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Although I wish they’d go away, Alas, alas, another day ~ Yes, gold and silver, I adore, But love good neighbours so much more.

A curse upon their weeds, I say, Alas, I wish they’d go away ~ My roses fair they do invade; Sometimes I wish I’d never stayed.

Their trees upon my land do fall, Their cats invade my very hall. Yes, go indeed I wish they would…

But stop this poem I really should!

I find my mind does blather on In rhyme and meter, even song ~ Why have my wits done this to me? Why are my thoughts no longer free?

I pine for peaceful, silent nights, With book in hand and just the lights; When I was young and just a child…

This ‘noise’ is sent to drive me wild!


Crowded thoughts Filling my head Two o’clock Should be in bed Write it down Don’t lose the thread Writer’s block I surely dread!

Inge Meldgaard