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The Hobbit J. R. R. Tolkien The Hobbit is an interesting story of adventure and excitement.

In The Hobbit G andalf takes Bilbo (The Hobbit) and thirteen dwarves on a quest to reclaim the treasure fro m Smaug the dragon. At first, Bilbo does not want to go, but finally does. About half-way through t he book, Gandalf leaves them and they have to fend for themselves, but most of them survive until the en d. Bilbo and the dwarves face many dangers. They face giant spiders, goblins, wargs which are li ke talking wolves and many other things. This story shows that through life, you will come at many ob stacles, and even when you can turn back, never give up. I. The Story A. The embarkment of Bilbos journey. B. The meeting of the Trolls. C. Riddles with Gollum. 1. A box without hinges, key or l id. 2. D. Mirkwood 1.Giant Spider attack. 2. Elves Attack. E. Death of Smaug. II. The Moral A. Never give up. B. Always face your obstacles. C. Do not always depend on others. Sometime in everyones life, you will have an adventure. Even if you fee l as though you are too small. Adventures have obstacles and tehy can be hard, but God will alw ays get us through them. The Hobbit really shows how all things bad or good will in the end come together for good. What's in my pocket?