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Erlangs vs Kb/s

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Erlangs vs Kb/s

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VVV - 30th March 2010 (08:12 GMT)
How to convert Kbytes to Erlangs

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Luigimex - 25th November 2002 (15:31 GMT)
Hi, great forum, Erlang is oriented to Voice therefore first step is to calculate how many channels you need to support 2.88 Erlang, my calculation gives 7 circuits (2.2 Erl @0.01). One call using VOIP is 24 Kbps (depending in your codecs for compression), then Kbps could be: 24 Kbps* 7 = 168 Kps. Then based on this you can convert to Ethernet packets. Comments or corrections are welcome

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Ali Hammad Akbar - 25th November 2002 (06:02 GMT)
I am in NUST, Pakistan. Question: How can we possibly relate a traffic load of 2.8 Erlangs to bps or Packets/sec on ethernet [Packet Size = 1500 Bytes and MAX data rate of 10 Mbps]? I mean that Erlang is basically a PSTN traffic unit. In order to map it to data networks, we need to know certain information as Analog-to-Digital Encoding scheme, interpacket delay etc. Can somebody help? Thanks Ali

nasir - 12th June 2002 (05:20 GMT)
how to relate between GoS with Erlang.

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Radhakant Das - 23rd April 2002 (10:57 GMT)
Thanx Nil, for your comments.But I asked about the maxm. or 100% capacity of a signalling link

Nil - 22nd April 2002 (15:30 GMT)
Asha Talk >>

SIP Trunks with routing

Radhakat Das, I think you may be allocating too many channels for your systems if you assign 2 erlangs for 64kbps data rates. My primary reasoning is that the Rx direction is not nearly as loaded as the Tx direction.

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12/23/2011 12:37 AM

so the system tries to keep the channel occupied without having services wait too long before being Erlang VoIP >> serviced. wholesale and retail VoIP Nil calling. average packet length.And I have never come across any sort of overloading or congestion after engireeing the systems on this concept. Powerful reseller control panel. is 0. Please restrict your postings to open discussions.10th April 2002 Our new service designed specifically for Call Shop SIP termination. I'm looking at it from a GSM traffic point of view. So when allocating erlangs for data at a specific data rate the channel Very low SIP rates for usage has to be taken into consideration.erlang. The traffic loading will most likely be less than 100%. As an example. But there is a good chance that the sytem will not have enough requests to keep this channel busy all the time. queueing. businesses and home users. give Ur comments? Eric . depending on your pricing / quality priorities. From what I've read.Can U pl.8 erlang a reasonable value fo QoS factor .95 erlang.Most suppliers recommend that you don't dimension above 80% of the total capacity. Supports IP-PBXs such as Asterisk. data packets will be assigned an order in a particular channel based on service session duration.9th April 2002 (08:18 GMT) Nil. which was on a timeslot of capacity 64kbps then Erlang = X/64 you may also want to additionally factor in a QoS measurement. if you have two signalling links you might might to consider redundancy. 1Erlang in Tx direction at 64Kbps rate & 1Erlang in Rx direction at 64Kbps.. so would never run them at above 0. UK direct route with CLI. Choose from three tariffs. in that you dimension them upto 40% of their capacity. DUAL Talk >> Nil.The Qos or Gos (Grade of service) will ensure that if I have peaks in traffic there will be sufficient capacity available. In reality. 44Mobile >> Nil . Radhakant Das .11th April 2002 (16:54 GMT) Nil.8 erlang = 80% of 64 =~51k Other messages Other messages: [Next 10 >>] Post a reply to this article Important notice This forum is rapidly turning into a document exchange medium.Erlang is measure of 'occupancy' so Erlang = usage / capacity So if you measured X kbps on a sig link. Could you tell me a bit more about the QoS factor? Why would you put this factor in for QoS measurement? So that you account for QoS queries or agents to run on the system as well? Also. 44Direct >> Eric . Thanks. Requests for documents are now being removed from this forum. It was intended as an area for open discussion. 2 of 3 12/23/2011 12:37 AM . service priority..htx?thread=399 And also that you are not using the 64 kbps on the Rx or Tx side continuously. Call shop VoIP >> (15:23 GMT) Eric.Erlangs vs Kb/s http://www.I would have thought 0. Suitable for call shops. but with a low minimum payment and 1/1 billing for all customers. Hope this answers your question! Our lowest rates for wholesale carriers with their own VoIP switch.19th April 2002 (08:28 GMT) Galaxy SIP >> VoIP services for call shops. I use to take the capacity of 64Kbps signalling link as 2Erlangs. designed specifically for corporate customers. So if one fails the other can handle the full load.9 to 0.

htx?thread=399 Name Enter your name. All rights reserved. 3 of 3 12/23/2011 12:37 AM . then you will automatically be notified if anyone replies to your message. Press the button to post your message. Verification code Home | Free online calculators | Products | Technical papers | Forum | Contact us | About us Last modified: 11 October 2011 Copyright © 2011. Email Optional . Your email address will only be published if you pay to post this message.erlang. Message Enter your message. Enter this verification code into the box.Erlangs vs Kb/s you enter your email address in this box.