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Let Ii denote
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s ide.~ 01' 3.lria!"lgje form a gt:o·m~trio;: rntio ~. Then r lies in liL~ i[~L~,,~.L


l' 1+2J5 ' #: +'..0] 2
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The munber of feCtJingl f'S rhar ~n 1"10: btained Ily jof"lmin:!! o fO"w corns :wdv~ vertices of a 1j··S'id:rl rcgulnr pulygon is





C. 24

:\:. lit 1 of .f]!. ill tl1e interval rO. R C.: ellipse . D_ J"O()".1.omiO'li. ] + 4 (<1".m}-r~1 ~x::. l'L the miuimurn (u.1I!n(!F~ 1l1'C t. ~ :5 1-\ circle y~ = 4..ih ve ['%1] rON~ R C_ a iXl. 4 touches [he parabola c.He<!l~c~r~nne ]1n.){ be ~ differenti ~tld able ":> function s~ i08 4~ not ~_ctCiTTJ1/illilM~ the abo= with /(a) = 0 = f(b) f\() )f'(b) n fof' SOI1"1Al r():) B.he point of c..«1 -i~ ft . C.8 TIw number FLl.(l.roots i~ Let I. wish K... .'0'. The y-coordinate centact o!"t!le circle and ll!iecljroctL·jx is. l.)ucl:Je~ its directrix.. ~ C~I"Ck: an dl:ip>~ 4 rCO:).iII coefficients. 3!uit[ a!) poim (:011 tho.P moves e On the ellipse is A..{ ("~ AC and IV (>11 AB..) I"()d por. D.f" _@2 . of (J._ H1C area of I 111:rrienglc ABC ~ A_ 1(1 K . 4 .:. C.. ail necessarily real rell~ The locus otthe eeunold ofthe tri1il1lGi f' "i f'2 aG.D lo.ql ror three Te?1 1(XItG of which exactly cne is.!ii' _f:.. 1:> . b) is (lH...fruots ~)fthe !:l4u:~til)Jl 1:0:-.1a number o" roots of D...._ such thar b ..B..-. . -4~)~~ +t-" -49) 11 -V-201l9j~ =0 are 0 .) degree . r.0: at ( tlli['e>.rnbll!lOi D...&!ppo~c fj ....N I Jo.. A. 2) and ~L:-. -. 2~' [Ti~[~::l!e.. ~e.-i~t1. <1 D..:JIip:'l'e Xi ... nan = CI ll the imcrval i I~ <. 011 Be.~leBKN is {.. Suppose . ti L~L ABC be all equilateral .12..posin ve .vi(f\ TC. ffl Iud (o:ll .'-!."1 <l~ L -1 Ii ' 11 The A_ B.s . 8 D. The k~st of a poiw.v~ . ~ 2 c.4 possible be the cube l"(MS or unity. 2.he foci of 1111.' be a rcct1>n~k. 1 D.. hype./2 D.. 0 Let P beau '-'1 ". (.-~L~g2<1. 8. a =! that A.~in'. 2.!J1 .. ha'i.']j -ll'li~d the area of i... l ~. 3 + 4 w~ ~.

."I. 3].kIJcti(lTl y = f (:."" C.<ld.l.s ls 'l.:.f(h) ft'.oic.~=... A. "I. -'_ I ! C j '3 A.. 1).~ + _!>'1 i lOO} . then the ~reII of'Ihe ~ll\d.J".a x = b. 4 D.rus 1. WUGfC n is a non-negative j' has be". / has local minima d x = C.lit 2011 f . f hil~ local minima ~l T =. 1).. square units.f. b and a local muximum ~!t s=c H.l minj". the gh·et!1 fLb"lJTIiis ~Mu. a auda locul nlill<im'~111 at i.ralll.1lJUu~ 1o~1!!1n . {2" 3) r~!>.\I 12 The figure Sh0W~ below is tbe graph of t.1. u -~~ \ /..~~i'"e01 some ·6.II It]) tl ·(:. s integer. If the area under H'IQ g-!l.x) on lb~i'rl:er.. 3 C.. 2 B. ico ~ ! C.di·~cl/. .)lI~La] to C.ll:'_"I:M tu l!L'O curve :?it C... = Then A.ra'~II of ~ c.C>. D_ '!::-:~ I 8901~1 :x=n D. y) I sin {x + v) > OJ in the plane. c and a local mnxirnum .g LO 11 is .':11 J(leg x)" - dx . I3 The folluwiag figure shows the ~t.:l. (3. = 3 is re. 1Q:< An [jj..fI x = 1 1..hli1s.8111 to conciude <lD~!.:in:¥! W.. L''-.l.f:1l of 1111':: rcglon . 100. arc perallel . 1.). ...Ilm:l 13 = [(x.':iQm A = {(x.:ph . R.__ <.mIULI]il-1! s fun~tiuil r == /(.)'l) + 9991~9~ tK~ +WClI.:). '. i i la / / / ___ -. and the liill~ [..II.nima and local maxima (iff the i R lSJ +5415~ 15 Couslder the re!... and f. Then tbe ..( F . l4 Il~ Ler I. "!. y) I ..h~ dw-:v. Th~ p. .. C i have (:Qordinale~ (I.

