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Winter 2012


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Winter 2012

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Chinese Herbs for Better Sex

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Caribe, Dominican Republic August 8 - 12, 2012

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Start Your Sexual Revolution

By LifeStyle Counselor

Dear LifeStyle Counselor, I am curious to know how many couples in the LifeStyle use sexual enhancers like Viagra or the like? One guy lasted a really long time, for like hours and I could not last that long at all with my erection, it seemed his erection went forever. What is your take on these products? Signed - Everybody Was Hard On Me Dear Everybody Was Hard On Me, I feel there is nothing wrong with sexual enhancers, if you need it. As we age sometime we need a little boost to get us going downstairs, if you do not want to go the prescription route, you can go natural. Make sure to read the article in this issue called Chinese Herbs For Better Sex. I would not recommend using a topical cream to achieve erection, I remember going to a party where a man used this and a woman performed oral sex on him and her mouth was numb, and everyone knew he had used it, this ruined the party for a couple different people. Sincerely, LC

Dear LifeStyle Counselor, I am a single man in the LifeStyle, I am not getting the response that I am looking for. I tell couples how well I am endowed and thickness, but it seems they just do not want to have a conversation with me at a club. Plus, when I am online I always show pictures of my privates, and still no response, am I doing something wrong? Signed - Deuce Big-Below Dear Deuce Big-Below, Single women, and couples in the LifeStyle hear all the time from single men how big they are. Truth is if you are at a club in the towel room, people already know you are big so you do not need to make your size known. Although size may be important to some women, most women want a man that knows what he is doing. As far as online, couples and single ladies see single guys privates all day long and people get annoyed seeing them. Try sending a pic other than your privates, and start up a genuine conversation not related to the size of your member. If they want to see your member or ask the size, they will. You may be coming on too strong, which it seems like. Remember no means no, and just be yourself and also treat the man and woman in a couple with respect, as well as the single ladies. Sincerely, LC Dear LifeStyle Counselor, Me and the wife are considering trying out a cuckold lifestyle and wondering how many others are into this and if it is normal. Signed - Ready to be Cucked Dear Ready to be Cucked, You are not alone in this sexual trend so take comfort in that. As far as it being normal, some people are into BDSM, and some would not think that is normal. Do what ever feels right, always set up rules for the two of you to follow, so you both are on the same page and your personal relationship is not tarnished. Keep in mind that everyone has their own type of fetish, whether it is swinging, cuckold, cross dressing or even a bisexuality. All fetishes should be respected, and make sure you both are in it together and dont let anyone judge your sexual preferences. Sincerely, LC

Dear LifeStyle Counselor, My husband has been wanting me to be intimate with another woman and I do not feel I am ready. We were out at a swinger club, and he is always jealous of other men looking at me and what I wear. It was his idea to try out the lifestyle and not mine, I went along with it because it was his idea and I love him. When we go out to the clubs, he always wants to have sex with other women and does not let me play with any other men, he uses me as a decoy to have sex with women and wants me to tease the male half while he seduces the woman. A few times the man has become angered because I will not go through and my husband and the other wife are being intimate. My husband wants me to join in with him and another woman, I have second thoughts what should I do? Signed - Confused Wife Dear Confused Wife, Let me point out that the lifestyle is not about pressuring anyone to do anything that they do not want to do. No means no, plain and simple. What you are describing has happened to me and my wife at a club, the man and the woman come on strong and the husband is all over my while the wife did not want to interact with me, she had not been with anyone else besides her husband and did not want to. This is deceiving a couple, and people in the lifestyle are not about deceit and will not take kindly to it. It appears your husband wants to have a threesome and wants you to be a part of it. Let me remind you that BOTH you and your husband need to be on board when committing to the lifestyle. You both need to establish rules that you BOTH will abide by. Do not do anything that you are not comfortable doing, and let your husband know this. Before any couple gets into swinging, they need to establish rules and ask and answer questions like: Why am I interested in the lifestyle ? What types of relationships am I looking for? What activities will I engage in? What activities am I willing to explore? What activities will I not engage in? Who will I play with? These are questions you both need to explore together, but it sounds like you do not want to participate in the lifestyle and there is nothing wrong with that. The lifestyle can be rewarding in many ways, but you must both be on board together, otherwise it is a recipe for disaster and can pull apart at the heart of your relationship. Either way, if you want to explore the lifestyle, or if you do not, sit down with your husband and discuss your feelings. Sincerely, LC


Dear LifeStyle Counselor, I read the last issue on how to make semen taste better, my wife and I followed the guidelines and we did not get the results we desired. I continually ate fruit and my semen tasted horrible as usual. We decided to go to the doctor as you mentioned in the last issue and low and behold I had a urinary tract infection, I quit with the fruits but I am wondering when I should start to take my fruits to make my semen taste better? Signed - Make My Semen Tasty Dear Make My Semen Tasty, I am glad you took my advice and went to the doctor, as I wrote if your semen has a foul smell or taste, after you take your fruits, it may be an infection. Remember men can get yeast infections, and urinary tract infections as well. As far as when you should eat your fruit, by all means continue the diet, dont stop eating a fruit just because you have an infection, in fact eating cranberries will help rid the urinary tract infection. So you see the more fruit you eat the better, remember what I said, You are what you eat. Sincerely, LC


SEX Pleasing Her TIP

Put a frozen grape in your mouth then hold it between your teeth and glide it down her neck, around her nipples, down her belly and around her clit. Finally, use your tongue to slip the grape into her mouth.


SEX Pleasing TIP Him

Intensify his orgasm by placing two fingers an inch behind his balls and feeling for a dent (the perineum). For the last 30 seconds before he comes, massage the spot in a circular motion.

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Start Your Sexual Revolution

Start Your Sexual Revolution

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members, and its recognized as the largest swingers site. With that in mind, finding one will be Being a single lady, or Unicorn in the lifestyle can be a easier than rewarding experience, it can also garner benefits from a you think. couples perspective. The hard part is setting it up, again just as Unicorns need to be honest, you Although these women are rare, they are not hard to find. as a couple need to be honest. Some The benefits of being a single swinging woman in the Unicorns may only want a bisexual lifestyle are amazing. When a swinger party is thrown the experience with the wife, so be honest usual is a free entrance for single ladies. Unicorns will more with everyone across the board. Some than likely get their drinks for free and they can have the pick readers have written in on this subject of any couple, or man at the event at most given times. telling me they can not find one, but when questioned, they cant find one When Unicorns are at a swinging event, be honest. What that will play with them by their rules. Again some Unicorns this means is, if you are or are not bisexual, let the couple or may only want to play with one partner, some Unicorn know this up front. If you are not may want both of you, or just the husband. honest up front it can irritate people and Although these Make sure everyone is on the same page, if cause trouble. Some women actually like one of the three of you are not comfortable, to share their male partners with a straight women are rare, woman as there are many fetishes and they are not hard to then move on to the next. turnons for each individual. find. The benefits Think about the kind of person who would of being a single be compatible with you and your lifestyle. Go Unicorns need to be respectful of couples swinging woman over your wants, What do you enjoy? What and their boundaries and since they are in the LifeStyle are do you believe? What do you want to share single some ladies may be cautious of you, with this person? Give up the assumption that especially if you are not bi. Just be sincere amazing. youll find one person who will fit with both about your desires, and be sure to address members of a couple. It might happen, it might any concerns that the couple may have with not, dont be disgruntled or lower your standards. Keep in you. Again dont pretend to be bisexual if you are not just to mind that just knowing that a couple is specifically looking have sex with a guy. for a bi female to be with them sexually is enough to send most single bisexual females running. You know why? Unicorns probably have the most fun in the lifestyle, they can have one man, one woman or both Because there are too many couples looking for threesome, please her, while the couple will also be they are not interested in a particular woman because of pleased at the same time. Unicorns have whom she is, they want a female to have sex with. This is the advantage of a no strings attached where you have to be honest and be subtle and not too pushy relationship, and therefore do not need for either party. The single ladies get blasted with emails, to abide by a spouses rules. But most even hate mail. Unicorns complain that too many couples importantly, if you are a couple, you need and single males send hate mail if they are turned down. One to abide by the rules you and your partner email will suffice, and make sure you are honest, and your have agreed upon. Unicorns although rare, letter resembles your profile. The last thing you want is an are not hard to email to a Unicorn looking for a bisexual threesome and your find, especially in profile is listing the wife as being straight. Abide by the above the digital age. aforementioned and you will have a fun mystical journey as a Swinger sites like Unicorn or with a Unicorn in the lifestyle. SwingLifeStyle have so many What is a Unicorn? determines it as a slang for a single, generally bisexual female that participates in the swing lifestyle. Referred to as a Unicorn because they are so rare, they are also the most sought after in the lifestyle. Start Your Sexual Revolution

