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Emma Goldrick - Pilgrim's Promise

Emma Goldrick - Pilgrim's Promise


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Published by: patri688700 on Jan 24, 2012
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that I hate to think of going back to cleaning up the ashes after

it's over, she thought. Or hack to schoolteaching. Isn't that

strange? I've only ever wanted to be a schoolteacher, and now

suddenly it doesn't seem to be all that important any more!

'Yes, I guess it wouldn't be any trouble²for a few more

days,' she said.

'Good,' he said, and gave her a robust pat on the back that

almost fractured her spine. 'Now, go forward there and watch

how skilfully I come up to the dock.'

"And Mabel, you wouldn't believe how skilfully he came up to

the dock,' Valeria said between the giggles. They were all at the

table for supper. Bart, still casually dressed in black trousers and

white shirt, his hair wet from a shower. Maria, in a neat little

orange-blossom sun-dress, with her hair brushed until it

gleamed, braided and pinned up in the mode that Valeria herself

wore. Mrs Baines, in a high-necked dress of soft grey cotton that

managed to cling to her angular figure, sharing the meal but

jumping up and down like a jumping-jack to fetch and carry.

And Valeria, in a pale rose, off-the-shoulder blouse and skirt,

two years old now, but still fashionable. For the first time since

Gran's funeral, Valeria's dress fitted her figure. Eating too much,

girl, she had chided herself when she'd put it on.

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