100 Days Poster Project To celebrate 100 days of school we will be having a celebration in class during which each

student will present their 100 days project. For the project, each student will need to glue 100 items to a piece of poster board to share with the class. The posters will be hung in the hallway so make sure to do your personal best! Posters will be graded for completion. In addition to presenting the poster, each student will read a paragraph to the class. Some ideas for their writing as follows: 1. What did you choose to put on your poster? 2. Why did you choose the type of item you used to create your 100 days poster? 3. How do you feel about the last 100 days of school? While grading, I will be checking to make sure each has: _ at least three sentences. _ correct capitalization _ correct punctuation _ finger spacing between words All Projects are due on January 20th, the 100th day of school! Make sure students turn in their project and project writing on the date above. Please use the paper provided. Thank you for your support with this project! Mrs. Seaver

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