special feature

LifeStyle Interview Rick & Vicki

How did you get started?
After being married a couple years we were laying in bed one night watching a pornographic movie, most specifically a girl girl scene and I reached over to touch Vicki and she was as wet as I had ever felt her. That led to some in-depth conversations which led to the possibilities of adding another woman to the mix. As we all know, one thing leads to another and eventually we tried swinging. Actually our first full swap experience was a short time later and wasnt what we would considered the greatest, so much so we actually ran away from the Lifestyle for some time. But we did learn a lot from that first experience, the most important of which was to take it at our own pace, no matter what, and our comfort zone was what truly mattered. We eventually decided to take another crack at swinging but at a slightly slower pace this time. From then on, it has been great. While we may have experienced a bump in the road, early on, we know we are where we want to be and are enjoying the Lifestyle together.

Whats the most exciting place youve done it?

Wow, having been in the Lifestyle for quite some time, we have explored many exotic places. I suppose if we have to pick one, it would be in Jamaica. We were staying at the Hedonism II resort and a group was having a beach party, not on the resort. We thought it sounded like fun so we went. It was primarily a group of Lifestylers but not exclusively. The food was great, there was live entertainment, the drinks were flowing and so were the juices. As we sat there getting more and more aroused, we just had to find somewhere to go and there it was, just down the beach, a long pier that just kind of disappeared into the night sky. We casually got up and just wandered off trying not to draw too much attention, we strolled down the beach, looking over our shoulders to see if anyone was watching, getting more and more excited with every step in the sand. We walked to the end of the pier, sure that the group could not see us although we could clearly see them. We were all over each other like 2 horny teenagers. When we were done, we slowly made our way back to the beach party absolutely convinced that we had just gotten away with something only to be greeted by a rousing round of applause by the entire group apparently they could see us after all.

LifeStyle Nicknames:
Nick names, no not really. We are among the lucky ones who are able to be totally out about the lifestyle. I guess we have been for 5 to 6 years. We use our real names and people know us simply as Rick and Vicki.

How long in the LifeStyle?

Weve been in the lifestyle for about 20 years now. Weve taken time off here and there but love the people, the positive energy and acceptance that you find in the lifestyle. Its a running joke that we started in the lifestyle before we were lucky enough to have the internet. So it meant heading to some seedy porn shops to pick up the latest Swingers Magazine in the hope that we would find others like us. These were the days of chat lines and voicemail boxes. Wow, have times changed.

What do you enjoy most about the LifeStyle?

Friendship, hands down. We have to say we are lucky that we have an amazing group of very close friends. Many true friends that will be there for life is really an added bonus for us. They have helped us open up our club, Tabu. Theyve helped us in our personal lives. They all just seem to be there for each other and there when you need them. There really isnt this same level of friendships outside of the Lifestyle. It may have been the sex that brought us to the lifestyle but it is the friendships that keep us here.

Which do you prefer in others, a Friendship or a Sexship?

I suppose, like most we were originally looking more for sexship than friendship. As time passed and we ventured more and more into the Lifestyle community we realized that we actually enjoyed hanging out more with our Lifestyle friends than our Vanilla friends. As more time passed, we dont really have any Vanilla friends anymore. So I guess the answer is Friendship.

Any advice for others, or those new to the LifeStyle?

The best advice that we can give is to make sure that you and your partner (assuming you have one) are on the same page. Tread lightly and slowly, making sure that each of you are comfortable with everything that you are doing or contemplate doing. Be totally honest with one another as keeping secrets or telling lies is not, at all, what the lifestyle is about. After all, this should be about fun, new experiences and sharing them together. If you follow those simple guidelines, you will have some of the most amazing times of your life together. Rick and Vicki TABU Lifestyle Club

What is your relationship?

Weve been married for 22 years. We actually met at work, and ended up getting married four months after our first date. They say when its right its right. I guess they are correct in that. Its funny most of the people that knew us from work thought we were doomed and would end up divorced in a very short time. Here we are 22 years later having watched many of them go through multiple marriages and divorces and the crazy swinger couple lives on Who would have thought?

What do you enjoy least about the LifeStyle?

Thats a hard question. Being club owners we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly as it relates to the lifestyle. We have seen people at their best and at their worst. At the end of the day, we love the lifestyle and all that it has to offer. We have a great business, amazing friends and the opportunity to share these things with each other. What more could anyone ask for?

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Start Your Sexual Revolution

