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VISION STATEMENT To determinate the food and beverage market I India with a distinctive ranged Tasty but healthy

Britannia brands, to triple the turnover and operating Income by the year 2011. MISSION STATEMENT Every third customer must be Britania customer by the year 2011. For Britannia colors represents Red: Symbolizing energy and vitality. Green: Nutrition and freshness. White: Purity. Eat healty, think better Captures the essence of the Indian concept of the unity of body and mind. Britannia industries ltd The company principle activity is the manufacture and sale of biscuits, bread, rusk, cakes and dairy products like cheese, buttur and milk. The brand names of biscuits include vita Marie Gold, Tiger, Nutri Choice Junior and Good Morning. Biscuits and high protein food accounted for 81% of fiscal 2002 gross revenues. Dairy Products,12% Bread,4%Cake&Rusk2%,and other 1%. Britannia Industries Limited People: Non Executive Chairman Chief Operating Officer Chief Executive Chief Financial Officer Nusli N.Wadia Nikhil Sen Vinita Bali N.Shridhar

The Company was incorporated on 21st March, as a public limited company under the Indian Companies Act, VII of 1913. In 1921 Company obtained a priority of certificate and imported new machinery thereby becoming the first biscuit company in India to install and run a gas oven plant. A new factory was established at Kasara Pier Road in Mumbai in the same year, the company become a subsidery of peek, Frean & Co.Ltd .,a leading biscuit manufacturing company and further strengthned its position by expanding the factories at Calcutta and Mumbai.From1939 to 1945,large Part of the Company production was diverted to war effort on account of World War II and at time as much as 95% of the total capacity was booked for the production of Service Biscuit. Company issued 19,779 Equity shares to acquire the Delhi Biscuit Co.Ltd. In August 1,53,234 Bonus equity shares issued in the proportion 1:1 in now, company is having good value all across India. Britannia is the market leader in the organized biscuit & bakery product market in the India Biscuits contribute to more than 80% of Britannias total turnover

portfolio. The portfolio was expanded with the launch of butter, pure, flavered milk in tetra packs and UHT milk. Background Britannia wasin corparated in 1918 as Britannia Biscuits Co ltd in Calcutta., in 1924. Exports of seafoodss started in the 70s.In 1987, Nabisco, a well-known European food company, acquired ABI. In, 1989, J M pillai, a Singapore based NR1 businessman along with the Groupe Danone acquired Asian operations of Nabisco,thus acquiring controlling stake Britannia. Later Group Danone & Nusli Wadia took over Pillais holdings. In 1977, the Government reserved the industry for small-scale sector which constrained. It has also forayed into the Dairy Business with the launch of Cheese, Butter, Ghee, Dairy whitener and flavored milk products. Mile stones: 1892 Inception as a small house manufacturing biscuits in central Calcutta with an investment of Rest.295. 1897 The Gupta Brothers acquired the business and moved the operations to Dum Dum ,a suburb of Calcutta, under the name of V.S.Brothers. 1918 An English businessman C.H.Holmes joined as a partner. 1918 _ The BIL Biscuits Company (BBCo)was registered. 1924 _ BBCo established its second factory at Mumbai. 1954 _ BBCo acquired the Delhi Biscuit Co and began the manufacture of sliced and Wrapped bread in Delhi. 1961 _ The production of bread was started in Mumbai. 1967 _ The company set up a fourth factory for the manufacture of biscuits and bread in Chennai. 1971 _ BBCo diversified into seafood. Plant locatiopns Britannias plants are located in the locations in the 4 major metro citiesKolkatta,Mumbai,Delhi and Chennai. A large part of products are also out sourced From third party producers.Dairy products are out sourced from three producersDynamix Dairy based in Baramati, Maharastra, Modern Diary at Karnal in Haryana and Dairy products at Howrah in West Bengal. Business Britannia core business constitute of Bakery and Dairy products. Bakery products account for 90% of the revenues and include Biscuits, Bread and Cake & Rusk. Dairy products contribute to 10% of Britannias annual turnover of Rest.13.38bn.Buscuit sales in value terms registered a 13.2% you growth. Britannia has a 40% volume share and 48%value market share in the organized biscuit market.

The company presently has an installled capacity of 111,000 tons for biscuits. Production in FY01 was 59657 tons against 62034 tons in FY00.Over 70% of biscuits sold are out sourced by the company.It hs also launched biscuits like Vita MarieGold , Nutri-Choice etc,under the health positioning. Bread(4.6% of turnover) Britannias bread business has been gradually degrowing year after year.Bread sales at Rest.420mn accounted for just 4.6% of turnover in FY01,against 5.7% of turnover in FY00. The company sold 42450 tons of bread in FY01,a volume of 9.4%yoy.The company has installed capacity of 12000 tons. Dairy products The companys diversification into dairy business has been fairly successful. Dairy products sales were Rs.1.3bn in FY)!.This company has relaunched all its dairy products under the MilkMan brand name.Britannia has invested Rest.58.3mn in the equity of Dynamix Dairy in FY01.The dairy products is proposed to be divested into a Joint Venture with the New Zealand Dairy Boards Fonterra Cooperative.Britannia hopes to gain from the R&D support as well as access to the international product portfolio of the JV partner. Cake & Rusk(2% of turnover) Cake & Rusk sales were Rs.271mn(2% of sales)in FY01.Volume growth was 2.6%yoy with sales of 3082 tons In value terms, sales grew by 12%yoy. Table

Dairy products are the new focus area for Britannia. In FY98 it contributed a mere 4.5% turnover. However, by FY01 this contribution has reached a sizable 10% of turnover. Category in good health: The 11 percent growth in Britannias net sales for 2003-04 compares favourably with that of most other FMCG companies. Affordable pricing has helped the biscuit category register double-digit volume growth past couple of years. Future: Britannia industries Limited seemed to be doing something radical by venturing into totally new areas, while this puzzled many,some