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•IMG/MM/Valuation & A/c Assignment
oA/c determination wizard [DO NOT COMPLETE]. You make configurations
relevant to transactions in Inventory Management & invoice verification [for
automatic postings to GL a/c in Financial Accounting & Cost Accounting]
oYou do the above, with/without the wizard or a combination of both
oThe wizard always reads the existing customization settings first. These are
displayed as defaults & form the basis for further adjustments.
oPre-requisites co code, plant, material types
oSelect material type used FERT - finished goods. Check only material types
in use & be careful when you uncheck a material type. If a material type is
unchecked, you cannot post to that material type.
oActivate purchase a/c mgmt Y/N
oActivate purchase a/c mgmt for co codes
oAssign chart of accounts
oAssign plants to groups - all plant or co codes in the same group will post
oExamine different material types - SAP assumes that inventory related a/c’s will
differ by material type. However some a/c postings like freight may not differ by
material. Hence if you select ”Yes”, it would mean that even non – material types
like freight are material type dependent.
oSelect a/c postings
oMaintain valuation classes - ideally you should have one valuation class per
material type.
oMaintain inventory accounts - stock a/c nos to be filled up. Internal processing
key BSX. BSX rule for valuation is always set “ON”. BSX rules for dr/cr & a/c
modifier is always set “OFF”.
oMaintain dr/cr rule : in MM there are transactions & events that may be posted
to the Expenses/Revenue a/c or to Price Differences. This a/c is either dr or cr
depending on whether then transactions or event requires a correction to your
disadvantage [DR] or in your favour [CR]. You can setup two a/c’s, so that a DR

87 by Harnath

FICONOTES : A guide to Configuring Financial Accounting and Controlling

is posted to one & a CR to another. Checking a checkbox will set the DR/CR
rule “ON” for the corresponding internal process key. The process keys are :
Cost [price] differences PRD
Exp/rev from stock transfer AUM
Exp/inc from revaluation UMB
Offsetting entry for inventory postings GBB
Exp/rev from consignment mat consumption AKO
oMaintain MM Transactions - start with the 1st

incomplete transaction [no green
mark] & work your way down. If you are unsure of an a/c, leave it blank, &
change later. By entering corresponding nos to each transaction for a material
movement, you are assigning a/c nos to the internal process keys. Depending on
its rules, some process keys may have more than one a/c no. in this case the
wizard takes you to a detail screen.
oFinal Screen - DO NOT COMPLETE [o/wise the wizard will auto a/c assign,
and a lot of other users will be affected]
•Account determination without wizard
oDefine valuation control [ OMWM ]
Group code active
oGroup together valuation areas
Val group code 0001
Val area plant
oDefine valuation classes
A/c category reference
Valuation class [ OMSK ]
Material type/A/c category reference [ OMS2 ]
oDefine A/c group for movement type
One complete table contains cols
Movement type
Special stock
Val update
Val string
Tran event key
A/c modifier
Check up assignment

•Purchase a/c management
oActivate purchase a/c in co code
oCalculation of value for purchase a/c - whether receipted value of purchase
with/without delivery costs
oSeparate a/cing documents for purchase a/c postings - define whether the system
should create 2 separate FI docs for stock & purchase a/c postings or for invoice
& purchase a/c postings
Goods receipt doc 1

88 by Harnath

FICONOTES : A guide to Configuring Financial Accounting and Controlling

•Purchase a/c DR
•To GI/IR clearing a/c [goods inward, invoice receipt etc]


•Purchase a/c DR
•Freight a/c DR
•To GR/IR clearing a/c
•To Freight clearing a/c

Document 2

•Purchase offsetting a/c &
•Stock/price diff a/c

Invoice receipt
•Purchase a/c
•To GR/IR clearing a/c / vendor a/c

For delivery costs
•Freight a/c
•To Freight clearing a/c
oYou can use only 2 documents if the purchase a/c is posted at the receipt value,
o/wise the difference between GR/IR clearing a/c and the purchase a/c would
result in a balance not being equal to zero. In std SAP config, only one a/c doc is
oActivate separate a/c doc in val area.
oCreate new doc type for separate doc - define a new doc type for the 2nd

a/c doc.
The doc type must be different from the doc type for goods receipt [GR,WN] and
invoice receipts [IR].
oAssign a no range to the document
oConfigure no range for new doc type
•Inventory management

oAssign a new doc type to inventory management trans. This includes all
transactions that generate goods movements with reference to purchase orders i.e.
MB01, MB04,MB0A & purchasing trans [beginning with ME* & ML*] You
must also assign the new doc type for automatic movements.

•Invoice Verification

oConfigure Doc type for separate Purchasing a/c doc
oAssign the new doc type to logistics invoice verification transactions.

89 by Harnath

FICONOTES : A guide to Configuring Financial Accounting and Controlling

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