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Presented by Ch.Vasanthi V.Ramya N.Prasad V.Santosh Kumar K.Hari Krishna

This paper proposes algorithm for iris segmentation, quality enhancement, match score fusion and indexing to improve both the accuracy and the speed of iris recognition. A curve evolution approach is proposed to effectively segment a non-ideal iris image using the modified MumfordShah functional. Different enhancement algorithms are concurrently applied on the segmented iris image to produce multiple enhanced versions of the iris image. An intelligent fusion algorithm combines the textural and topological matching scores to further improve the iris recognition performance and reduce the false rejection rate, whereas an indexing algorithm enables fast and accurate iris identification.

What is iris?

Comparison with other techniques

 Face recognition  Fingerprint recognition  Voice recognition  DNA

What is segmentation?

What is enhancement?
The Support Vector Machine quality enhancement algorithm identifies good-quality regions from different globally enhanced iris images and combines them to generate a single high-quality feature-rich iris image.

What is matchscore fusion?

What is indexing?
To improve the identification performance, we proposed an iris indexing algorithm.

 It is an internal organ that is well protected against damage and wear by a highly transparent and sensitive membrane.  Patterns are individual.  Even though using sunglasses or contact lens iris works effectively.  Patterns are easy to capture and encode.

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