A Dark, Cold Night

The rain pattered and the wind rapped against all the windows in the small city. Although it was a chilly, dreary day, something menacing could be felt in the air. The clouds shrouded the sky with an eerie, ominous blanket. From my bedroom window, the couple could be seen walking against the unnerving storm. They were laughing and awfully cheerful, despite their umbrella had blown away, and their clothes were being soaked. Judging by how they had dressed, they were undoubtedly coming back from a restaurant, or some other occasion. Their faces were too far away to be closely described, yet their smiles could be seen from miles. The man had his arm around her; the rain was dripping down both of them. It was then that the man led her into an alley – for a more private moment. Although it wasn’t proper to continue watching, my eyes adamantly refused to leave the windowpane. He pulled something out of his pocket and presented it to her. With the gleam of a shiny, expensive necklace, her eyes widened and looked incredulously at what was probably a birthday gift. She ran over and embraced the man in a tight hug, overwhelmed with joy. However, the man’s face was grim. His cheerful smile had vanished, to be replaced by a malicious countenance. His eyes did not bear the loving comfort as it had just seconds before. Oblivious to his sudden change in demeanor, the girl was still hugging him. The man reached into his back pocket, and pulled out an unfamiliar object. Although it had the same shiny gleam of silver, this was no necklace. As quickly as he had withdrawn it, he thrust the knife into her, unmindful of the blood seeping onto his jacket. The pools of water under him now had a red tint to them. As her head was rested upon his shoulder, the girl’s cries were muffled, and she died without any proper explanation. The man grabbed her limp body, and carried it to the dumpster, deeper in the alley. Her carcass was shoved among the garbage bags, and left to rot with the maggots. The man eventually walked out of the narrow alleyway. His coat had been disposed of, and his face hadn’t the slightest touch of guilt. His eyes wandered the streets, and the man seemed to relieve his tense disposition knowing that no one had been around. Without notice, his dark, cold eyes bore into my window. Standing across the street, he peered directly into my terrified eyes. I jumped back and dove for the dirty, hardwood floor. There was a fact even more terrifying than that he had seen me. The man was no other than the landlord of my apartment. Convinced he had seen me, my heart raced and fear gripped its hold over me. Minutes passed by. Finally, my eyes were focused back out the window. He was not out on the streets any longer. Again, fear engulfed my body – paralyzed me. He had the keys to every apartment in this building, and I was sure he knew it was me. Frantically, I stumbled for the phone on the kitchen counter, only to have the lights flicker and go out. I prayed that the storm was the reason for this loss of power, although I knew it wasn’t. Darkness swept the room, and I heard the creak of a door. Grabbing the golf club I kept under my bed, I cautiously moved toward the door. Relief overtook me as I saw the chain look was still on. He could not have gotten past it without me knowing, since the keys were of no use to him now. However, a cold realization swept throughout my mind. I had never put the chain lock on in the first place. The next thing I knew, a sharp pain swept through my body, and I could feel the knife piercing into my neck. My body collapsed onto the floor. His eyes bore into mine for the last time, and he just left me there in the dark, cold night.

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