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UNIT TWO: AUDIO NARRATIVE Essential Questions What is good writing? How does medium affect meaning?

g? Can a story make an argument? What kind? R 1/26 Read: Chris Dillon, Mepps Aglia #1 (in Fresh Writing); Someone to Lean On (PDF in email); Anne Fadiman, Marrying Libraries (PDF in email) Listen and Read: David Sedaris, Go Carolina (audio file in email, text on e-reserve); Ivory Harlow, Peace Begins with One Person (link from course website); Sample Audio Narratives (audio file in email) Write: Brainstorm 2-3 topics for your Audio Narrative and post these ideas on the course website; respond to at least one of your classmates ideas **Please bring in your computer today to experiment with recording software Read: Anne Lamott, Shitty First Drafts (e-reserve); Tips to Ensure a Good Quality Audio Recording and Narrative Techniques for Digital Storytelling (links from course website) Write: Respond to post on course website about your writing process; Draft your Audio Narrative in writing & email as a Word Document attachment (Name_NA_draft.doc) to by Thursday, 2/2 at midnight Read: Anwar F. Accawi, The Telephone (e-reserve) Write: Bring in a draft of your Audio Narrative for peer review **Final Draft of Audio Narrative due at midnight; send an email to with the following attachments: Audio File as an mp3 (Name_NA.mp3) Script as Word Document (Name_NA_script.doc) Reflection piece as Word Document (Name_NA_reflection.doc)

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T 2/7 Sunday 2/12