n the :IY·ilL~ne. 7 f)."1.Hm I M))IJg "'(PI -p~)g 1g How m.r.:.:::.... 8.2l' . ilt1Id.~i)Li{r.r 1111'15 be pulled lbr the pen ~~ S1-lu ~ to ~Iq::pi!"t£ is gJVCJ. ..~pe>.~h. u[ ~ !'~-g~J~J7-$ id~ PQ!Yflon. 3 j r1!L<Oed on..i:: A.. f.-~p1~~..even <.1·6 Three vertices are chosen randemly frum the seven "crtk..'..j+k.)IO by 11 is A.-dig][ mmbers Sin::!~ in which woo (li3it is rep~m~.(>i" jl~I"'" of ms~~ M of friction between the pen 1t. Then the maximnm p-iJ~ir.- T~ + .. {..llJy pen of 'm8f'i~ m is l)ling on ~I piece labile. + .1mCr !S dlviaible by4? :.prllig of s[.A = '1~"_1 +1 for 1. \.j'sh.1:2]_ Then 11.l:llir.e m.(:J. A.ed dividing un U~o.. ~ t + . 3 C.) C. a rough 17 Let II = '.: C.J:1 rernatrnter ~Ill. TIl':: IH"'tJ~hi1 ity that cl.G~ and il'h~1.~ ~c = 0 and (f. divides lU". {Ltm ~ri()(L nfosl:il~!ilion Is the I LJ '_'h".'.-I D_ 1(10(.'oj~= ~:re pulled .ley form the vertiees of an isuseeles l1"ht':Il~I. D. ee . PlfYS[CS 21 to A. ::. 4 .lii:. the peper <1m] the l~hl~.t1ilp8f'cr. re..he (Kl~yJlCi'Jllia~ 1 ~.:!h'dy.l..£3 + .:201 ~ ls T = 2~t 1001) r(m I1-:. + .r2)~ I (II X i..Ci'. odd p!i:. T =2r.1U1.meU b.tles:'f surtaee.j~ digirs ~prc[jJ' ~1. 11&0 n 14411 J '!\In masses in) sri! m~ COi.'U'~ #1 and j4J. 'I<lJ].{}(PI ~ ~1~) g + (1jl t~1-I. ]I H-. 7 C_ ]. () B.2 A_ 360.'l~ nppeur iI~ e---"".l:l1.. 'If the coefflclente ~ unit v ector ..mT .e of 11 = -3 is j+ 2k PC vectors ill ~j :{ a:td~".'i!p~il!Dc! let 1). D. m+m-l !I .. _I __ ~ 11.!)' B./5 .C. D. .a.p<JlYIH)rui'1l A_ 0 IEl 1 + or' +)> ~ .. ~ t. 2010] fot which .fl2 & C. A.. wl R. ('11 .lJU!JTIill"J ofIlatu~ill rucnrers rn i!n 1'1le Lntm'<ll [1(0).]._)ri ~g constans k rest on ~ fr. 20 r. .M . then the min i rmm horizontal force witll wtuch [he pape.' tl. .

.jn(kx ·1. ~ -2E.:l.eli~l:L.L D.A b01tJ of mass m is ViH<lC:!J. di ~Ulnce ("If 0 ."/~ «~) i~ E\ = 0. a uniform spherical volume charge distribution 0..-"). D.8 T"Il!: tOllnwing travelling eleutrcmagnetic \\I. wlli'l4 is the aphelion distance? AU : Astronomical Unit A 5<O. n The current in the circu. unpolarizcd 1(1 .. W~lehofll:w tbUowingg~~phscorrectly represcus [he Jll~g.ri.q~ll!i t-Q. I4T In D.Q.S~5 of a SWLlcll (SJ.:lii)!~U~s 20 CQIl?:.stanee i'" :>. ~= ~:. 40. ~ m rrTr 11 ~7 IIJoun.0iJ!1 shell of Inner !i1UiLI~ R)ilJJU outer radius R.glh I i1J!~ ph!<.l~tor I: A .. L____L:: J1 1" D. of l~!. ~.J'ri:.d. t\ charge -Q is placeda: ..«.:: C()1.1l (5~~ to +. 1Jf a thict.. 0 l'r.:j 24 A COTOl.. 2.. -J-' 2. i.A U B.R= f~c~n the ceurer of nrc shell..-.11:"' _l "'.:ur~. is only t!1. ~: D.4AU tile sun flt the p~'ih. 2. c..:M'C..lit..(h C. Eo.$$ ~~i ll1t. cl liprically polarized Iinesely pobri=. Then the de.:~C! somewhere inside the Ci1!\'!t:.\.tduating ~pbc.r the comet is 1LJ years.. .I~.}B.'l'.6 AU D_ 24_6 AU 25 The etreult shown 0-)n.all~bl~... L. depends an both is zero.jIltd~Jll lndl.. . C_ D. sir.'. circularly polarized II D.:1X1'J'JL ..oco the mid-point ofa t wyishtl(.iKk: or the d~U-_L:: field E <1. 1'1 rcsistmccR.:tr: c f ~Id in the hollow Cil\"'i~}' A. is only that due to I q. R C. a distance r [rom lhe center or the ~]il:ert] A. If the rime period c.-V (B) of emf P. ''..t .JJ~~~iC -~ Js pl.1 J:l!. DR E'(R(l-e)) ill [be instan: the S"Witd is closed Is C.~ ni<..J. 25 AU C.t (assumcO to be if_ ~:\ elliptical from orbu the I5Ii!LtJ[~ lilt <J.rb. radius R.

000 oo:u.. D_ r'hu (V -nb) (c:~"r.Lt.OCoiJ ·rountd~t:>.<l~ ~<:_.. Wll~ i5 the minimum froeCjUeELCY of osc l!L.Ji[l~I'! lfthe she I r C fur wb'~icll the )ook will lose COI'I~ct witil true 5'lC~f? (ASS1ll11'i: tiIii~t.iti. water o}fref~.n by Ddilllbm f[IT this ~3 l1l...C'lheir:l&ex):ito a hci~M fl.. ilh [fa !l()at!~ opaque disc has :.S~iint = cansrant B. c.bile hv _ cr .0 be )laocd exact ly abtne j( so riT. Jf.!.en A.000 oC>llJ1ts.==.J.. 10 H~ . (If ~ quasisrutie - . 3) A Vail 2 dcr 'l' l'1 .OOI_l ccnats/sec ]0. ph 20 H:i: C . 30 Taree transparent media of refractive Indices jAl> fl2. If '" )'1 -. 125 ..: B. c. ':_1 t2 h C Ii ri -t v_ ---. a shelf ~JUlJlis UUU'li!1 g'Ji~li!Ji vertical simple harmcuic CGCmar0!15 wit'l 1111"1 ampl.)kp the equafiun of ~.rlc: (11' ~_~ em.ul « ..JJ~ -1 H.Uj< ~~l -<. 1 1 \Va~li~ ~ = I1RI_ IL~ ill~.sLi~l.nW~e~ \X)l._l!. .iroc 7.~ = ]I) m5~ ~ A.:('.1tt~f!>t'\~ R 60. Hz 6 D. J)_ ! ~W.l. D.500 .ernilil ~irn~rfS>'is sriven ~ E:qmrtL[)T.~HI. vessel whkhi"lfilled . <1 {V -nb) V·! .li.ta n.1tthe scurce '.. respecti'i'Ill~:v•./!I~-1 D. 1-1). A my ~lf I:ghL fellows rue "IH~m shown No light enters the Lbre medium. Iht: r~t1ius oft~e di ~~ shonld be A 31 A book !S 're. The i5 &ive. f'~ pr":: ~~!< j.1Cstacked ~S Shll'Wll.) T .29 A pcin: source ot ligW is pl1!:cC{'iat the botWm d . s.. ~i{" ft.nVi) .y l' ·I'I(V -rlh) = cnmmrnl ?'I A nucleus h~ a h~li~hJe of 30 minutes..~. At 3f>M Lt:': Jt=aiy tale W~ measured as l:20. Vifhl1 will be tile decay A r<M at 5VM? c.). h .mry r"1If1 V = OOjl.ible fmrn abuve.:> lm".