Start Your Sexual Revolution

Better Sex

Chinese for Herbs

H edonism II

By Mrs Webmaster SLS

A review of Hedonism II by John Davis world traveler Definition: hedonism - 1. The pursuit of pleasure. 2. The ethical theory that pleasure is the highest good and proper aim of human life. What can I say about Hedonism II that hasnt already been said by people, who have attended an event there, or written it up in Playboy or Penthouse magazines, or shown on one of the cable networks like E? It has been described as a place to be wicked for a week, the most notorious adult resort in the world as well as the most revisited resort in the world. It truly has cult status. We can only try to do it some justice by telling you a little history as well as some current information. People often ask where is Hedonism I? the answer is that there never really was a Hedonism I, but we can start by saying; Hedonism II opened in 1976 as Negril Beach Village and quickly earned a reputation as a hedonistic resort with a bit of a cult following. It was remodeled, changed some of its ownership, and took its current name in 1982 largely to differentiate itself with the new owners and the renovation, but still wanting to retain the clientele and the reputation it developed as a place hedonistic vacationers can go and be themselves while being naked. The resort is on 22 acres at the northern end of Negril beach and has 280 rooms and is currently owned 100% by SuperClubs. The resort itself is divided into two parts. They are affectionately called the Nude side and the Prude side. Of course, like all resorts in the islands there are ocean view and garden view rooms and they are priced according to customers demands which have traditionally been with higher pricing for ocean views in every resort. The nude side was originally designated as the clothing optional half where people could choose to walk around the resort naked anywhere they choose, including the pool and beach. The prude side was designated a clothing required side, where guests had to at least have a bathing suite on. This was designed to provide a place where everyone would feel comfortable that went there. Over the years everyone seemed to want to be staying on the nude side and this demand caused a new pricing structure to be set from the lowest prices being placed on the prude side garden view, then tiered to the ocean view prude side, then garden view nude side and finally ocean view nude. So in essence, the nude side rooms cost more than the prude side rooms. This has remained in effect to this day. Superclubs which is a family owned Resort Company that is called super because they coined the term SuperInclusive resort. This is a term that is used to signify not only is it an all inclusive, room/ food/beverage resort, but that it includes, all other activities as well. Live music and entertainment are included, as well as premium brand drinks even your transportation to and from the resorts is included. At Hedonism II, there are no hidden fees, even tipping is never allowed. Thats what Super-Inclusive means. Now that the ancient history is told Id like to share more current history because all the stories youve heard about this place, both good and bad, are true! For more than thirty years, Hedonism II Resort has enjoyed a reputation for shattering inhibitions and provoking the kind of behavior people dont talk about in polite circles. When you get the average couple away from the kids, work, and the humdrum of life, coupled with 85 degree ocean temps, a soft sandy beach, a 24 hour open bar, and other couples in the same situation, people just let go and do things they would never do back at home. First they often just run around naked which in and of itself is a freeing experience. Then there is the body painting, and the crazy beach games like naked twister. But the wildest behavior comes when people engage a stranger or another couple in a more intimate connection that can be anything from a little sloppy kiss in the pool to a full out wild and crazy romp in bed with someone that was just met moments before. There seems to be a primal urge with all of us in modern society to just let go and Hedonism II has a cosmic way of bringing that out in everyone that goes there. All those times people have stifled their inhibitions in everyday life and squashed the pent up frustration of just wanting to do something completely decadent with oneself, comes forward like a dam bursting and vacationers at Hedo say if it feels good, just do it! Seldom is the word no ever heard by ones inner voice or conscience. There are lifestyle group events at Hedonism II throughout the year. They all have slightly different flavors but one thing is for sure, after a week there, people tend to view the world from a slightly different angle. I left there most recently the later part of the last year. I was tan and relaxed, and upon remembering my time there I find myself at times with a big smile on my face without even realizing it. I cant wait to go back again and again. Hedonism II, theres nothing else quite like it! The next big lifestyle group event that I can recommend couples going to would be held during the last week of April 2012. It will be organized by the party group, Hedo Events. There is sure to be wild and wonderful parties there every night during their event. It can be booked thru Topless Travel by going to there website at or by calling them directly at 877-90-SWING.

Tips To Increase Stamina And Sensitivity!

Sex and health should go hand in hand, especially as we age. Sex should be an enjoyable experience, yet some people experience sexual hang ups such as disappointment, anxiety, humiliation or they may feel their sexual function is below standards.

Its interesting to take note of Chinese herbs to promote longevity and sexual health. The Chinese have sexual tonics which are herbal mixtures used to improve health, increase durability and secure a lengthy time period. The tonics are not meant for a quick band aid approach but for a fix over a period of time. Schizandra is great for delivering energy to vital sexual organs. Zinc, is also found in Schizandra and can heighten sexual endurance to help men achieve a longer duration of sex. The benefit of Schizandra in females is that it helps to improve sexual sensitivity and intensify orgasms. Lycium or Goji berries, are another major sexual precursor to help both men and women alike, due to similarities

in sexual function shared with the Shizandra. Polygonum is thought to improve male potency and sperm production as well as female fertility. Ginseng root, or the man root helps with the nervous system, and producing sex related hormones which help to increase sexual response. Ginseng has been found to possess characteristics to help with improving energy levels, fight fatigue and help with physical stamina. Ginseng is probably the most sought after Chinese herbal tonic for sexual treatments. Another common element of many traditional Chinese herbs for sex is Deer Antler. Deer antler has been said to help a man become robust and untouched with age, as well as not tire in the bedroom. Eucommia is great to help out with the endocrine system, which aids in fighting fatigue throughout sex.

Epimedium, or commonly known in the U.S. as Horny goat weed, increases sperm production and stimulates physical nerves. It is also great in womens herbal tonic to improve their sex drive. Cistanche is another important sex tonic. Chinese History and ancient sexual lore depicts that use of Cistanche would enlarge your penis. It is also said to make the penis more hard during erections, due to the alkaloids that increase bloodstream circulation to the genitals. Dendrobium or better known as Chinese orchid, is called the honeymooners tea. It received this title for rejuvenating sex drive after spent sexual energy and bodily fluids. These tonics have been used for centuries, and are natural herbal formulations and not drugs. The above mentioned Chinese herbs can usually be found in your local health food store and oriental grocers.

Start Your Sexual Revolution

Start Your Sexual Revolution

How To Spot a Swinger...

...use a fine sable brush

Swinging vs Cheating, Is There a Difference?

Yes it is true, there is a way to tell if someone is a swinger. Over the years people in the Swing LifeStyle have tried to distinguish themselves with objects to signify their LifeStlye, such as jewelry. Believe it or not there is jewelry worn in certain locations that can identify the women in the lifestyle. Men obviously are a little more open, but women wear jewelry to identify to others that they are allowed to play. For example, if a woman wears an anklet on her right leg, she may be a swinger and does play. For single men out there, listen up. Just because a woman is a swinger does not mean she has to have sex with you or wants to. The misconception is that if a woman is a swinger that she is a

slut and has sex with anyone. This is so not true! If a woman wears a thumb ring, this is another indication that the woman is giving out a vibe that she may be a swinger. Whats more? Some women even wear jewelry that say swinger or hot wife in a necklace or a bracelet. Some even wear these words on their anklets as well, so be on the look out. Some swinger wives only have sex with black men, this is known as a queen of spades. These women will either have jewelry with a queen of spades on it, or women may go to an extreme and actually have a tattoo of a queen of spades. If you run in to a woman that has a jewelry of a queen of spades or one of these tattoos, you know what she may be in to. Wearing a toe ring is also another indication that the woman might be a swinger as well. Some swinger wives will actually switch their wedding ring to the right hand. Another indication is a bracelet worn on the left ankle, for men that are unaware, yes there is a difference between an anklet and a bracelet, please learn the difference before you end up hitting on someone from church. Remember just because someone is known as a swinger does not mean they want to have sex with you, or want you to come up to them in public, but it is good to know how to spot your own kind.

Swingers have a much higher success rate as it relates to marriage, than those who are not part of the lifestyle. If you and your partner are open with each other and have communicated your wants and desires as it relates to your sexual relationship and have both agreed that the practice has peaked your interest, then it seems your marriage has already survived the first true test, which is communication. For non swinging relationships, 50% of the women cheat and 60% of men cheat at some time in their marriage. Recent studies show that someone is having an affair in 80% of all marriages. The first study conducted by the University of California in 1998 reported 24% men and 14% women cheated outside their marriages. In nearly 10 years the numbers doubled, believe it or not the people that have cheated blame the jump on the internet. According to divorce magazine, 46% of men believe that online affairs are considered adultery. About 75% of married people believe it is OK to visit an adult site. Out of the married couples, 57% of people used the internet Social sites, to reconnect with an old flame or with a new flirt. Roughly 38% of married couples engaged in explicit online sexual conversation and 50% have talked on the phone with someone. What is most interesting is 31% of people have had an online conversation that led to sex from a non sex related social site. With swingers, the couples do not engage in sexual activities or flirt to replace their significant other. With the lifestyle the feeling is mutual and the lifestyle looks down upon cheating. With these number of divorces on the rise, more couples are embracing the lifestyle and embracing life. If a husband enjoys seeing his wife have sex with other people, and if a wife enjoys seeing

