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Emma Goldrick - Pilgrim's Promise

Emma Goldrick - Pilgrim's Promise


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Published by: patri688700 on Jan 24, 2012
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understood as foolishness; birthday parties and secrets were

another matter, one which no sensible birthday girl would want

to interrupt. So she waved a hand in acknowledgement and

turned back to her study of the party of seagulls dive-bombing

their wake, looking for a refreshing meal of garbage.

'Now, then,' he repeated. 'What's all this leading up


Valeria gulped a deep breath, got a firm grip on herself, and

started to explain. 'I think that whole fuss has all blown over. I

don't think there's any chance now of our little overnight

arrangement interfering with your confirmation. So²I think that

it's time we called an end to this fake engagement. Your

daughter finds it very hard to believe. Mabel finds it very easy

to believe and keeps pushing me to tell her the wedding date.

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