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Installing and Configuring JDeveloper for OA Framework Extensions

1. You have to download the appropriate version of JDeveloper. To obtain JDeveloper, run the next query: select 'Download patch 4573517' from ad_bugs where bug_number = '4125550' ;

If this returns a record, then download patch 4573517 Otherwise run,

select 'Download patch 4141787' from ad_bugs where bug_number = 4017300' ; If both the above SQL s do not return a record, then download patch 4045639 2. Unzip JDeveloper in a path with no spaces. For example, we can unzip it in directory: C:\java We will find a directory structure like this:

3. Create a new Variable Name named JDEV_USER_HOME and assign it value C:\java\jdevhome\jdev 4. On Unix, navigate to $FND_TOP/secure and FTP the dbc file in ascii mode to your PC location C:\java\jdevhome\jdev \dbc_files\secure The version we are using is: ebsdevdb_dnhhoi.dbc

Now you will try to create a new workspace and add the Tutorial Project. 8. In the Tools menu. select preferences.5. Start JDeveloper. try to use "Local Host s full name" option. . Embedded OC4J . You can create a shortcut to your desktop 6. Create a database connection: File>New>Database Connection You will have to set parameters as follow: 7.