\. til .whiuh.. '0'. i'/'jL +I'fl:l B. TIIC masses are placed on a fiictiollicss ~IT8i&llt channel . of ~~ what in1=-:rYillwlll the person the '1.'lt.he S1n8Ile~t di stance of thia point (rom the c~nlT1lI:ling>::? v Then A.Iillgril'm d011g<.aTll? y.ur~ in x -------'-mit 111.t: Q...(lITi the p. The curved I. e constder ~)UT.~ abscrbcd ill the upper P".rLu~..[I'"J· is gi¥e.<).... releOl<sert <1u...LloWg nl J9'. tile disranec bctwccu rhc { two slits is Q. 2 x=-~--t--m. 14 B.~e Jnl!il A to B I~ an 1l11([hydTO~ ~ in.rill. 3! seeonds the di:.-. the distance between the ~]it~ and the SCl'ceJJ.....>.s .'TI!:o(m 50U::W.5 min D. then the ~:fE8ic.0 HIm.btlr.+m. . At a.:.[idLehcnking rer.1 the fie. ~ 1)1JJl.". aJltlm.0 1)1111 C.."TIl:pef~iun:s.jl~Slcllgc:r x-"~---i'--- .-l [j. TIle intensity (It ~ poiru on the SCJCCLl is 75 '% of the maximum intensity V.j~ 1 L"ll and the wavelengta of the JlghJ' rsed is IiOClrun.1 massless .. 2.ILI.l particle. a velocity of 'f\: is suddenly imparted to th~ [rs...i"I (If tho: ~):1rilighl liH~ peth and releaseil i[1 t]'{j lo. 1.: ill am i n:~1"IIa:l 30 seconds . ".5 rmn 38 t... C D.+~ m: ]4 ..'7 b '':{ lung" double &lit expClim. ~"tC'Jli'n~ t.. j)..eatedly 13.. respectively.}' or til i s ::-yde ls [!hcr. lf the speed ofsoundis 330 ms I.<. e cycle. center nf mass of'thc tl~ reverse O'fthe A.. ~--171. measured ~. B.nQ constacr i and uasrretchcd L. 32:1 in I'V .. the cycle I-Ic. 2:9 second s 1r1seconds The inkrv~l "dll dPop81. tV. C..'i. ... A: I 0.: ure connected by . m~ m vQ! m.: m. I~n heal I:. part cr [f [1 ll'ld 7~ are the maximum ~"I d :Iri nimum i 1)...+»11 35 A bus driving .34 An idea I :imS t. C- . ~L~' 011 -t----1i'i1 ... reached d uriug [I.i.. D.g d spr.ll~y~.r-ilJ::l!t 'Jht:f are initially ~( eesr M 11' .iam.' +m~ m} 111.. 1.'! pPom'ln who ns~Lu. ]).. The Cff't. Twn m~~s~~ ni.rudirig ~'h~bm ~rop.f [Il~' bus c.. h made 11) undergo 111 cycle depicted by the YeLJci{y of Q. m} iW:i'~o~ +111:. by IJlr.(Hin.0 and x = 1.:rn.l :lil: a 1:] 1!i~Ll temperarure I).vo! A.I'I'ic:d cutin djJ~~lLOI) 5'.~ kmph ls l[Pt?ro~ebi~a . L1Le ~~L:u A.ii by 1. A.'Cl IDlIS3c::l is ~ The cycle can only lie ca.

Am.)u~h ~IJJ ~~le 0 upon pilssing thro\lgh ~ square ~""tif)11 of dde .eing huge. 5 A.ta~11Si uniform m3. whi I~ the pOIId!.E normal to 1I it!. qB am.chemical C_ loses cnlroJlY'. ptune.s.J!!. C:>. C}f~MISTRY :hr.I meter is (piillilcl.:'lh~ more rihll!n ~fLi~ amount of entropy reacilou becomes on!:-~alf f Its orlgha.t order n::~'!..::.O J loses seine entropy.m. pholon of wavelength ~_. particle 1"1iI1.~ h'i:: poud ~jm ~_lC ~TI). D.llY5 at Ibe same ~M"'1tJ B.'. or J c_ L5 ~. SUbSU!L.J . . A.!rnill!. lfl~ pond gt.l value after time i.I of Iieht = 1 xl cf Im. ~H deflected 41 ]3.te~to ()I~e ~ideo.r .tfQ!l')' mrrflC' 45 111.r.. -U~O~·f) .~ ()t')n~erllmiio[1 of II.39 A charged particUe of eharzc {f ~l1d rnassw.938 X Ur'I . The reaction h ~n ~mrbufa A.988 '" W~! J 1. 13. C. m -'-UCfm{) qB qB m qB m J'l'J ~ _() c. 111. zero order reaction llP.~ ~mQUJJt of' cm. \ x Hr '-1 .-goirig 21. <1 D. what i~ the ~paed (If the partie lc? :.l into a poml at ~W·C_ The 0I)r:r~r c(loh clown 1.:I. that 1111. 1.i C. stays ~[ U[~iu iiiel iemperamre.~J LlL~S'1uare at lisht ~i'1a. 8. n. 111lm A.S'3S x 1U-"J D.-l) C. o TC~:rdrC'.~nr = l!i A piece or hot copperat lOU~C is plungo. .. CC'PIj. ~'p@".r. 1.988". l..55 of the 'ini~i~1 conccnrrarion.e energy 0i1IW.!lJ 6. second order reaction 16 L7 .LillTl C. entropy II. -a~o·_.oJ wh ich C>OOl. and the: pond ~. llUppC: loses sume '!:<Ill-llP)" . W.~lctre ·ficl.011 30oC.!L·' o 44 A..