her husband have sex with other people, then how is this considered cheating? Cheating is when you knowingly and willingly had sex with somebody else without your spouses knowledge or consent. The lifestyle is about respecting and loving your partner, the ability to enter the lifestyle is about trust. Many couples enter swinging while in secure relationships; provide added motivation to avoid excessive health risks. While sexual affairs outside the relationship may be in the heat of the moment with no regard to the other partner, swingers maintain that sex among swingers is a more thought-out and practical affair. According to ABC News reporter John Stossel, who conducted an investigation into the Swinglifestyle. Stossel reported that quite a few Americans are swingers, according to estimates by the Kinsey Institute and other researchers. Stossel cited Terry Goulds research, which concluded that couples swing in order to not cheat on their partners. When Stossel asked swinging couples whether they worry their spouse will find they like someone else better, one male replied, People in the swinging community swing for a reason. They dont swing to go out and find a new wife. a woman asserted, It makes women more confident that they are the ones in charge. Stossel interviewed 12 marriage counselors. According to Stossel, not one of them said dont do it, though some said getting sexual thrills outside of marriage can threaten a marriage. Swingers that Stossel interviewed claimed their marriages are stronger because they dont have affairs and they dont lie to each other. 12 of 12 marriage counselors do not have a problem with swinging. People should not cheat or have affairs, Swingers put everything out in the open. The thrill of being a Swinger is keeping the thrill alive, and loving your partner.
Start Your Sexual Revolution

In conclusion when someone asks if there is a difference between cheating and swingers, the answer is a definite YES. Keep in mind, when you cheat you are hurting someone, it can take months and even years to get over. Swingers do not encourage cheating and they do not hurt their partner. This is Mike Hatcher saying treat others and especially your partner with respect.


Start Your Sexual Revolution


By Dr. Mike

Healthy Swinging
that arent predictably obtained from our foods. When these nutrients are detected in our blood by our brain, our hunger center is naturally satisfied and we dont feel hungry. As a result, we can be very well nourished while consuming a low number of calories which promotes healthy body weight and lean muscle mass. Thin people who dont supplement are either successfully getting from food the nutrients they need to be well nourished or theyve developed a mechanism to deal with their hunger and cravings which may or may not be healthy. Approaching hunger control by flooding the body with nutrients is far healthier and more logical than artificially controlling hunger by ingesting appetite suppressant medications or other drugs to force the body to burn fat while starving it of nutrition or just ignoring hunger and eating less (portion control). All these programs fail sooner or later because the human body wont tolerate malnutrition for long before nutritional deficiency diseases become apparent or the dieter stops the program and goes back to their usual overeating due to hunger. There are several excellent nutritional supplementation programs available to ensure that youre optimally well nourished and to control your hunger through nutrition. These toxins/impurities/obesogens can be cleansed out of the body and kept out via consuming known quantities of nutrients that enable the body to cleanse itself. All portion control/malnutrition diets fail to address this MAJOR contributor to weight gain and diseases. There are a few excellent cleanse programs available but be careful to avoid the ones that starve the body of nutrition and remember that cleansing must be done continuously, not once a year.

Letters from our Readers

To LifeStyle Magazine I received my first issue and my husband and I enjoyed it, we love the article on How To Make Semen Taste Better. Articles like this are very help ful and intriguing to readers. We feel that you need more articles like this or a great article would be swinger sex positions covering what one can do with 3-4 people. thanks again keep up the good work. Thanks for the issue - Dave & Jan Dear LifeStyle Magazine I want to congratulate you on the first issue, I feel this is what swingers need. I am thankful that you send it to us discretely, so no one else knows what it is. My wife and I read it through and gave it to our friends, as we got the issue from our local swinger club. I am so happy that swinger clubs are participating in distributing this magazine. We did sign up to have it delivered so are awaiting the next issue from you guys. Jake & Lois To The Editor


Why Portion Control (starvation) Diets Fail (almost) Every Time

People dont gain weight because they have a deficiency in some appetite suppressant medication, so approaching weight loss by taking such a medication and starving the body of nutrition is illogical. Nor do they gain weight because their stomach is too big or any of the myriad other approaches to weight loss that fail to address the main reasons why people gain weight. There are many minor contributors to weight gain but there are just 4 MAJOR ones and each is easily modified.

I would like to thank you for the excellent publication. As a club owner, we recently have signed up to distribute your magazine free to our members and they love it. The first night we received the magazine, all the members took one leaving us empty handed so we promptly ordered some more. We are so glad that you guys are back and look forward to more issues to share with our customers. Keep it up! Mark Dear LifeStyle Magazine My husband and I are new to the LifeStyle and just received the issue at our local swinger club. The magazine is filled with great articles and we love that it is catered exclusively to people in the LifeStyle. I think I speak for every swinger when I say that this magazine holds a wealth of knowledge that a veteran swinger and a newbie could pick up. Still learning the swinger terminology, thanks again. Trudy


People gain weight because theyre malnourished. They eat more calories than they can burn off because theyre constantly hungry and craving because our foods are nutritionally bankrupt. Its very well documented that our foods have become over-processed to the point where theyre now mostly devoid of the nutrients our bodies need to be healthy and allow our natural filter systems to operate well. This causes cravings and constant hunger which lead to overeating, more weight gain and obesity. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, MD, wrote 19 of 21 of the most prevalent diseases in America are caused by nutritional deficiencies. The simple solution to this MAJOR reason for weight gain is to ensure that were well nourished by supplementing our diet with a known quantity of hundreds of nutrients


People gain weight from chronic dehydration. Adequate hydration with purified water assists the body in maintaining the ideal, slightly alkaline state which is critically important to health and to enable the body to effectively and consistently cleanse out toxic impurities. None of our bodily systems work optimally well in the face of chronic dehydration and body-wide acidification. Yet, in our culture, were conditioned to drink very little water. Instead we drink massive amounts of highly acidic beverages such as coffee, sodas, etc., and we eat huge amounts of meats that acidify and we live acidic lifestyles. Our bodies must somehow deal with the chronic acidification and one of the first places it looks for a buffer is the calcium in our bones. It should not surprise you to learn that we have dramatically increasing rates of osteoporosis and many other diseases in our culture. Adequate hydration with purified water is critically important to maintaining excellent health.


People gain weight due to obesogens from environmental toxicity. Wikipedia defines obesogens as chemical compounds foreign to the body that disrupt normal development and homeostasis of metabolism of lipids, promoting increased accumulation of lipids and adipogenesis that in some cases, can lead to obesity. Obesogens may be functionally defined as chemicals that inappropriately alter lipid homeostasis and fat storage, change metabolic setpoints, disrupt energy balance or modify the regulation of appetite and satiety to promote fat accumulation and obesity.


People gain weight from lack of exercise. In addition to proper nutrition, cleansing and hydration, being active every day is very important to good health and good mood. You can start off with walking and gradually increase your daily movement to enable you to adopt a balanced lifestyle for a healthier and happier you! You can learn more about an excellent nutritional program that addresses all of the major causes of weight gain by visiting


Start Your Sexual Revolution

Start Your Sexual Revolution


Hot Destinations with

July 25th - 2 9th, 2012
Costa Rica is a very temperate climate. There are two seasons in Costa Rica. The rainy season is from May to midNovember and summer is from mid-November to April. Fortunately, in the rainy season it doesnt rain all day long. Usually the mornings are bright and sunny with a few showers in mid-afternoon. The Topless Travel Costa Rica event is different than the typical lets go to the naked resort trip in that we stay at a regular vanilla hotel, and each day we do what all the tourists do. We make it an adventure trip with swingers not a swinging adventure. We go whitewater rafting, do Zip lines in the rain forest, explore the mountain trails on ATVs and we even go bungee jumping for the more daring couples.


