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Leave Rules

Criteria Rule
Key Points CL
* Not More than 6 days at a time. * Provided that total absence in combination with Compensatory off / off days / Holidays does not exceed 10 days at a stretch

EL * EL more than 4 times in a year is to be with warning and not beyond 6 times. * Approval after 6 times by CHRM only

SL Leave more than 2 days requires fitness certificate Not greater than 10 days of SL(FP) in a year (cumulative) without medical certificate.

Special Leave Leave other than CL, CCL, EL, SL, RH will be recommended by HOD and to be approved by CHRM/DGM(HR).

Association Rule (between 2 leave applications):

CL Permissible CCL, HH, OFF as Prefix, Suffix CL+RH, RH+CL, CL+RH+CL CL+EL, CL+SL, CCL+CL+CCL SL/EL CCL as Only Prefix or Sufix

Not Permissible EL/SL Permissible

Not Permissible

RH as Only Prefix or Suffix EL+CL, EL+SL+EL, SL+EL+SL, CCL+EL+CCL, EL+Holiday/OffDay+EL, EL+CCL+EL, EL+RH+EL, SL+RH+SL