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The Easy Way to Write a Novel Write

The Easy Way to Write a Novel Write


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Published by: greenfae on Jan 24, 2012
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Contrary to what your parents might have told you, your ego is your
best friend

I’ll tell you why.

Your ego is the motivating force behind your desire to write. It is what
makes you want to complete things well, to show them off and be
respected for your efforts.

Cherish it.

I bet that most of your life you’ve been taught to suppress your ego.
Am I right? It’s seen as a raucous child, an inappropriate thing,
embarrassing almost. While suppressing a child’s ego might make a
parent’s life easier, it is not necessarily a good thing to suppress in a

The ego is fragile. It should be nurtured like a delicate plant that you
must water, protect and treat with respect.

But here’s the trick.

Don’t share it. Direct it inward.

Imagine it growing inside you, expanding, filling you with pride and
the belief that you can do anything. The ego is not logical. It has no
sense of the impossible.

The Easy Way to Write a BRILLIANT Novel – in 30 Days or Less

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©robparnell – All Rights Reserved www.easywaytowrite.com

Whenever you catch yourself filling with pride or beginning to feel
that anything and everything is possible – go with it, push the feeling
to the limit. Imagine that you really are the most talented and best,
cleverest, superb writer you know.

Even if it seems absurd, keep telling yourself you’re the best. Make
yourself laugh with the absurdity of it.


Because your subconscious will start to believe it. The subconscious is
stupid – it believes whatever you tell it. If that is case, surely you have
a responsibility to tell it only positive things.

For complex reasons, the subconscious remembers things even better
when they’re attached to emotion. A burst of ego-driven thoughts and
the associated rush of adrenaline are like radiation burns to the
subconscious – permanently imprinting good, helpful news on your
inner being. Within a short time, your self-worth will start to soar as
your subconscious begins to believe in the endless possibilities that
your ego is capable of imagining. Go with it. Enjoy it.

Okay, I know you’re thinking this is all self-delusion. How is this
helping my writing?

So, for those that haven’t got the central message of this book, I’ll
state it again:

You can write a brilliant novel, simply if you believe you can.

The Easy Way to Write a BRILLIANT Novel – in 30 Days or Less

Page 52
©robparnell – All Rights Reserved www.easywaytowrite.com

And it will be as easy as you want it to be because you decide that it
will be.

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