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These objectives are written incorrectly.

Using Think-Aloud Pair Problem Solving (TAPPS) collaborative groups of two identify which of the Audience, Behavior, Condition, and Degree is missing from the objective. 1. The student will view a simulation of XYZ software operations. 2. Students will be able to recognize that pursuing democratic ideals requires diligence. 3. Students will understand the use of the Dewey decimal system. 4. Students will understand how one can assess changes of respiratory physiology in a living patient. 5. Students will gain a greater appreciation for Latin music.
6. Students will recognize when the system goes from a steady-state to a system collapse. 7. Students will demonstrate restoration techniques for the transmission and generation networks from blackout and islanded situations. 8. Demonstrate the ability to restore the regional system after a total system collapse. 9. Students will be provided an understanding of the events that could lead to a declaration of a system emergency, which will require this level of coordination between all parties involved. 10. Students will gain knowledge on the operation of the energy market within the region and the associated tool interactions. 11. Identify the events that trigger the scheme. 12. Demonstrate the proficiency in use of remote synchronizing equipment. 13. Define the procedure to use to recover from each scenario of initial conditions