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To implement al the business & process requirements based on the Business Blueprint.
Customize step by step in two work packages, Baseline & Final Configuration.
The implementation takes off in a Development Box, which is an independent and insulated
server. All configuration done on any earlier SANDBOXES, are reconfigured on the DEV Box.
This configuration is transported to the Test Integration/Implementation Server, where the data is
loaded & testing & integration point tests take place. Data transports are always from the Dev
Box to the Test Server, & not vice versa. If any modifications are done on the Test Server in the
course of testing, they have to be redone on the Dev Server.

Final Preparation

Complete testing, end user training, system management and cutover activities. Critical Open
issues are resolved. Upon the successful completion of this phase, business in the R/3 Production
Server can be run. After all testing is done, compile documentation, user training and signoff.

Go Live & Support

Transition from a project oriented, pre-productive environment to a successful & live productive
Go Live & Early Watch : The Go Live check is for just before you cut over to live operation. It
tests whether the system is suitably configured for the requirements. In early watch sessions,
SAP spots potential performance problems early & suggests suitable corrective measures.
Remote Consulting : In remote consulting sessions, SAP consultants log into your server at
convienent times, trying to analyse & solve problems in your system from their desk.

138 by Harnath

FICONOTES : A guide to Configuring Financial Accounting and Controlling

Img – Implementation Guide

The IMG acts as a checklist of the customizing activities that an enterprise should complete for a
SAP system implementation project. The IMG is hierarchally structured.
From a project IMG, you can work on customizing transactions, project documentation, cross
project documentation and project management information.
Industry specific customizing is the name given to the installation of the default customizing
parameters in the IMG that relate to a certain industry. You can transfer industry specific master
data structures to the system by using a CATT which is also integrated in the R/3 system.
CATT’s are provided for industry specific businesscases defined by SAP. Industry business
solutions are integrated in the Business Framework as Business Components. The
implementations of the system can also be ready to run R/3 [RRR] system solution. The main
feature of this system is the complete delivery of hardware and software allowing you to rapidly
install the R/3 system.

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