dph3iE. -t "~h + X.. 1 < JH .)rc(l 4.on [If copper s. acylation is' i. H n. trigonal pi anar pyramidal C. acylatlon of'phenols to generate esters acylntioci of aliphatlc olefinu aty lation of aromaric A concentrated blue in colour. D. B. C. C.< 11 <: IV IV "" ~.' -:III . ~H 4! Friedel-Crafts A..2 D_ 1S .v. I"II<I<'IT<I\/ n_ m II . A..ich is Hgl!J~ blue...4 H ami the DGiJ}·-t·eille':l!:clcubic unit A.. Y-sha ped B. are.e i~ r-0siti\'~ ami ~nlh!1lpy 1.50 I'n the nuclear reaetlon A. solueiou pruccss A.'.H IV F\ H"c\U-CH JII r=. but enthalpy dlJinge is negative 1:!:1~.. 2.. t. hic~ is dark Dr! ixed III WNII temperature with H (mute copper su lpllate. IJ. carbonyl SI a. T-~11mf1e>l1 '"~lb X is A.I'<! b~tl: JHdtiv~ EtlttOpy cJl~r'li). number ~f cdIL~jO:rLl. VO-&'J.nergy of Celli lsions ~iv"'lion il ~t:'ri~~~ FI--T'H CI-l3 H~~H c~ 53 D.. B.I!.IJ·..trop~1 and ellthaJrl" ~h~n£.H C.1 re-acylatior. velocity of'the rene-ant molecules I- ~ In mellLll. Rnlmpy cl'-. is c \__f-CO. I 52 Incl'ClISil1g the kmpcraturc does not increl!lSo: die increases the rare of reaction bu~ :4.« H -<: C.::rlig~ ...:(1r'rlPI). IR. c.g_o:. nucleus E[]'II"CPYchange is.4 19'C (lnd entT3ilpy positive change j~ A. energy lI. .. 4. For th i" :s D.~l1geis n.. chaage F\ D.IIB. ot snlut.<~ r.1[= not 43 The order of aciJily ~)f ompounds (-IV. positive. iIle number Dfli'tQm~ for tile facc-~cm(.ic solids. eNs [l. respccth'cly C. '!J[ II.

v.. ]1'& IV C::X. f).·.11\.ro~cti0n: :2 NO~ (~) >... the [:unc. reaction It . the.2~ 5S For fI first. -"""CI i!" B (: D J$ r: f'ci F ~-l".) iR.' :.j. L.J{l-. T~~C wn~linlti~ k. Y = ).x:lll-w. K.I'.: r $:. 00. c.~' (j'!"1l" 't' i~ eiHfl hy the expression A.C..elllrratioll of It at ~I:r.1O...~ C.2 [~. z = O~ X = O:h Y = NO!> Z = :-1() cr--l.1 CI~~\r I .-.}'Ol X = O~.. z. c.orJe.-nGiale:<.. :iO (g) ..lfthe initial vrITIr::el~'latj(lJl of rt is [R. Y Iillil~ 7 ~~:-. 1'1 B..\ms. ::i S CO+ ~U)~ -9.. L6.. [~1(1 _~'ko.)~i. ~9 The . V = ("}'1. Z . :[(1"" ~ IOOO'Ci l~q l) (~q?) t.NO~ X' NCI:l. 60 Cycloll. uthe dark.O . 11 & IH D.[K<2=i.NO.L!{ [K..:.lJl"rnnllili.ln the flgu-e .s·~ Fmrn eiJ!u. a l'i.NO. [Rul ek: [R"l ~.WI2~t.ticnamong the followll1l!$ i~ c A. Br D.ons and 1 U01 . ideruL:i"fy the curves X."..ex:encis T~. r. r A... is A.i c. \~[ (~u: reLLCLioJL is ]3.i!i~iL~l C.i with the tbree species il~ reacuon ~~ T':~+VJ)."78 B.\1..]. X.ider tile.libriun constant fOT the reaction CO~ + H~ ' .. I .. V.'I!JI!. CI r rn F "'. H. CO + H20 lit the same remperature. with hrnmine.cprodud A..~ D.. 2. (g).d'J) /I.:rBr [] ~Br () 2l I .0:. 00 D.L:: jrb{)C~.. I&IV C. in eel •.. I"ci Cl C'ti!i'''II.()(I(fC] the equ.

O:.l<:!..BIOLOGV G' Ribonucleic Jibo:i'.lit crossing a.~conducted an experiment wherein he plBc>ed a.1.. U:'!ing thccurth's trI"SI'. \Vllicl1 one or the Julluw A. havewell have 63 defined gender RibDflavin dur<::lIlh<-.C.3.. Shin illg H.. D.."'oilld be true? A.'~~ uemendously potcney I).I'I!!Ik..'? either '14.. the pressure in fr_IlL chamber.t ~!I"~U ij[ 11.sCliR. ut animals cannot. I). Chemical signals b ctween ants D...~. t~l\'A D_ acts as it A ll. Pi:'l~h·fm!lin§.'\.ly 0W.U of the ~-p.h..ilL in maximuut photnaymbesis? . The ml~ tiSSIJ~ .of photons filll... "'. 6~ :'I'hlles an: il:l ('<:=Li."e has M chrcmosorres and a donkev (.. Which of the fbB owirrg . Rib:lwlJ1c C.. thsu br~ak dll'''''l gUL A.bdize :.'I1).To.'A1lL::h(X [he following wi II IC5'. Robert Hr:)"I.::n.)r~anlsms in their [llcr~il~:i:lI!g ~< body st'lrhI.::_~. because b 67 SomC:I'ime:!1 urea is ted to r)mlnlll~(s It works i)} A. B..irag IJoeTun i.hc of the Shining ~Lmligbt D.2 Mnl(l~ rc:mll fro.e was found to increase I n potenev .l1.)bi~illg ultruv iolet L(gIlt of [h. hy ants is by I~ . horse nnda do'Bk€'y~ Sb1l' wh ic..H(I'. their was '\_ B·.).!l.l~ Mules MIl! es Or 6-2ehromosornes [rnale/femule) C. Mule:> ~'~=1.~me? Aci(is '. ViflUil:.~i0na.bacteria ar~1l pel' unt volume Killing harmfili mic. C...1IEiore~. ..:~ Jn~.(.: lie.6S If the tntal n umber .: per minute is (~"PL constant.l}' Animals i. 11:0". 'TfL& \'81:l01. ilf gill[ nucrobcs "1h ~cllul~~ C D.ill!!: soleble nutrient.i1flnO't"tlct.!S(! I"IL m~IlIIS of .ds G2L1 heve cell walls nnd ~~ imah d:l not ~t![TaCI: Illi:Jpillg gro. .. B. GM 'lTIhilk~ developed in (he The basal n:etabc. rollnJ 31l~i:' (.t'<' '.RECT? are called ri h(!:Z}'ITI~~..' ipcr (8 pDisCJILOUS 5. B.*I~ tkl:1 Yisually oh:ser"'l~g :l(hcr~I1~" 6} i3i!1ckria can survive by absori...content iu the gut" 9i~c..h flt 'n~ [he following i~ lNCOH.::)in u cham bel' :lU10 rapid Ij reduced.. ~1"lX1l llght c_ Shi[lIJI!.l.!t''''i~8 lardmarzs ..R NA) ih~l! o.-.-1O!:~I"C. then 1.e. Hactena canaot iflgc~t parucles ~acterill but allim. 6: In 1670.'enom of tine :ilru~k. ~!1 i!lg 64 A I-<J. Animals have too ~ni"!] a as C:(ll1lp~roo to. [0 improve their belll!:l:.<J1~ll"lenutrients stimulating blocd cell proliferation 23 .I:. .!..1I.

