Marks: 1 A disadvantage of global teams for product design is that: Choose one answer. a.

Customers may have different needs in different countries b. The product designed may have increased marketability and utility c. The diversity of an international team may be a detriment d. Ease of face to face meetings is absent since members are located everywhere e. Technology allows constant contact with team members Question 2 Marks: 1 The process of dismantling and inspecting a competitor's product to discover product improvement is called benchmarking. Answer: True False

Question 3 Marks: 1 The term failure as applied to reliability means that a part or item does not function at all. Answer: True False

Question 4 Marks: 1 Basic research is done with the expectation that discoveries will have near-term commercial application. Answer: True False

Question 5 Marks: 1 Reliability refers to the ability of a product to perform its intended function under normal conditions. Answer: True Question 6 False

Answer: True Question 10 Marks: 1 False . all of the above Question 7 Marks: 1 Reliability can be defined in terms of a particular point in time or in terms of length of service. competitors c. consumer surveys b. quality function deployment (QFD) c. a. focus groups d. a. Delphi technique e. Answer: True False Question 8 Marks: 1 A formal way to document customer requirements is: Choose one answer. research and development departments d. customers b. sales/marketing matrix Question 9 Marks: 1 Concurrent Engineering is another term for sequential development.Marks: 1 Ideas for new or improved designs can come from: Choose one answer. production departments e.

increase the number of independent components e. b. Answer: True False Question 13 Marks: 1 Which of the following is not true about re-manufacturing? Choose one answer. The process requires mostly unskilled and semiskilled workers.One way to increase reliability is to: Choose one answer. improve preventive maintenance procedures c. commercial research Question 12 Marks: 1 Standardization refers to the extent to which there is absence of variety in a product. a. or process. service. a. increase mean repair time d. basic research b. eliminate backup component b. none of the above Question 11 Marks: 1 The research and development activity which starts after positive research results are available and attempts to turn these results into useful commercial applications is: Choose one answer. Re-manufactured products can be sold at lower cost. development d. applied research c. a. redesign e. .

d. Question 14 Marks: 1 Reducing consumer choices makes service more efficient. e. disassembly Question 17 Marks: 1 Reliability can be improved by the use of backup components.c. benchmarking e. There is less depletion of natural resources. a. Answer: True Question 18 Marks: 1 False . It produces high quality products easily. product analysis c. reverse engineering d. Re-manufacturing is mainly carried out by small and mid-sized companies. design by imitation b. Answer: True False Question 15 Marks: 1 Product failures can be easier to remedy with modular design. Answer: True False Question 16 Marks: 1 The process of dismantling and inspecting a competitor's new or revised product for the purpose of gleaning design ideas is called: Choose one answer.

Service Matrix Question 20 Marks: 1 One of these is not a characteristic of a well-designed service system: Choose one answer. a. Robust c. a. "expected" and "excitement" characteristics are categories in the ____ model. Kano c. Choose one answer. total quality management b. customer satisfaction c. Distributed computer networks d. Quality e. Easy to sustain .The structural approach for integrating customer requirements into every aspect of product development is known as: Choose one answer. quality function deployment d. Bi-polar b. a. a product development team Question 19 Marks: 1 "Must have". Cost effective e. customer integration e. Pareto d. User friendly b.

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