Costa Rica

Welcome to the World of Desire Resort & Spa, the wonderfully exotic, erotic, adults h 3, 2012 - Marc Februar y 25 only resort where each moment is an adventure. Every amenity of this sublime hideaway is designed to pamper couples with everything needed for the most memorable vacation experience of their lives. From an exquisite powder-soft, white sand beach to gourmet dining, to new friends, nothing is overlooked. Desire Resort & Spa is the worlds foremost clothing optional all inclusive resort, and its mysterious allure has devotees coming back time and time again. For a tension relieving weekend getaway or for an extended holiday, there is no place on Earth like Desire.


June 16 - 23

, 2012

International Swingers Day Convention, the event of the year for 2012, will be held at Caliente Caribe in the Dominican Republic which features ocean views and direct access to its own private, nude beach. The entire resort is also clothing-optional, giving convention attendees the freedom to be themselves. ISD is a huge 5 day swingers party for anyone who wants to attend, but also brings together industry leaders and stake holders to discuss and advance the goals of the Lifestyle. It is the celebration for swingers and will boast the best international swingers parties.

Caliente Caribe

August 8 - 1

2, 2012


Start Your Sexual Revolution


Start Your Sexual Revolution


FabulouS FirStS

Swinger? T
By Earon L. McConnell
There is a certain point in any relationship when feelings of intimacy are questioned. For some couples, the question may be whether or not they sexually satisfy each other. Feelings of sexual inadequacy, left untreated, can cause communication barriers to surface. When the time comes, couples are forced to make a decision; do we separate to find satisfaction or try to it work it out together. For most couples, sex-and a healthy dose of it-is important in maintaining a happy relationship. However, many couples have a tendency to become intimately irritated. If a woman ever wants to know why a man still practices the ritual of masturbation in a healthy courtship, the answer is simple: Men (and some women) masturbate because it allows them to explore sexual fantasies that may be too taboo to speak of in the relationship. According to http://www., 74% of men and 68% of women said that they would have an affair if they knew that they wouldnt get caught. While this statistic may be alarming to some, the reality is clear. Men and women enjoy sex with multiple partners. The Swingers Lifestyle is a type of secret society for erotic exploration. As a Swinger, couples are able to explore their sexual fantasies with one another and other like-minded individuals. The best definition for a Swinger is one that participates in innovative sexual activity. I find that most definitions of Swingers seem to be bias and not accurate to the type of relationships that are formed within the lifestyle. To put it best, Swingers are sexually driven creatures that enjoy the act of sex more than the idea of it. Swinging couples are able to live out fantasies of having a secondary partner, without cheating. I first met Bruce on a quest to fix my failing relationship. On both accounts, my partner and I had shared in the feast of infidelity. My partner confessed that our sexual relationship had become sour and I too felt that I was not being satisfied, both physically and emotionally. While doing some nontraditional research online, I came across a local forum that spoke of swingers. Now, Ive heard stories about couples that consider themselves swingers, but most of what I knewat the time-was untrue of the lifestyle. I found a website advertising Swingers in Huntington, WV. The website included rules for membership and contact information.



It didnt take much persuasion for me to get interested in the idea of having sex with another woman while being watched by my man. I guess that I was at my final straw of piecing together my four year relationship and ready to take on a new adventure. Apprehensively, I made a phone call and got connected to a man that sounded like he could have been a customer service representative for a flower shop. His voice was warm and contained a certain charm (a charm that is still hard for me to figure out now). I explained my dilemma and the fact that I was curious about the Swingers Lifestyle. After a fifteen minute phone call, I was instructed to meet him at his residence that was currently under construction. With the filter of my second Marlboro cigarette wedged in between my index finger and thumb, I made it to the front door of the building. The entrance was quite noticeable as it is the only house on the block with a front door painted a hue other than white. The doorbell ring fades and the door opens. Hi, Im Bruce, come on in. Standing in the foyer of his home, my eyes are instantly drawn to a faux brick wall along the right side of the room. The wall is covered in signatures that date back as early as spring 2004. He invites me to have a seat with him so we can further discuss my wants. At this point, my mind is still racing, still unsure if I had just stepped foot into some type of cult-like experience that I would never walk away from. I told Bruce that I thought his house was iffy and I didnt want to die in this place. After a generous laugh, he gave me an honest look that suggested the scene was safe. We shared a cigarette while he engaged me in a conversation over my desires and those of my partners. My eyes were still glued to this wall, which he refers to as the Tap Out Wall, a dance pole in the window facing a lamp that had a base resembling two lovers uniting. First he told me about the idea for the club, which came from nothing more than two friends joking around. He explained that over the years he has had several lucrative businesses. His friend suggested that he open up a sex club, since he was so successful in other venues. He first opened the doors to the club in 2004 after some of his friends used the internet as a medium to pass the message along.

Tell me about the Lifestyle, tell me everything! My expedition into the underground world of swingers had begun.
The first party was more than I expected. Bruce said that while close friends were in attendance, most of the attendees were out-of-state swingers looking for a new home. At the time, the nearest swingers club was located 200 miles away. Currently, there are five Swingers clubs in West Virginia. People were genuinely excited to meet and mingle, he explains. He also points out the fact that not every member is in a relationship. There are many married couples, lesbian couples, single men and women. When I asked about homosexual couples, he stated that gay couples and singles have attended parties-many of them participating in erotic play- but the club does not allow homosexual activity between males. He went on to tell me a story that led to the creation of the Tap Out Wall. The TOW is a wall of fame for people that are so sexually gratifying, their opponent cant handle anymore and surrenders. In the same respect, those that tap out must sign the wall accepting their defeatMuch like a wall of shame. Next, Bruce asked me a series of questions to determine what type of Swinger I would be. By his definition, there are three types of swingers. Hardcore Swingers are open about their involvement in the lifestyle. Many Hardcore Swingers, like Bruce are open about their lifestyle choices and are great at making members feel accepted. Double-life Swingers are typically the most common. Double-life Swingers keep the lifestyle and friends in the lifestyle private. Most of the Swingers that attend parties at his home are parents and professionals within the community. The lifestyle is so private that he refused to allow me the opportunity to speak with members of his club for this article. You also have Single Swingers. This group labels the single men, women and gay men that participate in erotic play without a spouse. Generally, most of the Single Swingers are women. Before leaving Bruces home, he suggested that I check out The site is like Facebook for swingers. Swingers in the United States and in other countries are

