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1. Hitchikers guide to welding 2. Types of welding 3. ESAB the King-Kong of the welding world 4. ESAB's projects 5. Outro 6 . Bonus!

1. Hitchikers guide to welding

WHAT IS IT? It s the process of joining metals by melting the parts together WHERE AND WHEN IS IT USED? It s indirectly connected with almost every industry but essence of welding remains in contruction ind.

2. Types of welding
over 100 different types The most common ones: a) Arc welding MMA & SAW (manual metal arc & submerged arc welding) aligator clips combined with welding rod and high current

b) MIG & TIG (metal inert gas & tungsten inert gas) used for stainless steel or aluminum while TIG uses welding rods, MIG uses a spool of continuously fed wire c) Automated (robotic) welding a machine or robot performs the welding tasks while monitored by a welding machine operator.

3. ESAB the King-Kong of the welding world

stands for Elektirska SvetsniingsAktiebologet wich translated means Electroslag welding. century old company from Sweden; founded by Oscar Kjellberg has 30 manufacturing facilities all over the Globe the company produces consumables and equipment for virtually every welding and cutting process and application.

Oscar Kjellberg

4.ESAB's projects
the main goal is to simplify, hasten, and improve quallity of large variety of processes such as: Railtrac a semi-automatic process using flux-core wire fed into the arc Strip cladding a solution used for lining tanks Robot welding tendon robot with a single MAG robot

The hybrid laser welding company's most advanced technology; combines laser and MIG & MAG gas shielded welding P . Dyberg, deputy process and application manager says: It combines the benefits of both and goes some way to counteracting the disadvantages

5. Outro welding today, tomorrow and the day after

The world as the technology and consumerism grow into these obnoxious complex monsters, so does the demand for fast and quality welding welding is considered a mature industry, but it is definetly still a growing one, with growth procentage hitting about 6 % per year

The homeland nothing sparkly about welding in Croatia very poor working conditions low salary (ranges from 9 - 15k $ while in Canada 40 - 80k $ ) unlike many European country's, welding doesn t have privileged worktime in our beloved Croatia