Name : __________________ I. CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER BY CROSSING a, b, c OR d ! 1. I ....studying in the class now. a. was b. is 2. Mr.John and I are....world news TV now. a. listening b. watching 3. I am not ....anything. I don t bring any money. a. selling b. giving Day/date : Wednesday 7th, 2011

c. am c. buying c. buying

d. are d. selling d. eating

Read the text below carefully and answers the questions numbers 4 - 9 To day is Monday. Tono and Tini .....(4) brother and sister. They are .....(5) English now. They study .....(6) the living room. Their parents are ....(6) to see them. Tono and Tini are .....(7)(children). They always .....(8) their parents advice. Their parents....(9) them very much. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. a. is b. am a. study b. studied a. angry b. sad a. angrily b. sadness a. obey b refuse a. hate b. love This room is hot, .... a. Close the door, please! b. Shut the fan, please! You can buy....a new bag or a new pairs of shoes. a. both b. either I like ....cats and dogs. a. Both b. either You can speak Mandarin, ....? a. can you b. can I She cooks chicken soup at kitchen, ....? a. did she b. does she Before you leave the house, ... a. Don t forget open the window! b. Don t forget open the door! She is Diana, she likes .... a. Playing guitar b. Playing violin c. Playing saxophone d. Playing flute I am late to school. ....the traffic. a. because of b. because The sky is cloudy, rain will soon . You shuld .... a. Bring a sweeter b. Bring a vest c. was c. studying c. angrily c. polite c. bad c. dislike c. Open the door, please! d. Silent, please! c. so c. so c. can t I c. didn t she c. Don t forget lock the door d. Don t forget unlock the door. d. neither d. neither d. can t you d. doesn t she d. are d. studies d. happy d. arrogant d. contrarily d. abhor

11. 12. 13. 14. 15.


17. 18.

c. both c. bring an umbrella d. bring a jacket

d. either

19. They will go to camping. They should.... a. pack enough clothes b. bring lots of clothes

c. shouldn t pack enough clothes d. bring two clothes

Read the dialogue below carefully, and andswer the questions numbers 22 - 25 Arif : Hi, Rani! ....(22) you give me an idea or something? Rani : ....(21). What is it? Arif : My cousins are coming for weekend. But I ....(22) have any idea where to take them. Rani : ....(23) about going to outboundhic? You can play various physical games. It ll be ...(24) Arif : ....(25) . I haven t thought of that. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. a. May b. Can a. Why not b. nothing a. Didn t b. doesn t a. How b. What a. Sad b angry a. That s wrong place c. That s good for play c. should c. sure d. am not c. Which c. disappointed c. That good idea d. That s all for you d. shouldn t d. not sure d. don t d. Whom d. fun

II. Fill in the blanks with a suitable answer! 26. Renny sings beautiful. She sing .. 27. The test is easy. We do the test .. 28. She is always be polite. She always ask . 29. Will you go to school on foot? Yes, . Number 30-36 fill in the blanks with the words : both, either, neither, because of, because, so or neither You must buy .green grapes or red grapes. Intan likes .blue car and red car. He like funny movies, ..do we I dislike dancing .it is hard to learn. Danu doesn t like horror movies, ..does Andy. Tina sad .me. The teachers bring .Math book nor Science book. Doe she like playing badminton? No, . John is (read) a newspaper at the living room now. Mr. Ali is ..(wait) for the bus at the bus stop now. Miss. Nita is a She sings a song beautifully.

30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40.

III. Answer correctly! 41. Arrange these jumbled words into good a sentence! is Rian won because English he the happy competition. 42. Change these sentence based on the signs given! (+) They will go to Bandung next week. (-) . (?) . 43. Rearrange these sentences into good a paragraph! a. So, the first enemy of Rumah Gadang is only fire. b. The construction of Rumah Gadang is unique. c. They just simply build the building on several stones. d. They don t need nail and foundation. e. Most material are woods. 44. Translate the text of number 43 into good Indonesian! 45. Write a sentence based on the words below. a. Slowly b. carefully c. quickly

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