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To, The Director/Principal, Subject: Call for Paper for the International Journal to be published for year 2012

Centre for Promotion of Multidisciplinary Research (CPMR) is based in India. It was established in 2011 to promote research in the area of Business Management, Information Technology, Media Studies, Evaluation Studies and other contemporary disciplines in social science. CPMR seeks to bridge the gap between academic research and industrial research. It provides a platform for discussion among academicians and industrial experts. CPMR addresses the growing demand for outcomes-based accountability primarily for nonprofit organizations. It provides consultancy services for program evaluation and Logic Modeling. Across the world there is increased awareness and demand for documentation and evaluation of projects by funding agencies stakeholders and the policy makers. Governmental and private funding agencies demand clear evidence that the projects they fund produce measurable outcomes. With the aim of turning it into one of the leading research society of India, CPMR has started publishing Opinion: International Journal of Business Management. ISSN: 2231-5470 and CPMR-IJT: International Journal of Technology. ISSN: 2250-1827. The objective of the Journals is to encourage researchers from various universities and technical institutions/colleges to take up research, & inspire new researchers who may like to enter different research areas. The submissions are peer reviewed to maintain the research standards. It would provide a forum for academicians as well as practitioners to put forth their thoughts, experiences, research findings and encouraging interactions through the print media. The Journals published would cover all contemporary, functional & inter disciplinary areas of Management and IT. We extend cordial invitation to you and your colleagues to contribute original research papers for the next issue of this Journal. The last date for submission of paper is 30-04-2012.

Regards, Hemant Kumar, (Editor) IT Consultant Website: Email: