Tiffany Hernandez September 13, 2011 “The Beauty Academy of Kabul” is a documentary about American women hairdressers with the

intention of telling and showing Afghan women how to do hair during the Taliban. The teachers were volunteers three of them were from the U.S. and the other three were from Afghanistan but migrated to the U.S. during the time of the Taliban. The women students learn a lot of good and different things in a class that was going to take three months. In the class the teachers really wanted them to focus on the latest cutting, coloring, and perming techniques. The film also goes into showing a little of each students lives. They talk about how life once was before the Taliban and how it is now. A few of them loved doing hair so much and needed the money so they had secret hair salons. They were usually in their house because they weren’t allowed to have salons. The interviews with the women were really great eye-openers. Teachers really wanted to change the people in Afghanistan’s mentality of hairdressing and make-up on women. They wanted everyone to know that they shouldn’t underestimate what a basic cut and color can mean for a country’s future.

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