i''''()r~ spec ics of dirfcrcut ~i.t in the .5c!..<)r!<.i111\!IC the . th. lh~ mrH.m .r .TillI1P i 5 CII!U:.t3 re'le~~e 0. . 2S~i '0.. Heat of le~rirr:rtDC1i1l is reta ined t-~[L'~r .~IIi~ gli'ogl. but fmln the S.:~..D. D. w(:n£ to a doctorand reported that both ofthem a~c [OJ .I()I-'I..Whiclii of the ti::l'Il(Jwir..ul 70 \V~rn a l:leJ~()n.. Mote in the 1.Bphkal ~ft.'JI p!lI.. Atlilete~ often expencnce muscle cJ'<lJnjn.11t:n k~rl in 7i. Et C tLl paper rip~m fa5t« th<lil ".. '1here is more blnod cireulation bf...s suffering from high fever." P)..le (. Ji~i:n~~ {him the ~I.O~~ crerup is caueed 1:0 ILOit~<.!Jk'rl tA} i'J re"e~ ".ed W!O!lf of Muscle cramp Is caused due to cemvcreon ac i<1 Itiro ~lllbmol in the cytopbml ".D.ersion fa j!'}"fuvate in the c.. I. pD~"ibk ro predict whichwould he.? 11pi:'1iI C absorb only 11: e ~ight u 69 Fruit WTlIoPPCQ uirbecause A.y . D.1dy""~rm There it.chi ld wou Id be 1l~fedb).B s!aIt!IlIl(.l~~~l per .lTlg theer i "earr ic(s" second child.p:-.[hcir first child ls su~erJJj:l. m".Iu~~ photosynthcsia Nul. C . B. What LS tile pro1ab~lilJ' (h!ll the nc .<:~..g~Ut.r... that !Ire ~kh Itl:li5 a redd~sh !inj"T(!.\. ]1~~u~ 1i. B. H H.I:I~umoum ~Il t::otfl do no!: .:lillmnphyits. l~te same Ji~(mk<! A.10% to til!': ~kil1 tu c. cut off from !he ~1'l~~CI1t oxygen wmicli is lUI rn couversioa i~L~Jle mjtnchrmdrla due pyn]1ii~ of inhibiror Lo fruit 'ip~JljL1g c. 10M 13.igO:I Ult~ procucc oxygeB B.~m811c:' O'l() RDLl81~ly 'hI.'I1Mt ['11 r C. Muscle .ci CIinto laetieecid Dr m'11lI~·jt uf the ITII it is:: ~@ll i'ied .c(I dlue ~.. ~arc itll!ih~ smaller 71 B~".he}' are ~xpe( :rilill~t~!> more hell.a:o.\ chem ical i~LIll" p~~r ~el!l~' fruit l'ipenLllg 1\ volatile subssaace produee] better and Ild.68 If YOLl compare ~IJLl1tS of two he~t.. j~ is SOmeL!rneS obser .cymph&lll MLls(..II11~dthat .II~q one th:il~ the . ill tba! t~ey d~l not one than mela..lIt ripl!il1 i Be.1~~~1 i::.·. 75% ..m~ is true about muscle cramps? A.fOt)s :i1is d JIAlPpl!m? /I. more hk'OJ circu heat from [he body ~1LtiOIi the skin keep tl\~ J./1 particular Jjsm{j]~r./ktl!st' r A~oIJPk.~fhrit IS by Muscl6 cramp is caused due tn conversior.~LU.unt (If faeces I-'rui. Wh..[ ~ I'I:d pil. '!'tI.l erioehlcrophylls arc phc!!o~yl1tll~1i~ pigments foand III phatowpHc' bacteria. ~1lI. acidinto lactic ~dc! in tJIC kldy >Ycigll'l would be .~Q<rn Lliiu di~()rr:lc.

.~W its 1(l.P<SOIl biNC 'lo1hil1g capillaries blood pressure aud b IQCKI (f:'Il110tlC pre:.j}. D. R. r}imulfid~ bend n The Il u.i s heat? 70 Toe o1i~~l1"'~ b~m"CCi1J two consecutive DNA base pairs ls r}.:' p..!~'I'..1I~ lipid mod ilk. Pho. B. Arterjul by CbYl1lotL.H 1).}.'lIb~ illll.rl!llc5 Ib.:r rl.~. ]fillll:' length of >.y seeds in wuter . mukl.S 111i1li(J1l D. acidic pH M the gut ~lbL~ll~ pressure C.tll<l' ."~~~'<.d!cr which of the following oomJi:inn:!lwill fluid IlolA' (fLiI lroul ll1Ccaplllaries into [he surrounding tissue? A.f 1fI~ pmrei n cleavage D. !3. A.ioQrl .7. Wh~n arterial blood pressure PI.L un? A.!l'iflgi£flS. 111 am. I..e~ are enrym~s Whi'::l~ tl:.. um's 01 nerve impulse D. Lmbibltk)lll R rni iti!ITI :.a. 27 R!:~riraLioif1 mis ..IJ{:ic~l>t:1" bond D. do they 8C. Mitosis ..'j'1I1(lSrllnC hi rum.>fId osmotic A. f~Jr u wl!Jll~ of day~.i..r.e i 11 sects When arterial blood ?re~lIre exceeds pressure \\I"h"'11 b~OJd osmotic ~l1crhl lslnod pressure isless than blood osmotic !3 equal tfI· 1:J1.ilh . sack full of p8dd. 6 rnilltoil c.l.l .emo:ry"Qgc!lcsis? I)!t cleave bond wth::tl one uSnssoc-ared ·.1iJ.d ooL ~1r capillaries itl s lisSllCS to c~l:. I:irictbll ~m{)T. D. 75 Conversion rnediateu by of tile lJt PWll>X~11 produced 11!1:! ~l..g seeds dum t'.. combinations of cell biological prr.1. ·clll.h~n.1 Of the f[!.JlI'.) swel Li~!g 8~ :E~1iI'J'JlL~theorder or the speed of" P~OP3~l'!tioTIlDf mn auiOiI ::-olentia' A.~nd Meiosis c.I.h.~LI~ It) do willi tile outtlcw ~rtluid frOITl 76 If r'Ju d iJl a.(~ I1I"IHli<:t11 :.L of (:l. C.llm"iEl!!.l ic Homl Hydror.i..e l'~ir:3 in dre chrornosome is ~p].h1.~ nutrients and waste materials.ry~""migh~and fhen kJ.1.M ITIn~.l. "'!haC g~nc. N glyoosio.' 1lJmll.~nl~. the I1tiD~I)~f "f I. C.j part cf blood i1".'l.'l\'I"Jl1.s 7] R.'i"(l~ i 1'1~it"'ll:i " A.llve fu~..~p ~t ou. u fee~s '..en bond [yr~.c~se.f A.1::~lrklj'-'JJ ~u(1on~!cl~s...I~ by BociHwi is .

