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The Easy Way to Write a Novel Write

The Easy Way to Write a Novel Write


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Published by: greenfae on Jan 24, 2012
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I’ve noticed that artistic people are generally more sensitive than

This can be good and bad, depending on the maturity of the individual.

It can be good in that a sensitive person will see more of their
surroundings, perhaps become more perceptive to details and the
nuances of character – a definite boon to a writer.

However, the same sensitivity can make a young ego intolerant of
criticism. Temper tantrums are common in this kind of artist.

I’m not saying ego is a bad thing – far from it.

But some people are so sensitive that they feel lashed and beaten by
normal life, they feel uncomfortable interacting with others. They’re
not comfortable without some kind of shield or cloak – like alcohol or

I think this is the real reason why some apparently talented writers
seem to overreact to the slightest of criticism by behaving in a
seemingly self-destructive manner.

They don’t understand the ego, and what it’s for. More on this later.

The Easy Way to Write a BRILLIANT Novel – in 30 Days or Less

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