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Instructional Leadership

Instructional Leadership

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Published by Arfa Irfan

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Published by: Arfa Irfan on Jan 25, 2012
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Instructional Leadership

Presented by Arfa Irfan

General structure of a school Principal Teachers Administrative Staff Students .

. It is a key contributing factor for y successful change y school improvement y school effectiveness.Importance of Leadership y It is widely assumed that school leadership directly influences the effectiveness of teachers and the achievement outcomes of students.

‡ Process or act of Instruction teaching ‡ Education ‡ A person who Leadership rules. guides or inspires others .

y Top down approach .y It as an approach to leadership that emphasizes "the behaviors of teachers as they engage in activities directly affecting the growth of students". y The principal is hip deep in To be more specific Principal Teacher Student every activity that will result in an effective teacher.

.I chose this model because«. y New wave of global technology y Sometimes the students are ahead of the teacher because they have access to unlimited information y It acknowledges the role of a teacher in a student·s life.

There is more to teaching than meets the eye y It is about infusing curriculum content with appropriate instructional strategies that are selected in order to achieve the learning goals the teacher has for his or her students. they create powerful cognitive environment and teach the students how to be more productive. . y Successful teachers are not expert presenters y Rather.


Principal·s role 1. . 3. measurable goals that are focused on the academic progress of its students. Coordination and control of instruction and curriculum Promoting a positive school learning climate 2. Ensure that the school has clear.

Principal·s general activities y Demonstrates skills or models of teaching y Classroom simulations y Structured and open-ended feedback y Coaching for application (hands-on. . in-classroom assistance with the y y y y y transfer of skills and strategies to the classroom) Work to improve weaknesses and address academic problems Solve problems with teachers when there are challenges to learning in a particular classroom Inform teachers about possibilities to update their curricular knowledge and instructional skills. Collaboration and peer coaching Vigilant about disruptive student behavior in classrooms.

µ ´When a teacher brings up a classroom problem. I take the initiative to discuss matters.µ ´I inform teachers about possibilities for updating their knowledge and skills.µ ´I pay attention to disruptive behavior in classrooms.How an instructional principal talks ´When a teacher has problems in his/her classroom.µ . we solve the problem together.

They are the ones that are going to help move me along the path of instructional excellence. I think that he knows what he¶s talking about«when I sit down and talk with him about an observation that he has made.µ . He is not going to tell me I have to be on this page on this particular day doing this particular grade-level expectation or this has got to be my learning target. the suggestions that he gives. I don¶t have to be in lock step. I know are from experience and I can trust them. It would not surprise me if he were walking in one day and could take over my classroom without skipping a beat. [He gives the message that] I¶m going to force you in a positive way to become better. the questions that he asks. He is not going to mandate that I teach a particular way. So he is not just a principal in name. but I¶m going to allow you to bring your own personality into the classroom and make that happen. But then on the flip side.How a teacher would describe his/her principal ´He knows his stuff. he also allows me to be the professional that I have been trained to be. but he knows what he is talking about.


frank with their questions .Climate y Principal is either hero or heroine y Trust y High expectations y Experimentation y Appreciation y Everyone has an eye on everyone y Informal communication y Staffroom is noisy y Students are open about their opinions.


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