Luis Gerardo Sánchez Serrano 01 Junio del 2011 Fase Inicio de Proyectos Prof.

MC Juan Francisco Monroy Estrada Tarea: Process Groups Interactions Process Groups Interactions The standard describes the nature of project management processes in terms of the integration between the process, interactions and purposes they serve. Project management processes are grouped into five categories named Process Groups: Initiating Process Group Planning Process Group Executing Process Group Monitoring and Controlling Process Group Closing Process Group

In practice these management process overlap and interact and it is necessary to recognize that there is more than one way to manage a project. These processes are guides for applying appropriate project management knowledge and skills during the project and these can be repeated during the project. The integrative nature of the projects requires the Monitoring and Controlling process group to interact with the other Process Groups in the understanding that Initiating Process Group begins the project and the Closing Process Group ends it. All the process groups are linked by the outputs they produce as they might be the inputs for other processes. The way to understand how the process groups interact and show the level of overlap at various times is that the processes are repeated within each phase until the criteria for the outputs have been satisfied.

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