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Boosters and Corporate sponsors are a great

way to get the Power Plus 2 edge for your school. They will be highly appreciated and become legends in the school community for decades.

Boosters and Corporate Sponsors are a valuable part of any team. They love being a
part of what it takes for their team to win games. The Power Plus 2 can assure them that they will directly be making the maximum impact. Boosters/sponsors should be appreciated and remembered. Thats why we will gladly place a customized plaque right on the PP2 at no charge.

The Power Plus 2 is so exciting and new, that

there will also be media attention for most of first schools in a conference or city to have the edge that the Power Plus 2 provides for their team, their athletic program and the entire school community.

Power Plus 2 Fundraiser

Power Plus 2 has created a unique and exciting way to easily raise a large sum of money for your program. Its called the Power Plus 2 lift-off. Its a simple Two-Person Team Lifting event and goes like this Lets say 50 players/lifters gather pledges of one dollar per pound each. It can be gathered in increments of a nickel or dime per pound, times 10-20 donors to equal the one dollar per pound. This would raise your program at least $25, 000.00 dollars. No more car washes, sales etc Amounts raised are directly tied to how many lifters, the amount they can raise per pound, and the number of pounds they can TwoPerson Team Squat. Average high school Two-Person Squats can be 500 to 1,000 lbs. Below you can see some other examples of monies raised per commitment to each player with only 50 lifters. You can do one every year! 50 Players average 1.00 per pound-lift 500 pounds= $25,000.00 50 Players average .75 per pound-lift 500 pounds= $18,750.00 50 Players average 50 per pound-lift 500 pounds= $12,500.00

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