a.lloog~ll eye lie quadrilarerals inscribed ill a crele Cit' . SUPI"-")'.~ .. 1 .!l..'Ii". C.. D.~ C. 7" 0. 41 fJ1(') .!.' r (y-ax-['W)x" dll 1l~~r. Fig.. rcOjll mber m !I1l<l n E N he: su:ch [btl.i... Fig...the l)()l}110Inial +r ..(UliS R . fit:\' ~ A. L~ r be 2Xl <I.1I1~Les equal to 120". . .b are real numbers such llL.--" ~< __ I ~. 1 '0 14()Ol)'-1 I .'< '. 4000. Lhe" the number of terms in t'he expansion havillq inte.... B... Wb'ich represerrs the curve 1flATHEl\'tATICS 2l Arrange the cxp::LI~~i'lJJ] of (rl.he poIYIi0rni. i~ 14 .ith one of ~ts .U~fficicnrs o~ the IIrst tih rec terms fi..'ut cd. .' 'ZR" C. (:If th~ j'oilorwing four Iigllre~ +~ .j!lg -o:ly' -ab)=O 7 .l E..0. p) can be (4000'..": the l:./"3 ff '1-.. 4" I " .'. C...1 ( s +'I)' Then (n.. / B.. \ .v I J S4 .. .1J:JJJ an 8J]"ijtitmeIic progress ion.._ 4000 > D_ Fj fi.:--.1'. consider the one wLrh 11l~)dJ'llIlm pCls~ihll? . powers 'of x.ILo:'il 1M. .a..Sl SUl1P03e a.CI' powers nfr ls A.) l' A. +2. 2 J more rhan J D_ --8:2. 3 D.<&.R. I J d[v k!e~ . I'" 4 I!<"...~p'~ It>: M"...A.. " 1 A_ fi.

ff! :. n are c>~ + l .~ " \ .. c-..1 . j IT fig. PR + 1 Pi: = . 1 2f.t") = f(:1.. ~1 4 25 9 c.~ following figure sllbQW!'ihe graph of :J! difft:rerlliabll:: t function / = !(x} .-fJ 89 .I~ ~1'3ril.' 3-" + 2" = 332. ~~~r.!".. .. xa. function sa(j~f}'in4 TliJe I: ths i'1. .l~ loiRe to.3 D..a . L~L V~ be th~ maximum Y()ILlm~ of the riuht circular CGT.~)) dx is .\S its apex.:'lf' }' = g(. ABC be a Lrl~ul#ell!rld j? be ~ poi.)i. Tbe """hl~ or the e:lip.. J C.~tl {jJ: ~ B. iFig. \Vhich of fh. intflBt~~ j.ol' .. 88 Th~ value M B. IjQ~'ltl .'i :3 D.ii T11I8 ~8riC'! ... '" I'ilii.Be . #~ ces 3 I <.11r'fl {J~ dt . 90 ~ B. is a possi IJ. [.11 -" . 19 D_ 21 .4 A. 8 D.. Fi:g . 8 6 Let VI bt:.' ot. 0-" t~i:lj I' +n2 bi .uch thiJI.[:wr. g(. 7 R l3 )1 c.. 4 2 C. is pamHellv (h~ ':1>.~S 5 ']':1..l cone Wb05~ apex ls () and whose has. follow jl~~..2 l(oos. 'f<.&. " m~ .3. /I 4 27 L\ S:' Let f : R -:) R be --+-.r)? Let A.~.nlil1Js'i&~ A. V2 ...~ssion A. #. 2.--~- flJl) = J:' + a b o 'if ccntin UCiUS 11. the \'()~IJ= ~)rIII b!:lV~ll right circular cone wi~h U~S lIe centre of the base and . fjg. LIt~ lrnerval [a" b] (not C()jl!ll~nU1g n 0). Th_ tile rati .r>r the ~8 e.iciJlsc~H~d iii [j]l~ ~i"'~I.) I x .. 2 C.~G of the giv<!'1l COI1l8. 4.. SIIPJl~~e m.c ~e~ of elcurcnts in the set S= {x E It : f (It) = O} Is D.h th. + 2. InUit ofAPC p!.

I dlstsnce travelled by the ball Iit'l to ~fLe 1O'himr3c[~ equal charges ·1 ({ are pla.·eigitL r)f: a~ oi:lJect placed j'it lih@.1'2 3.l(iLIC~"':lII' at t~~.J..vHfl. The '!. thr.) A. e'lti ~I'-'T on the f11~l'Ic:t'3 Slllrf1i.1~h irr"pild.riC D.leJl. 4-/ 1- f 4(.f 4Gl'~ rr.11 ?w which angular a pure i:t. ----.a restoring terce u~ ma~itu(!~ F(I'J.:lin be .~ 4-/ 4-. If the ball ~b1. at the Ilngm. [fltLjl.'.l" Uuifonn perfect :'ipl1o?~) is given by IS the distaucc cf'the three charges fbom [he "rigin? '1'J.anet 0LJ:lTllkre& one ru~ti(m ahom in <~xisin time T.UndB fwm the ~U.vertices or tfi~t1&le centred. . D. 1I'h~' arc weld ill cquihbrium by ...>:. larimde of 60·.:". Ji '1 D.J. hard m~='-J<:e.::y ~ll wiI the circultbehave L.sHy of th~ plar~t Consider the infinite ladder circuit shown below.!'.l. 1+ 14GT~ h 1.== 2L -/e .. 'W~. 4-2/ ].91 II ball is drop)". where k is a constant. Th8 rl~.I. D. uni1:y) ofits w~i~t recorded wi: iii.!!. r ~XUf(Le.111quilateral e ?' A..d \"~rli~~uly from a h~ight of h onto 8..!I fl':'ld'iDn . wlat is !I.'! 31.-Tz 32 . .J .= dtrected towards the {)l'i~ill.c~ h a -frac~ioitl/Vi~ close U-.:u\CC <. A uerta ill p.~[[".. of the ~peed with which i~ atrikes 1ne latteron G.-r l_l'i( fi.ffICC '. :::'h-I. 1-f 4(.

