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2CE 290 University of Illinois Falk 2008 D.J. Brown MIDTERM EXAMI ‘Monday, October 6, 2008 7- 8:30 pm Closed Book. You are allowed one 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of notes. No cellphones, calculators, headphones, et. ‘This exam contains 10 pages. Write your name/initials at the top of each page. Write your answers on these pages. Show all your work. If your work is not shown, you risk receiving no credit. Use backs of pages for scratch work if needed. ‘The questions are not weighted equally. Budget your time accordingly. If you feel that a question is ambiguous, give your reasons and state your assumptions. Excess complexity is subject to penalty. PRINTNAME: __ SOLUTIONS. SIGNATURE: Indicate your section: 1, 05%) () AD2 Th 9 Yitao Liu 2, (15%) (|) AD3 Th 10 Joe Sloan 3.1%) () AD4 Th IL Joe Sloan 4, (8%) () ADS Th 12. Josh Juen 5. @%) () AD6 Th 1 Josh Juen 6 (8%) () ADT Th 2 Brad Baillio 7. (15%) () ADB Th 3 Brad Baillio 8. (12%) 9. (12%) Total 100%) CE 290 - Fall 2008, Page 2 of 10 Name: Problem 1. (15%) Consider the 4-variable function f(w,x.y,2), with the following K-map (drawn thrice). all Pls minimal SOP yz ye 1 11 0 00; 01 11-410 oof Vo oof fo a 01/0 01] 0 F/M | x 1 wx 11 KAD] 0 [| at] ay} o | abel 0 [o [er fopyfofo (w.x,y.2) fwxsy2) (b) Give a minimal SOP expression for f(w,x,y,2) and show the corresponding loops on the middle map. minSOP: XZ + wa + Wy + xj2 (©) Give a minimal POS expression for f(w,x,y,2) and show the corresponding loops on the right map. minpos, (w+%+2)(%+9+2) (x92) (@) Does your expression in part (b) equal your expression in part (c)? Explain — be specific to this example. Neo A, Ras value | for omin SOP 7a & Soe min POS ae (©) Implement f(w,xy,2) with a minimal 2-level NAND-AND circuit. Complemented inputs are available. CE 290 - Fall 2008 Page 3 of 10 Name: Problem 2. (15%) Recall the BCD digit adder designed in class and shown below. ‘The network computes the sum of two 4-bit BCD digits. It consists of two 4-bit adder arrays and a circuit F which computes r + 2322 + 2321. (@) Modify the above circuit so that it adds A and B: ‘When M = 1, the circuit functions identically to the above circuit and the output is the BCD sum, , the circuit computes the ordinary binary sum. ‘Your implementation should use the two 4-bit adders andthe circuit F supplied inthe figure below, along with gates and MSI components (multiplexers, decoders, full adders) as needéd. Do not modify inputs and outputs that are already drawn. Excess complexity will be penalized. ‘output carry} pea