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The Easy Way to Write a Novel Write

The Easy Way to Write a Novel Write


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Published by: greenfae on Jan 24, 2012
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As a way to placate your loved ones, you may feel tempted to show
them your writing. This is generally a mistake.

The message here is a simple one: Unless, it’s finished, don’t.

Think of your writing as a fine wine or homebrew. While you’re
working on something, it’s bubbling inside the vat of your mind. It’s
maturing, gaining strength. Your imagination is the sugar and yeast
that you add. The brewing process takes time – your ideas need to
ferment. And everybody knows worst thing you can do to a fine wine
or beer is to open the top and let in some air.

It’s the same with writing.

Telling in person dissipates the need to tell in writing.

The great ghost story writer MR James noted this and stopped telling
his stories to his pupils, though they begged him to. He realized that if
you tell your story first, the subconscious mind is satisfied the story is
out – and doesn’t feel so compelled to write it down.

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