KEZA INDUSTRIES HVAC Energy Efficiency Media Switchgear Marine Dul Studio District Cooling Jumeirah Golf Estates Site Installation BEYOND frEEL .

Ducting. punching. / Aluminum and Control and Stainless to adopt all kind of Electrical Gear Assemblies. shaping and metal working of Sheet using metal stamping. manufacturing forming. Cable Trunking. we have complete resources for manufacturing Stainless Steel. low cost outsourced bending. allowing us to understand manner our clients' needs and meet in the most timely and cost effective At KEZA Industries.S/ G. well. We also offer stamping. INDUSTRIES KEZA ff/ . metal services shaping fabrication. Trays and Accessories. Channels. Power in- Fabrication. FZ LLC. with expertise and metal welding in Sheet using metal CNC as cutting.pg2 PROFILE KEZA Industries bending. CNC Machinery Our management Shipping. Energy in the HVAC. minum. Cable manufacturing & External Parts and Accessories Enclosures for Air Handling & Cubicles. commercial and Air Conditioning of Internal with fabrication and designing of GI. one of the top manufacturers forming. Units. Alu- MS & GI Profiles with CNC Punching Machines. District Efficiency them and Solar Cooling. working In addition. Cubicles Switchgear we have facilities to produce wall and floor Steel mounted Steel Enclosures/ in M. punching. KEZA Industries residential is a specialist in Supply Systems and Installation of Industrial. team is highly qualified Media and experienced Solutions.I. dustry Logistics. Machinery. cutting. we provide sheet and assemblies Furthermore.

pg3 I Bending Machine Shearing Machine INDUSTRIES KEZA ff/ .

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HVAC Energy Efficiency Media Switchgear Marine District Cooling Site Installation KEZA INDUSTRIES ff/ .

Pressure injected polyurethane foam insulation with "K" value of O. Aluminium and Stainless Steel sheet is also available INDUSTRIES KEZA ff/ . Its connection with the frames and the panels is always simple and fast.02W/m C and density 40kg/M sandwiched between galvanized steel with prepainted finish. AHU Panels Double Skinned construction panels of 25mm. 30mm. 50mm or 60mm thick. this making installation time shorter.pg6 I Dampers All dampers are designed with extruded aluminium blades and frame. The nylon blades gear system is installed behind the profiles.

Moisture Eliminator We design and fabricate Aluminium or SS-304 moisture eliminator blade encased within Aluminium or Stainless Steel frame.304 or GI drain pan to ensure complete condensate removal. Belt guards. INDUSTRIES KEZA ff/ . AHU Internal Parts We fabricate Filter frames. fan flanges etc. Electric Heater We fabricate Electric Heater from "U" shaped finned heater elements mounted on a heavy gauge steel frame. coil accessories. fan rails.pg7 I Drain Pan We design and fabricate SS . motor rails.

Complete set. Partition Shelf. INDUSTRIES KEZA ff/ . Busbar shrouding Box. SS and Aluminium Enclosures. Compartment door. Form 4 panel accessories. Top/Bottom plate . Mounting plate. Transformer Enclosures. Wiring Box. 4. DB Modification. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) I) Partition panel. 3. Heavy Duty wall and floor mounted transformer enclosures complete with top cover. Vertical brace. (Protection Degree = I P 55) 2. Front + Rear Covers. Angle post. Transport unit.pg8 I Customized 1. Side panels.

Door connection. INDUSTRIES KEZA ff/ . Re-Connection of Control + Power Wiring. Chilled Water Piping Installation. Chiller / Pump Skid Installation include Skid. External Piping. finishing + dress out pump/motor shaft alignment. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Fabricate + erection of cooling tower structure as per manufacture Graphing Installation. Cooling Tower Installation. Cooling Tower Structure. drawing. Walkway bases. Installation of Packaged Air Conditioning. 2.pg9 I 1.

INDUSTRIES KEZA ff/ . 3. Refurbishment 2. Replacement of Rectangular and Round / Spiral ducting.pg10 I 1. of Split Units. Refurbishment or Replacement or Replacement of Air Handling Unit. of Ventilation Unit. Repairs or Replacement 4.

4. INDUSTRIES KEZA ff/ . Fabrication of Customized display units. 2. Cutting. 3.pg11 I 1. Sheet metal punching. Fabrication of Road Signage. Bending + Welding works. Fabrication and Installation of modular display units.

Solar Panel Steel Structure. Lighting Arm. Fabrication 3. mounting arrangement. 5. Fabrication of Hot Dip Galvanised of Hot Dip Galvanised of Hot Dip Galvanised Lighting Poles complete with Base. Enclosure and Solar Panel Structure INDUSTRIES KEZA ff/ . of Louvered Solar Battery Enclosure in Powder Paint Finish.pg12 I Solar Solutions 1. Fabrication 4. Fabrication 2.

Replacement Chillers installations 4.pg13 I We undertake and workforce large projects for: and have available technically strong team of supervisors 1. Air Handling Units installations 5. District Cooling installation including Chillers and Cooling Tower Plants 2. Heat Wheel installations 3. Ventilation works Our team works under strict project guidelines set by our clients. adhering at all times to Health and Safety regulations set forth for project work by authorities and our Health and Safety manual which is available to all clients upon request. Marine AC systems installations 6. INDUSTRIES KEZA ff/ .