ERP PRE & POST Implementation Issues


1. A focused evaluation exercise at selection stage would help eliminate incompatible choices. Major gaps in required functionality of ERP can lead to time consuming and cumbersome customizations that could put budgets and schedules off track. . FUNCTIONALITY    The ability of ERP package to support the business practices followed in the company determines the smoothness of its implementation.

2. . and operate on most major client/server hardware platforms. non-proprietary technology standards :  should support different kinds of OS.  should permit ready adaptation of the system in response to ongoing changes in operation and production processes in the company. databases. LAN and user interfaces as to minimize risk towards technology obsolescence. TECHNOLOGY ERP solutions that support open .  and should be easy to use to minimize customization effort.

understood.3. (c ) ease of use. and (d) software flexibility to support optimization of business processes. For better implementation roles & responsibility of different employees have to be clearly identified. (b) its ease of configuration. and configured into the system. Simple and easy to use procedures create user trust & confidence. whereas large complex packages have failed due to difficulty in configuration & usage. IMPLEMENTABILITY OF THE SOLUTION    It relates to (a) functionality of ERP. .

High expectations lead to disappointment and low expectation leads to surprise by the amount of change. 5. Obtaining support from executives is the key criterion for success.The top management along with various departments must be prepared to adapt that change. Software is so tightly integrated that making modifications to its core capabilities is difficult and often extremely expensive. and to implement the ERP package. . 6. Employees must be informed by a rigorous communication programme.4.It is useful for the organization to engage in a brief business process exercise supported by the ERP package prior to its implementation. Expectations must be managed.


PROBLEM OF TRANSFORMATION DUE TO ERP     Employees find it hard to digest the transformations that place in an organization all on a sudden due to ERP implementation. There is another category of people who did not encourage ERP right from the conceptualization stage. But as one progresses he finds difficult to work as it gets more complex. The initial interest and expectation turns into apprehensiveness in due course of time.1. In fact employees exhibit positive signs as everything goes right in the first place. .

ENHANCEMENT OF ERP FUNCTIONS     Erg's scope gets wider as it is implemented in an organization.2. These troubles arise when they are not foreseen and addressed in the implementation stage. This dilutes the ERP Existing system after modifying it a couple of times. When the functions are operated by a single machine it becomes increasingly difficult to make the necessary changes. Repeated change in configurations and systems will only add to the confusions. . They have to be given a place in ERP implementation plan.

expecting every member in the organization to respond proactively. if that happens the chances of ERP implementation success are great. ORGANIZATIONAL REACTION TO CHANGE     Changes do happen quickly and immediately in the organization after ERP is implemented. In spite of all this. . But if there is no proper understanding of the process or mishandling of information. If updating is not done in the machine it will only affect the business process and create unnecessary confusions. The changes don't happen all on a sudden in an organization and expecting it immediately will only cause needless disappointments. it will result in questioning the ERP process.3.

ORGANIZATIONS NON ADHERENCE TO THE STARTED PRINCIPLES .Organizations largely experience a wide gap between practices and preaching . . .In fact this has a negative effect on the entire scenario itself. . .The voracity and impact of loss could be greater and more devastating when this turns out to be true even in the case of ERP.Since ERP successful functioning is purely based on following the laid down procedures the lag could throw a serious challenge on ERP'S potential right from the stage of its implementation.4.

They don't disclose it in the beginning because it would look like exaggerating. However many people mistake this to be the cause for ERP implementation failure. They think that ERP vendors overplay on the costs and time required but it is not so. . INFLATING RESOURCES FOR ERP IMPLEMENTATION      The implementation time and money always exceeds the promises and stipulated deadline and amount. This makes companies to lose faith on ERP and ERP vendors.5. In fact they are aware of it in the very beginning stage itself but have a different reason for concealing.

6. There should be proper maintenance of the system There should be effective back-up plans in case system failures occur in required coverage areas. EMERGENCIES    Emergency communication channels in case of failure should be prepared. .