-Y "'1) 34 35 .V I _I j'. p parr AC is siv~n by v"V "'t·e:.!t .~l if'Js. much smaller (t~iIIllf<. til is process is :[given by C. The following statement i> true abnul the cj"'"Ck .'am.(II~hmt.. :~I' the amplltude "f o'jCil !f..+ fl) 2(.Vll i"..e g~"'<=rI below.J.:IQL!.lillt~c<at capaclry D_ n~oce LI) earry our 111C}-. C.. H(2. A[lid...11) 2(p -1} R(2.b'e L:>gi . y.~ - TJlD dfL~i011~y i~ £i"~rltr" 1 1 P. .[D(v~ V1) . C..ti~ precess described by P V' ill a 1'. .u-l) R{2. with hC. J __ 1'1/ Pll-\ L _I B.J-e that is dep.'illi. R ~i1.2 U ~ . D.<:lin the cycleis (1'1 . The diJ. wbere 0. I-anR ~ C.</ -10 1) 9~ An ideal ..fl) 2(":1-1·1) R(l+ 'I} 2(.c..= by V{x) - .J)/ I) V.mid~ (~f rnasa m uIHl~qi:(lC3 oocillL1iItiom..()!:.'looix. im~<.flg).d tlej~. b~' t triangle .e index jl at l11Io':lml incid cncc. wilh t:oOl1St. The h~t capacity oj the iJ.efisur.9. k a ~r~ coustauts.'[.!f.(P'V J .~I<I~Ssphere Q1 lMIi~:. A. 2 t~V! Net heat i:!b.. Cv = ~nR "2 is in A'~ of tm.:. abourx = j~ a potential ~i.~11 q~!~3ism. D_ . gmm by ._ l:.ri- 1'1. +--.:crom the outer eC.\i.'..en D:" f A. IV.. [iL" lilL'''.... dumg.ided ~'Il.~)~ dty llf constant volume oCl' ul~del""''. Tbe :!!ffkiell'.. 'I VL ) +:.~b~()rb~d.-V is gh'~n by ..95 AnDreJ"" parallel beam onigil(.w.•... i~u 1.. (.:.! L l'c_' .-\1 . frt]]S on ~ . u.! .hle~t .!_kc~ 2 ~J 0:)~['-:. period h. where ..

5.6C c.99 Twoldeatlcal particles of'mess In and cll~rge.J11l. c/ 4'.52 ~ ofoxalic <'Ic. or o 2 JlCcm'12 01-1 . 0 OS 1:\. . at i .c: type are heing added 1D the container per Ulilit [iI1LC.itlL a < J~~y constant ~. D.\her fralil .a a: 8. ~'.:i \'e(v' gre~.qare shot ~t ~dJ L. The dL5:(. dJftvdm. In addition.ity uI (hoe final sclunou and {he ~IT}i)UD.t disrance witu an iD. 1!1[...r? /1". ()_(~ N.IOOCf c Iosest eppmach of these charges is o CHElUSTRY ll}l '.t ot nxelie add (mg:inL) in {to(: wluthn ~r~ respectively of waicr..~.itilii] speedv.. 002 K.<.00 A1 time t = 0. c. 0_1.lDH~ D. H<..) r<Hlo. of ilU~ tn. 1()_00 c.tO:mS of the 8. ~ container h~~ (\'.~h""ii' !Wm.-fGc!'n'J2 A.. ofLhi~ mLLlL]{]IL was diluted 10 500 fILL The norma. ~. c numhcr. it. C'2°1- v.. q~ R~~crfli'll~ T1.Q~ 3. D..Jw J:illIjIL)' alum:. IJtut. ~ i ~.l< was disso lved in 1 Cl'J aL 10' ml . 0 1.6(1 a..vt ~I"~GH '.

= 25 .t) -) 131(}.o B2Hd_g) 3 01 (g.14. 7.-2:86kJ tilt [OJ ll'~fel!l~tjoll :l6k.1lt.!\!~)lli soiutlou 1:>[ MgCl.~~ shown in + 3I·h (3J --T R!H~ ([1. :510 k. W' D.~OJ The WJrl1bcr of possible enanticmerlc pairfs] prcduced from the bC{lfI)Li'._ LO? C_ 6. 9 . -. 11. I}Oi }.o » 1I)-1~..J 1Il~!l:1.\'i.(11 C.02~] 1')'" are. Ol (g) the --7 ~H~o. al whk[l the ~~ULU~lL-. 1<1di'l. H~O (8) 2 ..([j. R 2..l!C$ equilibrium [0:" l~i~Q.atior! of Tsnd H.. o c.{) (g) I\Jh~ 203 5 ~..1')>:.of il~.5· kJ mol' :md 2eO K 0 kI m~ll-r i1:JJ 300 K Diborml~ is [o. n kJ moL-1 <1m14)(1 K lOS -... (t» + 3 H.PBI~~ D.2 D_ 1.)RNaOH eolulion i~ added.<..11. rSj..T HP (L) ( L )i~ lOG A f[ ~1'uJLHQ'L(I) :: B (3) fmm !lie clements . A. O -I- (.The pH <rt which [JLCc:pit[tiLl'11IKl. 10 . of the uIli~ bb (g) + !.:'tH]O=44U 2B I 'r.5 s:J IlWl"' ani 4Q() K C.! .~L1JJ:lJ.. respectively.40" ._ 1.20 x 10)' B.·f~[SiiOr~f~ c.J.:5 U kJ rrrnl· r and . 1.: stsucture..2. respecu H~CHH~ H~C CH~ \'.I 1. ~I e A_ (Ii. The vohl.1 1]4 P"r t~o reaction A -~ B.'\.Q:).l Cl"J.B. B.Ji:.J~of 14IA pru ~~y~Jli7:1:3 ill the face ..1 ~~~ = -[:in u c.. C('.:~.u ~lJld the {Sif.LIn prd i~ A..) •••• .2 D_ Gi .. sn = 'l.::~ntl'ci cuii. The value of .rt~_·I\. is i. D 2.Ur~ it. 509 kJ 39 D.H5ri1H J .Ltr an .(I) 105 The sohibility product of Mg(OH}. (so) Ll.:J~qlj..lC. that en 1120 (1) -..) """""l~O.c(:Lur.:.. 0..lll(:. A.

