.INTRODUCTION ‡ The solution involves decomposing the problem into smaller problems. ‡ We then solve these smaller problems. ‡ This decomposition generates arcs that we call it as AND arcs.

REAL WORLD EXAMPLE ‡ Lets assume the goal as Acquire TV set Goal : Acquire TV set What are the solution to this problem!!!!??? !!!! GUESS !!!! .

SOLUTION Goal : Acquire TV set Goal: Steal TV set Goal: Earn some money Goal: Buy TV set .

Example AND/OR Graph A (9) B (5) C (3) D (4) .

A (38) B (17) (17) (5) E (10 (6) ( (5) C D (9) (27) F (10) G (3) H (4) I (15) J (10) .

Algorithm ‡ Initialize the graph to start node ‡ Traverse the graph following the current path accumulating nodes that have not yet been expanded or solved ‡ Pick any of these nodes and expand it and if it has no successors call this value FUTILITY otherwise calculate only f' for each of the successors. ‡ If f' is 0 then mark the node as SOLVED .

Algorithm(contd. . ‡ Wherever possible use the most promising routes and if a node is marked as SOLVED then mark the parent node as SOLVED. stop. ‡ If starting node is SOLVED or value greater than FUTILITY.) ‡ Change the value of f' for the newly created node to reflect its successors by back propagation. else repeat from 2..

Limitations ‡ Interacting subgoals A D C E (2) (5) .


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