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Amelia Bedelia

Amelia Bedelia

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Published by Christy Nordquist

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Published by: Christy Nordquist on Jan 25, 2012
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Name:__________________________ __ Amelia Bedelia Helps Out: Look at the cover.

Predict where Amelia Bedelia and Effie Lou are going. What are they doing? Write a complete sentence. _________________________________ _ _________________________________ _

348_____________________ steak: pg.315_______________________ .Name:__________________________ __ Look up the meaning of the words in a dictionary and illustrate a picture. stake: pg. 350_____________________ sew: pg.

340_______________________ Name: __________________________ Place the sentences in the correct order. Use numbers 1 – 6.sow: pg. ____ weed the garden ____ sow the grass ____ stake the beans ____feed the scrapes to the chickens ____make a tea cake .

child. Miss Emma. characters Amelia Bedelia. cover. Setting – ttile. aunt Vocabulary – stake/steak. illustrator. genre. author. sow/sew Fiction/nonfiction Author/illustrator Day 2: .____use powder to dust the bugs Amelia Bedelia Helps Out Guided Reading Plans Day 1: Introduce the book – Amelia Bedelia is a maid and helps around the house with chores. Effie Lou.

sow/ sew Day 4: Popcorn read pgs. 30 -39 Day 6: Buddy read pgs. Picture walk Whisper Read p 1 -15 Day 3: Look up the meaning to the words stake/steak. 15 – 30 Day 5: Choral read pgs. 48 – 53 Day 8: pgs. 54 – 59 . 40 – 47 Day 7: read pg.Do prediction wkst.

60 – 63 Take an ar test#20001 Day 10: Retell the story (the plot)-do this orally Day 11: Answer comprehension questions about the book Day 12: sequence events wkst. Eat tea cookies and tea .Day 9: pgs. Day 14: Students read the characters dialog and act it out. (use book to reference answers) Day 13: Write a sentence and illustrate your favorite part of the story.

Who is the main character? 2. What is the setting? 3. What was the problem? _______________________________ _ 4. Who was your favorite character? _______________________________ _ .Name: ___________________________ 1.

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