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ECE 3040 Microelectronic Circuits Exam 1 September 19, 2011 c : Print your name clearly and largely: Do 1u tion Instructio 1. Closed book, closed notes. You are allowed to use I sheet of notes (single side, letter size) as well as a calculator, Show all work in order to receive full credit for your answers. Incorrect answers ‘may be awarded partial credit when appropriate. CIRCLE YOUR FINAL ANSWER WITH THE PROPER UNITS INDICATED. ‘Write legibly. If cannot read it, it will be considered a wrong answer. Do all work on the paper provided. Clearly indicate which problem you are solving on each page. Turn in all scratch paper, even if it did not lead to an answer, There are 10 pages to this exam, including the cover sheet and 3 blank pages. There are 100 total points in this exam. Observe the point value of each problem and allocate your time accordingly. Good luck! Part 1:( 30 points) Multiple Choice and True/False Circle the letter of the most correct answer: 1.) (2-points) True orfFalse}) Ionized acceptors are positively charged. 2.) (2-points) True orFalse:) Drift current results from movement of electrons and holes in response to carrier concentration gradient. 3.) (points) True or False} Doping an intrinsic semi decreases the hole concentration 4.) (2-points) Truejor False: If Magnesium (Mg is group 2 element) is used to dope GaN (Ga is group 3, N is group 5), a p-type semiconductor will result if the Mg replaces a Ga atom. 5.) (@-points) True or False? For a semiconductor in non-equilibrium, if low level injection prevails, all carrier concentrations approximately equal to the corresponding carrier concentration in equilibr 6.) (2-points) True or False} A heavily doped semiconductor material has higher resistivity than the intrinsic semiconductor material. mductor material with acceptor Select the best answer: 7.) G-points) A heavily doped n-type semiconductor block is connected to a battery. Which of the following is true: a.) There is no net current in the block. (.) Electrons carry most of the current. ¢.) Holes carry most of the current. 4.) None of the above is true. 8.) (-points) Which of the following is true: a.) For the same semiconductor material, mobility of electrons equal to the mobility of holes. b.) Mobility of electrons or holes does not change from material to material ¢.) Effective mass is always less than the mass of an electron in vacuum, (d.) Effective mass takes into account many difference forces acting on the cai otherwise not be present in free space. ier that would 9.) (3-points) Which action below can create an energy band a.) doping donors Ee ‘b.)) doping acceptors .) increase temperature Ej 4) decrease temperature Ey Ey 10,)@-points) In steady state: 2.) The number of electrons equals the number of holes. b.) No net current can flow. .)) The time rate of change of the system is zero, 4.) The minority carrier concentration can not change from position to position. 11.) G-points) For the electron and hole shown in the following band diagram circle all that are left right true. a.) The electron will move to the right 1b) The hole will move to the right (©) The electron will move to the left @) The hole will move to the left e.) There is net current flow in this device £)_ The device is not in equilibrium 12.)(-points) The valence band.. 2) nis mostly filled with electrons »,) mostly empty. ¢.) higher in energy than the conduction band. @) mostly filled with valence electrons, Part 2: (25 points) Short Answer (“Plug and Chug”) For the following problems (13-15) use the following material parameters: el4.em" 17 om” donors Na=lel8 om” acceptors. m,'=0.2m, 2m, Effective density of states: No=3.75e24 em? Ny=5.51e25 em” Electron mobility, j4= 900 cm’/Vsee Hole mobility , 1, = 10 m?/Vsec Temperature= 150 degrees C 13,)(10-points) Assuming total ionization, what is the electron and hole concentrations and is the material p or n-type? o- Na-Np 4 |ila~ Np