Roadmap to Completing a Transient Heat Transfer Problem

Examine geometry of object
Has all finite surfaces

Not enough info. to calculate Bi? Assume Bi < 0.1 and then verify afterwards.

Bi < 0.1

Find Bi =
If Bi does not < 0.1, you can not use the LC method. Has ONE surface that extends to infinity

Use lumped capacitance:
Energy generation?

(Eqn. 5.6)

(Eqn. 5.25)

Bi > 0.1

Fo > 0.2

Calculate Fo =
Fo < 0.2

Heisler charts

One-term approximation:
See Table 5.1 to find values for C1 and Z1, and Appendix B.4 to find values for J0.

Semi-infinite medium:
See App. B.2 for solving erf functions.

Use entire series:
2D or 3D heat transfer (Eqn. 5.39a) (requires extensive computation; computer software needed)

Plane wall:
(Eqn. 5.40a)

Constant Ts = T(0,t)

Multi-dimensional effects:
See Chp. 5 Suppl. section 2, Fig. 5S.11 for all geometries. Semi-infinite: Plane wall: Cylinder:

Infinite cylinder:
(Eqn. 5.49a)

(Eqn. 5.57)

Constant heat flux
(Eqn. 5.59)

2D ex.: 3D ex.:

(Eqn. 5.50a)

Surface convection
(Eqn. 5.60)

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