able to post profiles, describing their intent in the lifestyle. Pictures and the instant messaging feature allow you to get to know your potential partners before making a definite decision to participate in partner swapping. I created an account for my partner and I to see if we could meet up with a compatible couple. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting a couple from Ohio. They have been swingers for eight years. The male is straight, while his girlfriend is bi-curious. Upon picture exchange, I determined that their physical traits satisfied what both my partner and I were looking for. The couple expressed that while they have attended parties, they prefer a smaller atmosphere for meeting and erotic play. I asked the couple if the Swingers Lifestyle had benefitted their relationship as a whole. According to the male, We are very secure with our life. We knew what we were going to be doing when we started dating. We love each other and that wont change. Adam, the 52 year old college professor suggested that we all plan a dinner to meet and possibly play. I had been a bit apprehensive about my partner liking the other woman more than me and vice versa. Adam acknowledged, You might be the greatest fuck I have ever had but in the end I will always want to be with Anya. This type of attitude is very common of almost all Swingers. For Hardcore and Double-Life Swingers, one theme remains constant. Each person loves the other. See, for these couples, swapping partners is an extension to their already thriving sex life. Like the online couple stated, no one gets involved in the lifestyle to try and find a new mate. Most of all of the couples are in deeply committed relationships and rarely have any trouble with keeping it all in perspective. There is so much to say about this lifestyle and one article does not do it justice. At this point, my partner and I are still researching the lifestyle, but have made no definite decisions to participate in couple swapping. To be honest, my relationship is still brewing hops of insecurities, lined with jealousy. While the idea of having an open relationship is appealing, I dont think a relationship like mine-one in desperate need of emotional repair-is ready for the complexities of the Lifestyle. Be aware that the Lifestyle is all about exploration of the body and fulfillment of fantasies. If you are interested in the Lifestyle, check out the website and make some new friends. This may be the extra bit of spice that you and your partner lust for.

FabulouS FirStS

One womans journey into the world of erotic exploration.

16 Start Your Sexual Revolution

Start Your Sexual Revolution


By Just Ask Julie

Swing Etiquette
Dealing with Rejection in Public
continues to approach you to the point that you feel you are being harassed, find the host or someone on staff and let them know what is going on and ask that the person be removed. This can be easily done without making a scene. No one wants someone at the party that doesnt understand the meaning of the word No. The host should ask the offending person to leave. If they are not willing to do so, then I wouldnt want to go to their parties. Of course, in order for someone to understand the word, you first have to say it. Too often when we are uncomfortable, we just move away or hope that someone will get the hint. Some people are very bad at reading body language. Therefore, if someone is making you uncomfortable, the best move you can make is to verbally let them know. This is about you, and you should not spend your entire evening feeling uncomfortable just because you dont want to hurt someone elses feelings. If someone is bothering you and wont leave you alone, make it clear to them that you are not interested. We often avoid saying no or being forceful because we dont want to make a scene, but sometimes making a scene is required.

Swing Etiquette

I believe the way you handle [rejection] will say a lot about you to other people. If you give them a no thank you it should end with that. If it doesnt, I would suggest getting up and finding someone in management at the club and let them know and deal with it. If you react to the point of yelling and fighting, its going to let a lot of other people in the club know there maybe more than one set of problems; one with the person doing the groping or other negative act and there may be a problem with you also. BiloxiCouple
rule in this lifestyle is that no means no, but it doesnt mean anything if you dont say the word. On the flipside, if you are interested in someone else and you approach them and they express a lack of interest, understand that one No is enough. Do not repeatedly approach someone after they have already let you know they are not interested, and do not try to insert yourself into a situation where you have not been invited. Just because a couple (or a pile of couples) is playing on a bed in the corner, does not mean you have an open invitation to join in wherever you desire. Always ask first, and at the first sign of No (whether verbal or physical) you should remove yourself from the situation. On occasions people drink too much at parties and dont really comprehend what they are doing. Dont let this be you. Watch how much you drink. If you are the target of someone who has had too much to drink, the best thing you can do is

There will be occasions at clubs where you find yourself the object of an admirer for whom you dont return the interest. These situations can vary from someone who simply keeps asking you to dance, to someone who will not leave you alone and follows you everywhere you go. How you choose to deal with these people, will depend greatly on how they are acting. If someone simply approaches you and asks you to dance or to go to the play areas and you are not interested and do not feel you may change your mind later, a polite but firm Thank you, but NO is in order. You may be able to say yes to just one dance and have them move on. Just be sure that during that one dance you dont give them any reason to think they will get more than that. If they do return later use the polite but firm No response. When you do say No do not give any additions that would allow the requester to think that there is hope later on. Do not say not right now or maybe later unless that is really what you mean. If you have an admirer that simply will not leave you alone, you may have to be more firm and tell them to leave you alone, and that you are not interested. If the person

As the husband, I tend to observe if someone is moving in on Laura uninvited, I dont have a problem putting a stop to it. We are there to have fun and refuse to let others get in the way of that. I will quickly advise that if not invited, dont touch just in those words. VegasLee
I remember the first time I ever tried to go to a swinger party as a single female. Id been going to parties as part of a couple for years, but following my divorce I wanted to give it a try solo. Were things ever different. I had to learn that it was up to me to say something. I didnt have a partner to run back to for protection. It was just me. Being bisexual I encountered instances of grabbiness from both men and women. Oddly, the women were much harder to be forward with and just say No to. I did not know how to react to them. Surprisingly, the men seemed better behaved than the women. I only had one situation with a man who while we were on the dance floor started trying to make out with me. I stopped him and said flatly I dont think so. I dont even know your

Ive learned to take the rejection in the same way that it occurs in vanilla dating. For whatever reason the target of my interest does not find me attractive. Oh well, time to move on! Thrax

name! and walked away. Now, if only Id been as forward with the women, I would have had a much better time that night and probably would have tried much harder to swing as a single female. I remember another instance where I was at a party and a friend of mine seemed to be getting grabbed (in not so nice ways) by just about every guy in the room. I could tell from her body language that she wasnt comfortable, but she wasnt saying No either. I finally pulled her aside and asked her about it. She really didnt know that it was ok to say No. She thought she just had to do whatever they wanted. Boy was she a different woman once she realized she had control over the situation. Remember, the number one

find their partner (if they have one) and let them know that they need to keep a better eye on their date. If they are alone, find the host or a security person and let them handle the situation. If its your party, ask them to leave and find them a suitable means to get home (even if it means driving them yourself do not let some drunk person ruin your party).


Start Your Sexual Revolution

Start Your Sexual Revolution


Leisure Nights Albertville, AL 35950 North Alabama Elite Athens, AL 35611 Pleasures Club Attalla, AL 35954 Southern Dreamz Socials Mobile, AL 36601 Sweet Desires Club Birmingham, AL 35215

VIXXXINS Goodyear, AZ 85338

D-Spot Oakland, CA 94609 Erotic Garden Swing Club Rio Linda, CA 95673 Events4SoCal Murrieta, CA 92563 Exotic Playground Woodland Hills, CA 91302 Fantasy Meet and Greet San Jose, CA 95101 The Hush Hush Club Sacramento, CA 95832 Jennifers Roseville, CA 95678 Club Joi Beverly Hills, CA 90211 Passion Palace Carlsbad, CA 92008 The Players Club Colton, CA 92324 Sac Love Shack Sacramento, CA 94203

Sea Mountain Inn Palm Springs, CA 92240 So Cal BBW Swingers and Admirers Anaheim, CA 92804 Tangerines Dream San Jose, CA 95125 The Toy Box Temecula, CA 92591 Twist San Francisco, CA 94133

