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Obama Ballot New York Challenge

Obama Ballot New York Challenge

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Published by Pamela Barnett

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Published by: Pamela Barnett on Jan 25, 2012
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NE'V YORK STATE COURT OF APPEALS Preliminary Appeal Statement

Pursuant to section 500.9 of the Rules of the Court of Appeals

l. CAPTION OF CASE (as the parties should be denominated in the C0U11 Appeals): of STATE OF NEW YORK COURT OF APPEALS

Christopher-Earl: Strunk, H. William Van Allen, Appellant! Petitioner


New York State Board of Elections Et aL Appellee I Respondent

[~Br.jYORK §1"/4,1fIE COURT QfF ;:\~21tPEALU3'

2. Name of court or tribunal where case originated, including county, if applicable: New York State Supreme Court County of Kings LA.S. Part 27 3. Civil index number, criminal indictment number or other number assigned to the matter in the court or tribunal of original instance: 2011-6500 and 200flj-;? 9'& 'I~ 4. Docket number assigned to the matter at the Appellate Division or other intermediate appellate court: 2011-11561 2nd Dept. 5. Jurisdictional basis for this appeal: ~_Leave to appeal granted by the C0U11 Appeals or a Judge of the C0U11 Appeals of of ~_Leave to appeal granted by the Appellate Division or a Justice of the Appellate Division ~_CPLR 5601(a): dissents on the law at the Appellate Division ~_CPLR 560 l(b)( I): constitutional ground (Appellate Division order) ~';_CPLR 560 I(b )(2): constitutional ground (judgment of court of original instance) ~_CPLR 560 I(c): Appellate Division order granting a new trial or hearing, upon stipulation for judgment absolute ~_CPLR 560I(d): from a final judgment, order, determination or award, seeking review of a prior nonfrnal Appellate Division order ~.;_Other (specify) Deadlinefor DemocraticParty Primarystarting 2/14/12 candidate ira , rfJ (lI().'~l£ NY~ B/l-lloT PO/CAS CI1I-J 0,011- ri - /.jOy It NlfrlA~ff-L 6. How this appeal was taken to the Court of Appeals (choose one) (see CPLR 5515[1]): 8 C;liA) C ,TI l::FAJ

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