tticula. If 1h~ molal freezing J:. n.i.iL1~ ~L~ll..G1etl. gceo.&1/\~ and 0 B:-.ldeLY'H 41 4(1 .O.109 Tho CrJ'~tJJ held Stabi 1iz:a~. 2 ts SO Two sludenrs are given two different doubl-e ~tr."..t' rhan fuM of !be b03~ cell. is lneufflclent drnw <lr1)' cD.. mtl.J11SHlI1t.JC.l~e /I.}1T_e[li BO~J. The information concluslou :9:c.iiU~ ~lOs( cells will DNA molecules nf ::. Of tn~e three alleles mle is recessi ve and the uther twn alleles exhibit co-dominencc. ten-fold B. -(Ull.f by 10% c.\ P.h tbiJi set of allel es? o.c mol" I t!~9n jn8 molarmass B.l!rLilked-(bld 112 lin A ~nlllti()1!1Jontaining S.0m~.mez.j.>I.[tl(>ll1 S ..L'I'!~)'~ 10% tig. molecule :0"'''C11 to studentB wOl!!id deI~~lLlte taster (haLl.J14 BM -2. thai otstudenr A UNA n~l)I~LlI:: gi~en to student A wou:d denature faster '. two-tokl h'.lll:mgth_ Theyore asked ro denature the DNA molecules by h('. W'lilch of the fbHi)..(>th the 1)111 mn lecules A rate WDUlJ denature at :h.9J:'i (I~e.::jllil.L'. and.:. ~li~ nN ..l!J.:llllJ~(!lM c.In nt:rl0' ((_JlSE) !lnd L~~~ E sp~n-ont! magnetic ml.rcspeenvely. to ~'. In a diploid organism. D.:.e seanc ~)O D..38...O g of 'llko1ine ill 92 ~ of w./I(i'~e.h~ {hal givc:l to ~tl.\ :p:h'CTl 1.I~(]~"~ B is '(A:G:I:C:: 12.C'? .85 A. BIOLOGY 11 1 A lsost I..J.~m:l.0 gll-lden~ /I.ili'I'<IS j (vi' ~~<.I?e~ below the ncnnal f..<.oim ~J1"C~~km . liM -2.lOLlt5_ Lf the gr{IWlll nne (If !~ b~I.jlm~ is ~.jlO'~'it1!~ compeskion of bases {A:G:T:C::35:15:3~:l. A_ UOA..n..-c.~ puinl ot 'W<lt.~ c freezes 0 .j) while Hrn~:!i:i~<::::r.LI.~33}. 01' iii CQ~in~ is s: jU 3 c_ 4 D.. K: .el!' . 1':.he.::~l"l K)[Fe(CNhJ ~. ~Yl1. after io geneeunnns of 11'lcl1QS~cell the density ttf bil. s (r1. How many pll<l[lDtj'jH':'s are possible wi.{ji D. UNA. has the f... there are three differentalleles for a pa.M>llll(:~nn lU!'>1j fu~ in (h~ (.1.

--.JI):~ DNA acids Il.. Cit a single ml..\.sp01S Based a p~O'1.n: Consider ."ing dm:e. is pnsd")l~ hecauso .114 The amino .i:!.-.~.~" r 4] ji{lle on blnc with ~3Ik bk'~@.ti(>rl of ~itlglclmdoo6&e between 10 ~ild 1.15..~en~. <.e Il6 WtlJ. [2] pale brown lA'jr.I oo¢ing ~~q...~colors: [1] while '.iJ:L can code for the same amino ru:i(Js UKA codons S._'J_: Deletion of 1J!UC1~otiJI.4 ~~(!. 213 4 5 6 7 8 8 LO 11 . j~ ~ substretc lR S and = 1'2 +E PI + 1'2.rd tn the acids PI.!._\_-j_. () C.<:l uel'J[::~~ {If .c. E ~ 'S D C..( an Cl17. ·.. C-1U code tor multiple amino 117 rour specles Qf bi.A 1S .hmL~ than the full-kngth protem? ..V!m~ (urer~nl eucleonccs a!)1ill!1 D E -r- Pl + P2 -r E second pcstuon can '-'LNl~ for the same cOOl:'J:1l.lI1-'> the results (.A Sl~qlJ=::.a locus wrth lwu 1!1I~1~.)..)'[[Wlk reacrion? Enzysnc PmJu(..-. A ~n~l a. ~!a'.. AT A. So ceep I."'fl~ IlDle'? B. 1 42 43 . Y) sr~if'k..<I..dl of 110 foUnwi:L@: correlltly r<+'M:. ~l~rLhLf Irom ~"<)8iti.:.. aequenoe (5' _._A_ _. F + Sa s ~_ DNA codons C.on.:] <1 .rds have d:ff"'-lLZLt~e.'ith [1._A_. l\. D.A.renc miclcotl d~ i[~Hle ~h:.13 Insestion I_G_..julliMum? B.<)ID::~nequence s does DoL Jt'p~HI·(>t1 D .t:~ with dark streaks ~!ld spo.mkaL This..I_C_''_.ICC!1 .1 ectide between ::.--r-- ~til color. W~ti8 the f~eqll:::ncy of A under ganl)'-Wciub~rg &.zs C_ 0_5 ·D..!< bacterlul [JiiJ~i n 81m '" ~ human protein carrymg out sltnil1!irfunction are found [0 he 6O%idelLl[:. tl1vPi.i.__A_'__... Ilowevcr.g~.~£ arc p~ &. 1'1 + 9.1. + P2 -eQ POSi.12 13 H .. part of s~. I G_. P2 A. ich h is DH)sl L!kdy 'l<.-.... 2 Co 3 D. If the fr¥q=cy 0:._'_\_.'l. L~] gre~'·hown 11 5 T1l~ ~MJl:tiD.--. I n~(.--r-'--..fA ~egu=~s of ~c: genes coding :'Or these proteins are only 4:5% id.. o.~ngDNA.__('_' . WhiclJ of lh~ n)L!(lwiJlg llLU~:JIUOllS will give rise [C a proteinthat i8 .___T_.-'!lm. 1'[.1 ~_o markings..J nest in..--r--r--.J.

~!l~r.l'iL'li taller. Il_ Ih~. the spots next Y."1:0\>{([ more apart than tile twa spots Rt the bortom llJi": k.dl:we~"d!rotj? KOUGH" WOEl( A / c Sugar I ! v Ull You marked two in'(-q'!I)-~ ~lfI~.)I'r'Iit'..) ~Her ~8t "tlJe ~lI!£8r a"...m ~~!>S 1\p.1 I cvels ~ -axis) ill the body as ~.l. you will :.I...l"<IT . 45 .e same extent both sets of ~[2I('It~ r~111~il:l m~-~ltt=reJ.W<1 :. W ~hal tLH two ~PlliB SrO[S have CD both sets of grown a:p~rt to tr. 1ij Which or (ll€ mlLowblg gr~]J1J~ oocuratclv IC~"=lS lhc in~l:.) 'tQt[~m h"l> tp"yS have g:rQl.g'th~ h.<)tl\ll Hee and also at 1h~ ~(Jp r f th"...pnt~ at the to) have 1. run~li(~n of tirm: ir (X-axil.:ig!lt at thebase of <lI:'Oo.<::t> A. tree..en yuu ~"'~. the tree ~'l~~ gi1:.


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