIONS OUTLINE KV-E8X/8T (P)/8R/4XT (P)/4XR KV-E16X/16T (P)/16R Mounting bracket OP-35349 .03" 4.69" 13 DIMENSIONS SPECIFICATIONS 80 3.2 to 3.15" 72 2.8 1.56" 43.71" 4 0.05" to 0.00" 66 2.0 ø0.03" +0.4 1.16" 42.77" 65 2.16" 25 0.98" 38 1.37" 45 1.

Woodcliff Lake.81" extension Used to make an expansion unit flush with an AC power type basic unit. Head Office Phone: 905-696-9970 Fax: 905-696-8340 Montreal Phone: 514-694-4740 Fax: 514-694-3206 E-mail: keyencecanada@keyence..New KV Series Model List Category Name 10-point AC type Model KV-10AT(P) KV-10AR KV-10DT(P) KV-10DR KV-16AT(P) KV-16AR KV-16DT(P) KV-16DR KV-24AT(P) KV-24AR KV-24DT(P) KV-24DR KV-40AT(P) KV-40AR KV-40DT(P) KV-40DR KV-E8X KV-E8T(P) 8-point type Expansion unit KV-E8R KV-E4XT(P) KV-E4XR KV-E16X 16-point type KV-E16T(P) KV-E16R Easy-to-set display Extension cable for expansion unit Expansion unit spacer Operator interface panel For all expansion units and adapters Spacer for 8-point expansion unit Spacer for 16-point expansion unit For 10-point basic unit For 16-point basic unit Metal fixture for screw tightening For 24-point basic unit For 40-point basic unit For 8. NJ 07677 CO FL GA IL Denver Tampa Atlanta Chicago IN KS KY MA Indianapolis Kansas City Louisville Boston Phone: 201-930-0100 Fax: 201-930-0099 E-mail: keyence@keyence.A. CALL TOLL FREE KEYENCE CORPORATION OF AMERICA Corporate Office ■ Regional offices AL Birmingham CA N. VKV-KA-C-E 0079-2 611019 Printed in Japan * 6 1 1 0 1 9 * . 48 programs max.California CA Los Angeles TO CONTACT YOUR LOCAL OFFICE 1 .keyence.3 6 2 3 Fax : 201-930-0099 OH OH OR PA Cincinnati Cleveland Portland Philadelphia SC TN TN TX Greenville Nashville Knoxville Dallas VA WA Richmond Seattle 50 Tice Blvd. Description 6-point input/4-point NPN (PNP) transistor output 6-point input/4-point relay output 6-point input/4-point NPN (PNP) transistor output 6-point input/4-point relay output 10-point input/6-point NPN (PNP) transistor output 10-point input/6-point relay output 10-point input/6-point NPN (PNP) transistor output 10-point input/6-point relay output 16-point input/8-point NPN (PNP) transistor output 16-point input/8-point relay output 16-point input/8-point NPN (PNP) transistor output 16-point input/8-point relay output 24-point input/16-point NPN (PNP) transistor output 24-point input/16-point relay output 24-point input/16-point NPN (PNP) transistor output 24-point input/16-point relay output 8-point input 8-point NPN (PNP) transistor output 8-point relay output 4-point input/4-point NPN (PNP) transistor output 4-point input/4-point relay output 16-point input 16-point NPN (PNP) transistor output 16-point relay output 24 digits x 4 lines with customized switches/lamps (cable included) For 300-mm 11. cable (OP-26487) included In 16-point expansion unit Handheld programmer Programming support software KV BUILDER Programming Cable/connector for PC/AT or compatibles Memory card KV-D30 OP-35361 OP-35343 OP-35344 OP-35345 OP-35346 OP-35347 OP-35348 OP-35349 KV-P3E KV-H1WE2 OP-26487 OP-26486 M-3 Memory card slot. Basic unit-to-PC with programming support software Saves/reads ladder programs via KV-P3Es slot or Z-1 card reader/writer. supporting Windows® 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP For D-sub 9-pin. Phone: +52-81-8220-7900 Fax: +52-81-8220-9097 E-mail: keyencemexico@keyence.8 8 8 . DE MI MI MN MO Detroit Grand Rapids Minneapolis St.5 3 9 .com KEYENCE MEXICO KA1-0049 Copyright (c) 1999 KEYENCE CORPORATION. 10-point DC type 16-point AC type 16-point DC type Basic unit 24-point AC type 24-point DC type 40-point AC type 40-point DC type Specifications are subject to change without notice. Louis NJ NY NC NC Woodcliff Lake Rochester Charlotte Raleigh KEYENCE CANADA INC. All rights reserved.V. Used to directly mount the KV Series with screws instead of a DIN rail.

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