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OSPF Used mostly between inner and outer .

Also DR to inner R1,ABR, ASBR 5 main packet types: Hello, Database description, link-state request, linkstate update, link-state acknowledgement. -Link state database is where you would want to filter in ospf -Type of areas: normal, stub area(default), totally stubby area(one abr to area 0), backbone (normal but knows about other areas), NSSA, Totally NSSA. Troubleshooting Adjacency is not coming up Show ip ospf neighbor Show ip ospf interface Debug ip ospf BGP STP Wireless Voice IP subneting Training/Cert

Looking glass routers scroll down to route servers where you can telnet to a live Cisco bgp router and view the complete BGP table. Cisco360 (netmasters) IEMentor Netmasterclass