So hopefully you can take any first line, any second line and any third line and

it’ll make you an interesting Haiku. Let me know if you find anything that really doesn’t make sense, and if you fancy contributing your own, just write it as a comment and if it works I’ll stick it in! [10 versions of 3 lines = 10x10x10. So here we have 1000 haikus. If I added another 10, we’d have 8000 Haikus!] Have fun! T.A.Wingfield

1st line: This is a lonely man, Spiders leak from corners, Sunbeam calls for day, Green ivy branches, So never look back; She imagines life: Rocks start to rumble, Three blind mice wander, Why do infants cry? Choices seem endless,

2nd Line: moving slowly through the mist, light catches dark line shadows, trickling down from the staircase, dirt stained fingers crawl along. (it’ll chill you to the bone) she’s sitting in her bedroom, [voices: “come, humble ones”] subtle noises echoing. with expectations so small, - gravity always pulling 1

3rd Line: tear-drop trail is left. the last day has come. “please remember me”. tearing through concrete. the cracks start to show. her sigh fills the room. this history sticks. a cat waits crouching. time breaks down the door. please, read a little...

Night leeches language,

windshaking empty branches,

Owl hoots at shadows

1. Contributed by The Jotter

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