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Before I got married I had
six theories about bringing
up children; now I have six
children and no theories.
)(John Wilmot

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Poor Mexico, so far from
and so close to the United
)(Porfirio Daz

My wife Mary and I have
been married for fortyseven years and not once
have we had an argument
serious enough to consider
divorce; murder or suicide,
yes !.
(Jack Benny)

You can judge your age by
the amount of pain you feel
when you come in contact
with a new idea !
(Pearl Buck)

A ship in port is safe, but
that is not what ships are
built for !.
(Grace Hopper)

The devil is in the details

All you have to do to
educate a child is leave
them alone and teach them
to read. The rest is

What is history but a fable
agreed upon!
( Napoleon Bonaparte)

Millions long for
immortality who do not
know what to do with
themselves in their
(Susan Ertz)

The cure for boredom is
curiosity. There is no cure
for curiosity.
(Ellen Parr)