EAP - Erotic Adventure Parties Weeki Wachee, FL 34606 Emerald Coast Social Pensacola, FL 32501 Eyz Wide Shut Tampa, FL 33619 The Fantasy House Deland, FL 32720 Florida Swing Party Fort Myers, FL 33901 Harrisons Wine Bar & Lounge Hollywood, FL 33019 Hedo Events Orlando, FL 32806 Club Hedonism Pompano Beach, FL 33064 The Hot Spot Pierson, FL 32180 Lifestyle Confidential Panama City, FL 32408 Paradise Pleasure Club Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548 PlayGroup Viera, FL 32940 Club Relate Orlando, FL 32857 WWW.CLUBRELATE.NET REL8GIRL@CFL.RR.COM SunnyBunsFL Lake City, FL 32024 Tampa Bay Lifestylers Palm Harbor, FL 34683

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Bedrock Parties Orlando, FL 32824 Bella Vita Boat Club Miami, FL 33180 Club Cinsual Sarasota, FL 34235 Deenies Hideaway Pompano Beach, FL 33073


Start Your Sexual Revolution

Start Your Sexual Revolution


CLUB PARADISE OF ROCKFORD Rockford, IL 61101 http://CLUBPARADISEOFROCKFORD.COM CP.OF.ROCKFORD@GMAIL.COM PartyPerks847 Wheeling, IL 60090 Private Affairs Clare, IL 60111 R & R Romance Flossmoor, IL 60422 Club Release County Club Hills, IL 60478 Stateline Affairs Gurnee, IL 60031 Swingers Life Clubs La Grange, IL 60525 TNA Nightlife Chicago Suburbs, IL

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50ish Fun Browns Mills, NJ 08015 Bi-Central-NJ Tinton Falls, NJ 07701 DarkCavernNJNYPA Middlesex, NJ 08846 Divas Den Mount Holly, NJ 08060

The Blue Moon Rendezvous Vickburg, MS, 39180 Hub City Select Hattiesburg, MS 39402 Pine Belt Swingers Hickory, MS 39332


Start Your Sexual Revolution

Start Your Sexual Revolution


ON THE ROX Brooklyn, NY 11201 Club Possibilities West Babylon, NY 11704 Robertos Lifestyle Events Levittown, NY 11756 Satin Sheet Dreams Albany, NY 12201 Share Temptation New Paltz, NY 12561 Taste Parties NYC New York, NY 10016

Premiere Events Reidsville, NC. 27320 YKW - You Know Where Fayetteville, NC 27610

The Cottage Gettysburg, PA 17325 Crystals Clubhouse Scranton, PA 18501 Friction Parties Downingtown, PA 19335 HedoFarm Resort York, PA 17404 Kandys Waterford, PA 16441 Off Road Swingers Port Carbon, PA 17965 PA/NJ Naughty Couples Aston Mills, PA 19014 PA Secret Adventures York, PA 17401 PlayDate Lancaster, PA 17601 Pocono Play Pen Effort, PA 18330 Precious Nights Allentown, PA 18052 Reading RendezVous Fleetwood, PA 19522 Secret Pleasures Emmaus, PA 18049 Swing Out York York, PA 17402

Aiken Couples Aiken, SC 29801 C Friends Couples Club Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 The Foothills Club Clinton, SC 29325 Foxys Greenville, SC 29607

Tennessee Temptations Johnson City, TN 37601 Timberline Lodge and Resort Crossville, TN 38751 TN-Elite Knoxville, TN 37901 TSC - The Social Club Nashville, TN 37203

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Club 440 Milford, OH 45150 The Body Shop Canton, OH 44709 Columbus Interracial Parties Grove City, OH 43123 Club Eros Cleveland, OH 44113 Erotic|City|Parties Columbus, OH 43137 Escape Cleveland, OH 44114 Nasty In the Nati Interracial Parties Cincinnati, OH 45238 Rumours Lima, OH 45805 Sweet Corruption Cleveland, OH 44113

The Playground Mineral Wells, WV 26150 The Riverside Club of WV Apple Grove, WV 25502 SouthWV Social Bradley, WV 25818

Brandies Adult Parties Clarksville, TN 37040 CHAOZ South Fulton, TN 38257 Club Clarksvegas Woodlawn, TN 37191 Destinys Dance Socials Maryville, TN 37801 Deuces Wild Powell, TN 37849 Discretions Memphis, TN 38131 Gang Bang Swingers Nashville, TN 37203 Genesis Club Memphis, TN 38115 Menages Nashville, TN 37210 Social Encounters Memphis, TN 38103

Dream Acres Rockwall, TX 75032 Club Envy Houston, TX 77061 Friends Austin, TX 78660 Marble Door Dallas, TX 75231 PlayTimeFunDFW Irving, TX 75039 Quiet Encounters El Paso, TX 79938 The Silver Minx Hutchins, TX 75141 The Texas Core Garland, TX 75040 Tin Boxxx Lubbock, TX 79423 Velvet Curtain Dallas, TX 75208

East Carolina Couples Zebulon, NC 27597 The Exchange Society Hillsborough, NC 27278 Forbidden Fruitz Jonesville, NC 28642 Friends With Benefits (FWB) Winston Salem, NC 27105 Greensboros PDC Club Altamahaw, NC 27202 THE HOUSE Raleigh, NC 27604 Club Insatiable Wilmington, NC 28412 The Melting Pot For Adult Fun Charlotte, NC 28213 Monkey Couples Morganton, NC 28655

Club C.A.L.L. LaCrosse, WI 54601 Camp NCN Black River Falls, WI 54615 Sapphires Group Hartford, WI 53027 Secrets Oshkosh, WI 54902 Sexy Fun Couples Mequon, WI 53092

A Sexual Desire Altoona, PA CCs Bar Sunbury, PA 17801 ClubSexyCool Lititz, PA 17543 SexyCoolWear/
Start Your Sexual Revolution

My Friends Place-WY Cody, WY 82414

Gspot Night Life Providence, RI 02903

All Clubs listed in this section are distributors of the magazine. If you are interesetd in becoming a distributor or advertising, please call 754-300-2436 or email


Start Your Sexual Revolution


Travel Events

Swingers Break - Jamaica
April 21 - 28, 2012 Have you been to Hedonism yet? If you havent made it, this is your opportunity to be there with the HOTTEST Lifestyle Group, Hedo Events! Join us at the Pleasure Seekers Ultimate Super Inclusive Playground! Even if you are a regular to Hedonism, this will be the trip that changes everything. Come and enjoy a wicked week with Hedo Events! 877-90-SWING

Travel Events & Conventions 2012 - 2013

LifeStyle Cruises
Galapagos Islands Adventure Cruise
April 29 - May 6, 2012 Exotic and intimate, a select group of lifestyle couples will cruise the Galapagos Islands on the Celebrity Xpedition. The Celebrity Xpedition is a smaller cruise ship by todays standards, but one of the largest to navigate the Galapagos Islands. It will make multiple stops for everyone to see some of natures most unique wildlife and fauna, as well as indulge in its rich history. Cabins start as low as $4,250.00 per/person, double occupancy plus additional fees. 877-90-SWING

Caribe Resort
June 16 - 23, 2012 SwingLifeStyle and Topless Travel has secured a PRIVATE OASIS unlike anything else in Lifestyle travel! Be part of the It Crowd that calls this place the Haven of Heaven! Clothing-optional resort located on the unspoiled coast of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. Where tropical forests and mountains meet the aquamarine sea and a private nude beach! 877-90-SWING

Brilliance of the Seas

April 13 - 20, 2013 Join over 2,100 people on one of the most impressive cruise ships in the world for another Full Ship Charter, Couples Only, Clothing Optional Cruise. We will be leaving from beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico on a Southern Caribbean Journey that will include Aruba & Curacao before heading back north so we can visit St. Kitts & St. Maarten. Book today so you can add these great islands to your list of places you have visited. Cabins start as low as $775.00 per/person, double occupancy plus taxes, gratuities and admin fees. 877-90-SWING

