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Published by: bluetoothfairy1815 on Jan 26, 2012
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While gravity depresses all the elements of the body, the
greatest strain is sustained by the musculo-skeletal struc-
ture that keeps us erect. And strain means injury, deforma-
tion and distortion depending upon the disparity between
the pull and each person's total power of response to it.
The immediate battleground for humans versus gravity
may be discerned throughout the musculo-skeletal system
whose mainstays are the pelvis, the spine and the network
of muscles and ligaments. However, repercussions of the
conflict are felt in all the other major systems of the body, in
respiration and circulation as well as in the nervous system.
Failure or defeat in any of these components adversely af-
fects the overall struggle.
This situation is said to account for many of the chronic
progressive and degenerative conditions which afflict the
falteringly upright, two-legged human race. In a fierce
book, Mortal Lessons, Dr. Richard Selzer totaled up the out-
ward woes he thinks indicate that our erect stance


cannot successfully resist the pressure imposed upon us by
gravity. He found that body chemistry as well as the regula-
tory and coordination mechanisms of the body are all af-
fected. According to Dr. Selzer, our vertebrae, piled one
atop the other, slip, buckle and wear out. The arches of our
feet fall. Our hip joints grind to a stop. Our flesh pushes
itself through into hernias. Our blood gathers in hemor-
rhoids and varicose veins. Mental confusion, mood, feeling,
attitude and behavior may also figure in the generalized
failure of our adaptation to the ordinary strain of being on
the earth's surface.

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