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Emma Goldrick - Pilgrim's Promise

Emma Goldrick - Pilgrim's Promise


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Published by: patri688700 on Jan 24, 2012
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over to the side of the bed. Poor kid. The thought ran through

her mind over and over, like a circular tape in a video machine.

Poor, poor kid.

The girl sat up and glared at her. 'You're not my mother,' she

snapped. 'My mother is²pretty. She makes movies. She'd not

some ugly old²baby-sitter.'

'You could be pretty, too,' Val commented, firmly

overlooking all the other statements.

'I could not,' Maria grumbled. 'I'm not blind, you know. My

mother told²she²oh, go get your shower!'

Valeria held the eye contact for a second, and then the child

broke away, flushing. My mother is pretty² I'm not. I'm not

blind! Another set of phrases to roll over in her mind as Val

walked over to the door that led to the bathroom. I'm not pretty.

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