Naughty in Nawlins
July 11-15, 2012 Naughty in Nawlins is a lifestyle and swinger couples convention and is Bob & Tess signature event. Since 1999, this has been the most popular lifestyle event in the country. Where else does the City shut down their main street (Bourbon St.) and let 1,000 sexy swingers throw a parade? Only in New Orleans! 800-304-4493

Freedom of the Seas

November 11 - 18, 2012 Are you ready for the biggest swinger cruise of 2012? Its time to start making your reservations for the top swingers cruise of 2012. The swinger cruise ship Freedom of the Seas will set sail in November 2012 for sun and fun in exotic Caribbean destinations. The best rooms sell out quickly for this high-seas swinging adventure so get started by checking cabin availability now! Cabins start as low as $790.00 per/person, double occupancy plus taxes, gratuities and admin fees. 877-90-SWING

Costa Rica
July 25 - 29, 2012 (5 day event) - Couples Only Lifestyle Adventure Weekend A Swingers event unlike any other. Meet lots of likeminded couples and many local Latin Ladies! We are limited to 25 couples to the Exotic Country of Costa Rica where the daytime adventures are World Class and the Adult Night-Life is Smokin Hot. Hosted by SwingLifeStyle and ToplessTravel 877-90-SWING

Freedom of the Seas

November 10 - 17, 2013 Its time to start making your reservations for the top swingers cruise of 2013. The swinger cruise ship Freedom of the Seas will set sail again in November 2013 for sun and fun in exotic Caribbean destinations. Every night offers you a different exotic and erotic theme; so put on a mask, get body painted, grab a shot and experience your freedom. Cabins start as low as $775.00 per/person, double occupancy plus taxes, gratuities and admin fees 877-90-SWING

TampaBayEscapes 4 National Swingers Convention

July 26-29, 2012 Weve sold out completely each year. Every room and over 240 people for 3 days and 3 nights of fun, sensuality, games, play shops, prizes, playrooms, food, dances, entertainment & (optional) Debauchery. Thank you so much for the tremendous response! Every year has been one hell of a party! But sadly, weve had to turn down many couples who just called too late. So please, dont be closed out. Call us now to reserve your room 813-293-7663

International Swingers Day The Convention

August 8 - 12, 2012 Caliente Caribe, Dominican Republic. Celebrate International Swingers Day World-Wide on August 11th. International Swingers Day (ISD) is a celebration for swingers worldwide. The purpose of ISD is to honor the growing sexual revolution among the swinging community while addressing the needs of the industry via a Lifestyle convention. Visit www. to book your room. 877-90-SWING

Jewel of the Seas

January 28 - February 2, 2013 6 Days and 5 Nights Tampa - Grand Cayman - Mexico - Tampa Join 2,000+ Swingers. Couples Only, Clothing Optional Cruise. NO Kids. Couples Only. Great Entertainment Erotic Theme Nights. Workshops. Meet & Greets Pool Parties. Adult Games. Comedians and More. 877-90-SWING

Hedonism II
November 3 - 10, 2012 (8 day event) SwingLifeStyle is Hosting the 2nd annual week-long Meet & Greet for couples only, at the world-famous Hedonism II. Meet your favorite couples and invite them to join you along with other members from SLS! Only 100 rooms so dont hesitate to book this all-inclusive private event - Food, Booze, 5 Restaurants, Water Sports, Theme-Parties every night, and sexy games during the day on the beach and by the pool. Its the ultimate guilty vacation without the guilt! 877-90-SWING

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LifeStyle Club Reviews

Innocence & Experience
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By Little Allen, Trapeze Club

While performing their nightly duties, swing club owner/managers often find themselves to be part-counselor, part confessor and part coach. This premier installment is written by Little Allen. He is marketing and promotional director for the Trapeze swing club organization, and host of the companys flagship Fort Lauderdale club. Good Evening And Welcome To Trapeze! ...familiar greetings I offer to hundreds of people five nights a week. Funny how almost every single time I can spot the newbies as they enter the lobby of our club, just by their reaction to those few simple words. Theres a certain look on the faces of a new couple that is a dead giveaway, a curious and somewhat frightened expression that broadcast newbie loud and clear. Of course their high anxiety is totally understandable, since they havent shown up at our front door just on a whim, Typically theyve heard about the Lifestyle from friends, theyve seen documentaries about swingers on national TV, theyve listened to talk show discussions about the subject, and most importantly, theyve fantasized for weeks, months, and even years about being with someone other than their significant other. Now, the moment of truth has finally arrived. Anxiety aside, it often amazes me how differently people approach the reality of becoming swingers. Dick and Jane may enter the club with enthusiasm and gusto, whereas Tom and Mary stand at the registration desk shaking so hard I can hear their knees knocking together. In their case it doesnt take very long for newbies to find that entering a swing club is probably one of the most exciting, pleasurable experiences theyll encounter as a couple. As a matter of

fact, the newbie couples that come to Trapeze for their maiden swing voyage are often amongst the last to leave the club at the end of the night. Greeting the new couple and reassuring them about what to expect is one of the most fascinating aspects of my job as a Trapeze host. I meet people from all walks of life and talk to them about what brought them in and how they made the decision to involve themselves in the Lifestyle. Who are these swingers? Unfortunately, outsiders labor under the misconceptions that all those who indulge in the Swinging Lifestyle are a bunch of perverts and degenerates. In actuality, the caliber of people in the swinging community is far removed from such negative stereotypes. The clientele of Trapeze and many other swing clubs includes multi millionaires, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, law enforcement, judges; as well as that young newbie couple that manages both to get up the nerve and to budget enough money from their weekly paycheck to come to our club and explore their fantasies.

Theres a natural progression most newcomers follow when they first visit Trapeze. They head over to the gourmet dinner buffet and enjoy food our chefs provide each night. Then they order their BYOB drinks from the bar, mingling with the crowd along the way. Afterwards its time to join in on the dance floor where high energy and sensual dancing gets the crowd in a tizzy, with women touching and teasing other women, as is quite common in swing clubs. The erotic sights are enough to raise the temperature to simmer in any human being. Finally, its time to visit our lockers and change from club clothes to towels, before getting to the point of it all our back area has open spaces and small private rooms, anything goes anything completely consensual, that is. Simply seeing so many engaging in erotic activities begs the question, What have we been missing out on all these years? So the newbie couple has finally taken the plunge, as they encounter couple after couple, pleasure seekers like themselves, entering the wonderful world of erotic fantasy. It may very well be that the new couple only wants to watch other couples having sex on the first night. Or they may be ready to engage in either softswap or the more adventurous full swap. Whatever the case, the term newbie lasts only for short period of time in the Lifestyle. The new couple has finally entered the Garden of Eden and tasted the formerly forbidden fruit. Now the things theyd only dreamed about are blossoming into reality.

Rules Of The Game

What are the rules? asks a timid gentleman as he is nudged by his better half. Well, first, in any upscale swingers club and especially in Trapeze, NO, DEFINITELY MEANS NO. I explain that there is no pressure whatsoever to do anything with anybody that you dont feel comfortable with. Conversely, it is not appropriate to think that you could go up to anyone and touch them, as this is not a meat market. Fortunately, situations like that happen extremely infrequently. The most important rule I tell new couples is simple: Relax and enjoy it.
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