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Characteristics of Fourth Generation Computers:       Use of large scale integrated circuits Increased storage capacity and speed.

Modular design and compatibility between equipment Special application programs Versatility of input/ output devices Increased use of minicomputers

 Introduction of microprocessors and microcomputers Characteristics of Fourth Generation Computers 1. Fourth generation computers are microprocessor 2. Fourth generation computers are very small. 3. Fourth Generation computers are the cheapest among all other computer generations. 4. Fourth generation computers are portable and quite reliable. 5. Fourth generation computers do not require air conditioning since they generate negligible amount of heat. 6. Minimum maintenance is required for Fourth generation computers since hardware failure is negligible for them. 7. The production cost of Fourth generation computers is very low 8. GUI and pointing devices enables users to learn to use the computer quickly. 9. Interconnections of computers leads to better communication and resource sharing. 10. Fourth generation computers are very powerful than previous generations and can easily do more calculation or can run more programs at a time and for more hours. based systems.