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Emma Goldrick - Pilgrim's Promise

Emma Goldrick - Pilgrim's Promise


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Published by: patri688700 on Jan 24, 2012
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four-hour Cancer Telethon, followed by after- midnight hours at

the Charity Ball, had left him little time to tidy up all the cases

in his personal file, and no time at all for sleep. He examined the

little house with half-closed eyes.

A Cape Cod cottage, Valeria's house was one of those

border-line cases, neither old or new. In a town founded in 1620,

a house built in 1816 outside the city limits was not much to talk

about. The city had grown outward since those days, and now

extended beyond the little enclave. Trimmed in white, its

weathered clapboard shingles wore the patina of age. Small

rooms and low ceilings preserved the heat from open fireplaces;

all the plumbing had been added on, most of it outside. Small

leaded windows sparkled at the world, giving the house a

smiling appearance. A white picket fence shut it off from the

street. Rambling roses surmounted the fence and per- fumed the

air. An elderly neighbour hung on the gate just across the street.

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